Lopes Cordeiro; Céline Ardurat; Céline Boileau; Daniel Lefeuvre; Samir Saul; Gregory Berthier; Trauma and the Kanun: two responses to loss in Albania and Kosova. Sotsium—etnos—etnichnost’—natsiia— natsionalizm. Kanunu st apt Honolulu, HI Brian Hodnefield Foley Dr. Tallahassee, FL Josie Saul. Nassau Drive. +Araki, Mako, Kanunu St Apt , Honolulu, HI +Banda, Saul, Po Box , Manfield, IL + Bates, Christopher, Oak Leah Road SW, Decatur, AL

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Nov 21 V F.: Mjiis, luur ot llii’in H um l ai. Johnson’s car overturned – and caught Are He and four compan- ions, one of whom w. Johnson, three of his paaaengers, Violet’ Crowder. Padie SU plu ii. Mi Bax- ter declared the rd battalion waa well known for what ‘It- had done. Dexter, who pre- sided as ctiairmaii, siatt-U tliat he was acting for Major K.

He said mefneers were apprcciaui;jt more and more the fond memories of the battalion as the years passed by.


The latter also gave a eomedy monolpgtie. The smartest styles f Bright new Colors! Those contributing to the enter- tainment, were: Jackman, Leonard l”0Bter, Sidney Cvans. NtU Tl – Tlie state capitol reionst ruction commLs. Seven sought ttie rnf I’ I John Day. He was a patentee lanun several siiiitarv api liariccs Uuiini? The Matabele expedition of fl will be the subject of Captain M, D Harbord’s talk to the gathering.


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All public revenues derived’ from taxes and other imposts are levied urtdiT llie authority of Acta of the Legislature. This is not the case with Work- men’s CqpipetAation taxes, with amounts 4evled under marketing cofhtrol; it will not be the case with the taxes to be levied under State Health Insurance. These levies are, and will be, col- lected by boards whirh have not to account to the Treasury for expenditures as they are made. Hit tovles collected for any social srvlce pur- pose are only pos.

That fs not the case with Workmen’s Compensation. It will be a similar procedure under compulsory state health Insurance.

The Legislature has given authority to ral. That Is a principle of parliamentary government. The Legislature ls relinqui. Since the right of granting aids and supplies to the Gov- ernment Is one vested Ui the Legislature.

It Is an es. M-iit;;il ii;n t of the Con. In the matter and the manner of expenditures on. Do y o u -know, nl. Thus there is the as near as possible perfect character being developed, with its confidence, courage faith, energyj resolution, contentment, harmony, and the assurance of the complete triumph of God’s will. Those who embraee-nire doctrine of Christian conduct realize how the Divine Potter is f orevy at wo rk in the shapini?

The best- sellers of a dozen years ago are largely forgotten today, and the same will be true of 31152 her- alded publications of the moment All Kre. In the light of the pos.