CDBE Texas Instruments Multiplexer Switch ICs 8-Channel Analog datasheet, inventory, & pricing. BE Datasheet, BE PDF, BE Data sheet, BE manual, BE pdf, BE, datenblatt, Electronics BE, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. Data sheet acquired from Harris Semiconductor. SCHSG. CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC.

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How to use analog multiplexer CD Reply to Thread. Dec 20, 1. Aug 4051ne, 0. Hello All, I am planning to use an analog multiplexer CD 8: I have never used an analog multiplexer before, but i have heard that this mux is highly Electro-statically active and requires a Transient Voltage Suppressor before application of any input signals to it. Can anyone please suggest me any circuit or ideas as how to use these mux?

Waiting eagerly for reply. Dec 20, 2.

I forgot to mention. My input signal is a noise pattern Can anyone please suggest me any valid circuit idea? Dec 20, 3. Apr 20, 15, That is “electrostatically sensitive”, meaning it can be destroyed by static charges. Do you have a data sheet?

That gives 40551be a lot of information, especially about maximum voltages. Dec 20, 4. Hi, Thanks for the instant reply. Yes, I do have a datasheet, but they do not mention anything about connections, http: Dec 20, 5. Your frequency response is limited to datasheeet MHz. Can you post the circuit?

Dec 20, 6. Hi, Please check the attached file. Dec 21, 7. All you need to do is select which input that goes to the output. The nature of the signal sources and the circuit receiving the signals is significant as to the need for resistances.

Dec 21, 8.

Jul 3, 2, Dec 21, 9. Sep 26, 2, You need a pulldown resistor for the output, here is the way it is hooked up in my E-Drum project I am working on Dec 23, Hello All, Firstly, thanks a ton for the help.


It really helped me. I have another doubt. It is regarding the interfacing with an amplifier that I have connected to the further stage. I have connected this amplifier to the output of the mux.

Now, when I do not connect the amplifier, I do not see any offset voltage on it, however, the datashewt I connect the output of mux to it, the voltage at the input of the amplifier gets offset to around 1.

BE datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Can anyone please suggest me how to deal with this issue? Hello All, I observed another this behavior. I tried connecting 1k resistor at the output of mux, but I datssheet that the signal is diminished i. What can I do? Dec 20, 10, 1, The MUX is simply a switch.

Advantech 16-ch Isolated Digital Input Module with Modbus

The voltage at the selected input goes to the output. If the output is loaded down then the output voltage will be reduced. Hello Audioguru, I understand that mux is just a switch.

But, when I simply connect the input without the mux, I see normal behavior of the circuit, i. Its only when I connect the mux, I see the loading effect. Then post your schematic dahasheet us to see if it is powered correctly and that the select voltage is high enough.

Hi, I shall do that in.


Please check the attachment. All the select lines of 8: Also, the select lines of 4: The uC is working fine. The output of 4: I have posted the amplifier circuit in the previous thread. The will not work properly with its Enable-not pin floating.

A low turns it on and a high turns it off. I am sorry, I did not dtasheet that in the circuit diagram, but I do have that pin grounded. Like I said, each part works very well. However, when I interface, that the time the problem starts. Mar 1, Hello All, I am still facing the problem.


Its been 2 months now I am having problem. Can anyone suggest me any solution? The inputs or output of the analog multiplexers must be biased at a DC voltage that is within their supply voltage range, preferably at half the supply voltage. Jul 17, 22, 1, I fail to see what you’re doing with the addressing pins on the and If they are all connected dataheet as it looks like they are, you won’t be able to select individual inputs – or are the address wires supposed to represent an address buss?

You aren’t showing any inputs used for the ‘s, except for the address lines, and they are all connected together. Similar problem on the ; you can only select input from A0 or A2, unless the line to the uC represents a buss.

ADAMBE Advantech | Ciiva

This confuses the issue, as it makes the schematic very “busy” and cluttered. If you only want AC signals to come through the MUX, you will need to use a cap in series to block the DC level, and a resistor to ground.

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