Includes bibliographical references and index. isbn (alk. paper) — isbn (pbk.: alk. paper) 1. Science — Philosophy. 2. Science. A nice derangement of epistemes: post-positivism in the study of science from and the science wars; Conclusion: the hyperbolic derangement of epistemes. Filling a gap in scholarship to date, A Nice Derangement of Epistemes will appeal to historians, philosophers, philosophers of science, and the broader scientific.

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His book can almost be read as a cautious defense of social and cultural studies of science, although his was moved to write it, he explains, by his distress at the postmodern abandonment of the ideal of truth. His book is, in the end, a cautionary tale about academic standards, defending history, philosophy, and sociology of science. You may purchase this title nce these fine bookstores.

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Table of Contents: A nice derangement of epistemes :

Creatively Undecided Menachem Fisch. Explaining Science Ronald N. Scientific Perspectivism Ronald N. Since the s, many philosophers of science have attacked positivism—the theory that scientific knowledge is grounded in objective reality.

Reconstructing the history of these critiques, John H. Zammito argues that while so-called postpositivist theories of science are very often invoked, they actually provide little support for fashionable postmodern approaches to science studies.

Zammito shows how problems that Quine and Kuhn saw in the philosophy of the natural sciences inspired a turn to the philosophy of language for resolution.

This linguistic turn led to claims that science needs to be situated in both historical and social contexts, but the claims of recent “science studies” only deepened the philosophical quandary. In essence, Zammito argues that none of the problems with positivism provides the slightest justification for denigrating empirical inquiry and scientific practice, delivering quite derangdment blow to the “discipline” s science studies.


Filling a gap in scholarship to date, A Nice Derangement of Epistemes will appeal to historians, philosophers, philosophers of science, and the broader scientific community.

From Positivism to Post-positivism 2. The Perils of Semantic Ascent: Quine and Post-positivism in the Philosophy of Science 3. Living in Different Worlds? Doing Kuhn One Better? All the Way Down: Social Constructivism and the Turn to Microsociological Studies 7.

A Nice Derangement of Epistemes: Radical Reflexivity and the Science Wars Conclusion: Steven Turner Science Education. Porter American Historical Review.

A Nice Derangement of Epistemes

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