Billable Accounts. Select Customer from the Left Navigation and Add a New Customer. This is your billing entity. You can configure the account as pre-‐paid or. The Asterisk A2Billing Calling-Card-Platform A guide to the basics of using A2Billing the asterisk Handbook (). Maual. Contribute to eluizbr/Manual development by creating an account on GitHub.

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CDR Report This report will list all calls inbound and outbound on a call by call basis. If the call times out or fails in some way, a second destination can be added with a different destination, and the the priority sets the order in which the calls are made. Stop and start dates, days and times will allow different rates to be applied at different times of the day or week.

The base currency is set up in a2billing. Show administrator shows the administrators previously a2billong, along with the passwords shown in clear, so this screen should not be shown to onlookers. View Billed Invoices” Show Invoices previously prepared and despatched to the customer along with the balance on their account.

As the title suggests, this screen gives the ability to add a new payment against a customer. Charges should be made in the base currency.

More control over the rates charged can be enabled by editing a setting in a2billing. The rate card section is used for defining rates and tariffs.

  DBX 1074 PDF

DID Callback – Each customer is given their own personal trigger number. Ensure that the VoIP provider allows concurrent calls. When a Sub Admin logs on, they will only see the menus to which they are entitled to view. If the trunk is created in Asterisk, then simply refer to the trunk name in A2Billing.

For instance, it is generally cheaper to recieve a call on a2biling mobile phone when roaming abroad than to make a call. The settings for the payment gateway are configured within a2billing.

user manual | A2Billing

Define Rate Card Having created the rate card, and put some rates against it, the rates are then listed in this screen.

The DNID can be set to an individual number to always choose this rate card when the number matches.

The remaining fields can be imported via the interface, simply select the fields that you require. The Generate customers section allows the administrator to create a2bklling cards with the same properties, which can then be printed on physical cards and sold via retail outlets. The Package to be applied is selected within the Call Plan. Click edit to change the properties of a customer.

The numbers are generated randomly with no obvious pattern, so that a hacker cannot calculate valid card numbers. There is an option to remove the international dialling prefix as some VoIP carriers do not require the leading 00 in the USA.

Manually adding customer payment in A2Billing

The amount of broadband will dictate how many concurrent calls you can make. Create a new rate card, that is listed in the screen above. The purpose of the Recurring services is to apply a charge to a card on a timed basis.


Create Mail Template New mail templates can be created. A2bililng can be exported in CSV format for fulfillment, or they can be emailed from the interface.

List Offer Package This lists the packages already created with an option to edit them. This can be a useful reference for manuxl protection and assessing unusual traffic pattterns.

Add Charge Charges are added against a customer in this screen. If individual access is enabled, then the fraudster will only be able to make a relatively few calls, thus reducing your exposure. Create the cards for distribution, or open your website for business. Note that this does not take payment.

user manual

Watch Log Files Select log files from the drop down list to view. Other examples may include forming a URL on a smartphone, either manuak a special application or manually into the phone’s web browser, which then sends the appropriate information via wifi, GPRS or 3G to set up the callback. Cards can be refilled from the refill icon at the top of the page in List Customers.