Based upon the textbook ” Acute Geneeskunde – een probleemgerichte benadering.” Thijs e.a. Elsevier Gezondheidszorg. Cardiac emergencies: chest pain. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde [01 Jan , (27):A] A year-old woman came to the emergency department with acute abdominal pain. Mar ; Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde. [object Object]. L G Thijs Use of methylprednisolone in patients following acute myocardial infarction.

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Offer 1 with catalog number ENR for all students in the 1st semester at a E Master – advanced level. The students learn about family practice and about critical care medicine.

Introduction to family medicine. Aspects of emergency medicine. Principles of intensive care medicine. Pediatric aspects of emergency and intensive care medicine with the early recognition of life threatening situations, taking right decisions and giving simultaneously expert therapy.

  ASTRON N2412-12 PDF

Primary and Critical Care Medicine

The final grade is composed based on the following categories: Within the Oral Exam category, the following assignments need to be completed: The oral exam is taken by the teachers and the coordinator. This course will be given in a practical way and interactively, as much as possible.

Oral exam token by teachers and the coordinator. There will be no partial exemption. This offer is geneesjunde of the following study plans: Startplan transitie only offered in Dutch Master of Medicine: Social Medicine Health Care only offered in Dutch.

Primary and Critical Care Medicine

Primary and Critical Care Medicine. History and identity of family medicine, making decisions, acute respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections in family medicine. Based upon the textbook ” Acute Geneeskunde – een probleemgerichte benadering.

Springer-Verlag, Paris, France History-structure-organisational and legal aspects- education. These topics will be presented in a practical way and progressively introduced during the treatment of evolutive sepsis:.


Concerns elements of anesthesiology and analgesia. Assessment of preoperative risk in non-cardiac surgery: Assessment of the thiis child with knowledge of normal physiological parameters and their evolution according to age. The child with fever: The vomiting child and the child with diarrhea:. The child with spots and petechiae. Abdominal pain in the child.