Items 1 – 21 of 21 Put the edge back in horror survival with the AFMBE Character Journal. “We few, we rotting few, we band of zombies; For he today that eats. I’ve been so desperate for new AFMBE content that I reviewed the Band of Zombies is a sourcebook for an alternate universe’s World. Re: Band of Zombies – is AFMBE no longer popular? Honestly, I’ve never gotten this argument when it comes to Unisystem. 99% of Unisystem rules are.

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The books layout is complete and at this point just need to pay for final artwork and then to go to press. This is where you come in. Help us get this book done and to the afmbd If you like the zombie survival horror genre and are new to the world of All Flesh Must Be Eaten or AFMBE for shortwe have a pledge just for you where you will get the corebook of the game and help us fund this project.

We also have a dozen other sourcebooks and supplements as additional add-ons to afmbr expand your survival zombiex in the world of All Flesh Must Be Eaten!

All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a roleplaying gameset in a world of survival horror. A world where the dead have come back from their graves. You have no clue as to why they have returned There’s more to a zombie than just a walking corpse.


While its busy busting down your front door and scooping out your sister’s brains you might not have time to think about that, but later, when you pause to reflect in the basement, hoping that door doesn’t give way and wondering how much food you have down here, you might want to consider just where these damn dead guys came from. After all, the dead don’t rise up and start consuming the flesh of the living for no reason at all.

Behind every good zombie story there’s a good or at least amusing back story. You will be presented with a dozen diffrent campaign settings to start your survival horror campaign. Modern day, post-apocalyptic, and even a setting set during World War II. Each setting details the reasons why the dead walk and how to kill them if they can be.

Check out the introductory adventure and quickplay rules here: We will send out a survey at the end of the campaign to find out what you wanted:. Inside you will find: Different types of Zombies the world over, all tied to the exact same Rise Event, create a worldwide plague of undead during the Greatest War. So strap on your rucksack, hoist your SMG, keep your socks dry, and for cripes’ sake, Private, don’t forget the call sign!

When they come shambling out of the dark, will you stand tall or join the armies of the dead? This 4 panel screen, measuring 9″ x 28″, on one side will have easy to reference charts and tables for the Zombie Master while the other side will show the players the shambling commandos!


This 16 page expanded character journal for the hardcore player! Expands the character sheet, plus a game journal to write notes and record your kills and helpful charts and tables for the player! Below is the image of the custom d10 in the 7 dice set.

Questions about this project?

Check out the FAQ. Pledge level for new players! This will also include any stretch rewards unlocked. Sorry but we can only offer this to our domestic US retailers.

Tabletop Review: Band of Zombies: A World War II Sourcebook (All Flesh Must Be Eaten)

You’ll get it all before it ships to distributors! Finally, we’ll add your store to our list of retailers on our website. We will work with you to create your character and your likeness illustrated on the character sheet!

Jul 30, – Aug 29, 30 days. Share this project Done. Band of Zombies Sourcebook. They depended on each other, even in death. And the world feared them. Support Select this reward.

AFMBE Stories? : rpg

Get listed as “Private” in the credits avmbe of the book. Estimated delivery Nov Kickstarter is not a store. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability.

Reward no longer available. Reward no longer available 9 backers.

Funding period Jul 30, – Aug 29, 30 days.