On 21 January , news broke of a major operation by Turkish police against In March , journalist Samil Tayyar, Ankara correspondent of the Star daily . Interview with Tamil Sayyar: ‘EU process victim of and solution to Ergenekon’, . Buy OPERASYON ERGENEKON by Şamil Tayyar (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Email: [email protected] 1. B. Lewis () The Emergence .. Tayyar () Operasyon Ergenekon: Gizli Belgelerde Karanlık I. ˙lis¸kiler [Operation Ergenekon.

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Film – Return to Europe – ESI

Very recently the country has been shaken by two corruption investigations involving ministers from the ruling Justice and Development Party AK Party. The related investigations heralded the final parting of the ways between two strong players in Turkey: Despite the apparent centrality of the recent corruption investigations to the split, the two players are in fact quite different in their understanding of politics, Islam and societal reform.

While the AK Party seeks to impact through top-down politics and governance, the Hizmet movement seeks to serve and influence through grassroots projects and ideas. The rift between the two players has been growing since the last general elections in Since then, the Hizmet movement has become increasingly critical of the AK Party government on a number of fronts, including the lack of progress on the drafting of the new civil constitution and the alienating style and substance of AK Party politics.

Differences became more apparent in latewhen the government made public its plans to close down all forms of private preparatory schools known as dershane for the university entrance exam.

About 20 percent of the prep schools in Turkey are run by Hizmet-related companies, and many in the movement perceive this attempt as a step toward government control of civil society institutions, if not an outright attack on their community. With the launch of the recent corruption cases, the rift became undeniable — and its portrayal in the Turkish and international media correspondingly dramatic. The current situation has left observers inside and outside the country with many questions.

The investigating police did not inform their superiors of their investigation. Three separate investigations were launched at the same time to undermine the government. The timing of the detentions and search warrants three months prior to local elections proves that these investigations are not genuine but seek to damage the AK Party at the polls.

Why does this matter? These investigations are significant in that they implicate at least four AK Party cabinet ministers — as well as many other people and officials close to the government — in corruption, bribery and money laundering charges. What happened on Dec. Of those questioned, at the time of writing, 24 have been formerly charged and remanded in custody by the courts.

Ergenekon trials

Leaked evidence of the investigation includes telephone transcripts, surveillance pictures, video footage and other documentation purportedly showing suspects engaged in bribery, corruption and money laundering activities, potentially implicating at least four cabinet ministers. The second and third investigations are linked to each other, because both revolve around Zarrab.

He is charged with money laundering and facilitating the transfer of 87 billion euros from Iran through his various firms in Turkey between andhelping Iran bypass international financial sanctions imposed due to its nuclear program. He is charged with bribing various people in Turkey to achieve this. Despite a court order on Dec.


On the same day, three cabinet ministers whose sons were linked to the first wave of investigations resigned from their offices. Apart from the four ministers linked to the corruption case, the prime minister also changed six names in the Cabinet. A surprise name was Efkan Ala, undersecretary for the Prime Ministry, who was given the top spot of the Interior Ministry.

The government has taken a number of steps, too many to list here. The following are the most pertinent to the ongoing investigation. Within 24 hours of the investigation ergenekkon public, 24 police chiefs were reassigned, including all the police chiefs leading the investigations on behalf of the public prosecution service.

These actions were taken by the interior minister whose son has been charged and is currently on remand pending trial. Following this, an additional 1, police officers of varying ranks around the country were reassigned. Appointing someone from outside the police force to head the largest police force in the country is an unprecedented step. An important bylaw was passed stating that the police are obliged to inform their superior officers of ongoing investigations carried out on behalf of tayyag public prosecution services.

Two additional prosecutors were appointed to these cases — despite no request from the existing prosecutors — and a directive issued stating that decisions could be arrived at by a two-vote majority.

That opeerasyon, the prosecutors unanimously agreed to formally charge suspects. Other steps have also been taken to reassign officials involved in state auditing and in the state media. All of the above was done within eight opfrasyon of the detentions on Dec. Instead they have put forth a number of arguments: However, according to Section 2 of the code on Criminal Procedure CMK and the relevant bylaw ofpolice officers and police units are only answerable to the public prosecution service when investigating on their behalf.

A police officer or unit ergeneon inform its superior within the police force of an ongoing investigation it is undertaking on behalf of the public prosecution service. The police cannot divulge any information whatsoever — even of the very existence of the investigation.

Only the investigating prosecutor not even the chief prosecutor can decide who should be informed, when and how.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Contravening this would be unlawful and could lead to prosecution. This law was passed by the AK Party government to bring it into line with EU laws and to prevent sensitive investigations from being compromised through leaks. Despite its rhetoric to the operasyln, the government has tacitly acknowledged that there was no wrongdoing on the part of the police as it reassigned not dismissed officers and speedily amended the relevant bylaw amol By doing so, it indirectly acknowledged that police officers could not lawfully inform their superiors within the force while the law remained as it did at the time.

The amendment meant that any investigation will now be shared by the investigating police unit ergeneion its superiors, which in turn will eventually be shared with the Interior Ministry. Three separate investigations were launched at the same time to undermine the government On Dec. As far as can be seen, these actions were related to three separate investigations. The government claims that the fact that the detentions and search warrants were carried out on the same day is proof that the investigations are not genuine but were executed in this manner to maximize impact.

It is impossible tayyarr know the exact reasoning of the prosecutors for deciding to carry out these detentions and exercise these search warrants on the same day, as they are barred from commenting to the press while carrying out an investigation. However, many commentators have suggested that the prosecutors acted in this way fearing that if they launched one ergenekoon first, the government might react and try to suppress the other investigations before vital evidence could be qmil and the relevant suspects questioned.


Steps taken by the government since Dec.

Note that on Dec. Despite a court order, 41 new suspects are yet to be detained for questioning and search orders are yet to be carried eegenekon at seven premises. The police are yet to execute these orders. The timing of the detentions and search warrants three months prior to local elections proves that these investigations are not genuine but seek to damage the Ergdnekon Party at the polls On March 30 Turkey will go to local elections.

If no change is made to their dates the operasoyn election will take place on the last day of Augustand general elections on June 14, Based on leaked evidence, it is alleged that the prosecutors decided to launch the detentions and search warrants at the time that they did because they had heard the suspects had got wind of the investigations and had started to destroy vital evidence.

Furthermore, they invited state authorities to prove those allegations, and take legal action if any evidence is found substantiating them through due process — not by undermining the institutions and processes charged with investigating such claims and allegations as they claim the government is doing.

This form of prayer is called mulaane or mubahale in Islam. It is a two-way conditional prayer. In particular the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer Balyoz cases received support from Hizmet-related media.

Both cases ended in the punishment of ex-army personnel and civilians linked to coup plots against the AK Party government. The decisions of the Turkish courts were applauded by the EU as positive steps toward democratization and prevention of military intervention into politics.

Rather than reforming constitutional bodies and structures that are deeply undemocratic and possess far too much power over any elected government, he has sought to maintain and govern through them. He has strengthened state power at the expense of civil society and is more inclined towards the Shanghai Cooperation than the EU.

The following are some examples between and today demonstrating this change of direction: Furthermore, from the s onward the movement has been active outside of Turkey. Today the movement is active in over different in a range of fields, primarily education and interfaith dialogue. He encourages practicing Muslims to work in all sectors and industries, including the civil service, police, judiciary, media, military and academia — in the past these were sectors knowingly avoided by and closed to observant Muslims in Turkey.

A learned estimate suggests that 8 percent of the Turkish population regard themselves as Hizmet affiliated. With such a huge support base, it is inevitable that more and more observant Muslims should be taking up such positions. If there is any wrongdoing of this or any other type such people should be tried according to due process. This cannot be achieved by undermining the judicial institutions and processes required to investigate such claims.