“Hidup adalah Ibadah”. ― M. Amien Rais, Agenda Mendesak Bangsa, Selamatkan Indonesia! Read more quotes from M. Amien Rais. Share this quote: . agenda mendesak bangsa selamatkan pdf. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Kerajaan Bersatu Britain Raya dan Ireland Utara), atau lebih. Agenda mendesak bangsa: selamatkan Indonesia!. [M Amien Rais] — Urgent agenda to save Indonesia by providing solutions to overcome the current.

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Posted by Risti Permani. We have been through the devastating East Asian financial crisis insubstantial political changes, a series of natural disasters, etc. Whilst it potentially has a long-term positive implication, reformasi the Indonesian reformation was considered by many of us to be costly. Social riots in some regions were obvious evidence of this costly movement.

The reformation, to some extent, might have also triggered instability in the Indonesian economy.

One may argue that the selamatkqn causes of all of these problems had been there for years. Regardless, many still view that the reformation was more or less a journey without a clear end. This leads to another evidence of what our experience may have changed us.

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Again, it is how pessimistic the Indonesian young generation is facing the future. It could be true that we might lack of role models. We lack of individuals whose values we share with; who have been able to fulfil their dreams and show us the pathways to do so; who have a vigorous seoamatkan to their selamatksn who can be optimistic when we are very much pessimistic.


How on earth can we be an optimist? Pessimists would say being an optimist is possible but almost impossible.

The selamakan is whether and how this learning process makes us a better person? We also know that there is no end to learning. Prof Rais might be true that this could be our greatest weakness. What does the term mean?

Inlander was a term to name indigenous Indonesian people as an insult during the Dutch colonialisation. It is widely accepted that colonialisation has devastating consequences in both short and long terms. Prof Rais defines that the experience of being colonialised has shaped the characteristics of Indonesians to be unconfident and always perceive that everything from overseas be it ways of thinking, products, systems, etc is better than their own achievements.

Unfortunately, we also let multinational companies take over the ownership of our valuable natural resources.

I do appreciate many achievements that former governments of Indonesia achieved. Shall We tell you the greatest losers in respect of their deeds? In his final chapter, Prof Rais provides a thorough list of what we inconesia do.

This list is not a substitute of his comprehensive discussion. Readers are highly encouraged to read the whole chapter. Yet, this list might give a bit of ideas about what we need to do. In the name of Allah SWT, Prof Rais motivates us to be an optimist and be ready to overcome any barriers and face enormous challenges ahead. We must believe that QS And to your Lord Alone turn all your intentions and hopes.


This is a long overdue call to stop laughing at ourselves and rather think how we can contribute to our beloved country.

Riyadh, Selamagkan Publishers and Distributors. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Indonesian Labour Studies ILS Understanding of the functioning of the market for labours and economic integration in Indonesia.

download buku selamatkan indonesia amin rais

May we be kept away from such deeds. Whilst we need to open up our economy and engage with other countries; we need to do so in the spirit of welfare equality and mutual benefits. We should include indonesix in the corruption watch committee KPK to detect economic crimes.

Law enforcement is paramount.

We should involve young generation to design a blue print of Indonesian economic development. We, Indonesians, have six fundamental references: Verily, along with every hardship is relief Bung Karno once said: Twitter did not respond.

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