Cavernous hemangioma, also called cavernous angioma, cavernoma, or cerebral cavernous malformation. Asociación entre angioma cavernoso y glioma cerebral. Reporte de dos casos y revisión de la literatura acerca de los llamados angiogliomas. R. Gazzeri; C. De. KEY WORDS. Brain tumor. Glioma. Cavernous angioma. Angioglioma. Asociación entre angioma cavernoso y glioma cerebral. Reporte de dos casos y revisión.

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Clinical, radiological and histopathological features of eight cases of symptomatic cavernous angioma are presented. Five patients were being evaluated for seizure, two cavernosl mass lesions and one for intracranial hemorrhage. Good results were obtained by microsurgical approach to these malformations in seven patients with only one patient suffering a worsening of neurological status after surgery.

Full text available only in PDF format. Am J Roeentgenol Arch Neurol Angiographically cryptic histologically verified cerebrovascular malformations.


Cavernous hemangioma

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Intracranial cavernous angioma

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Clinicopathological relations of cerebral cavernous angiomas: Voigt K, Yasargil MG. Cerebral carvenous haemangiomas or cavernomas. Intracranial and orbital cavernous angiomas J Neurosurg All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under cavernpso Creative Commons Attribution License.


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