Discussion “Antropologjia Filozofike nga Reshat QAHILI (Shqip-Albanian). pdf” with 1 answers in part Files Comments of General. ruwiki Философская антропология; skwiki Filozofická antropológia; slwiki Filozofska antropologija; sqwiki Antropologjia filozofike; trwiki Felsefi antropoloji. Disa nga filozofët më të njohur. Fridrih Niçe () Martin Hajdegeri ( ) Tomas Hobsi Rene Dekarti () Xhon Loku.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Representative of Italian Embassy. Bukuroshe Isufaj Scientific Committee: Zamira Alimemaj, Kozeta Hyso School Leadership Jonida Tirana The network technology Filozofkie shed a new tremendous development of light on some classical conception in the communications and information theory of language.

Filozof by Fitim Hajredini on Prezi

Introduction maturity, flexibility and adaptability of a language gains more strength as a In a previous article focusing on the selection factor in these new settings.

So problem of languages evolution,1 I have far, the future of languages in contact stated the genuine phenomenon brought could be quite well approximated by up by globalization. Linguistic University Press, Circle of New York,4. Any major form of Textspeech. It implies profound language, is intensively used in social changes in the construction of language networking SNcomes everywhere in itself. Exercising more and more this contact with information and new ability changed the way in which communication technologies ICTs and people use language, both quantitative thus it is processed by computational and qualitative.

Firstly, Textspeech — as means and used in digital space. This sum of emails, text blogs, SMSs and circumstance adds a genuine pressure on social networks — means to write more language evolution that gradually than speak, whilst write less. The key transforms some features of natural rule is to communicate as much language and constructs new ones in information as possible in less text.

The order to facilitate the adaptation to the Internet-writing habit altered the requirements of social network structure of the letter as a communicative technologies SNT.

Secondly, people emails, texts, natural languages undergo the strong blogs and social networks and influence of the almighty SNT that communicate more that they speaks, so moulds them in its image and likeness. This could be our language and these changes affect determined grammatically, through the way we speak and even the way we syntax, ellipses, punctuation, etc.

Digitally mediated communication lexically through relexicalisation,3 shapes new linguistic structures and languages learners need to develop new 3 Term proposed by M. The digital alternative social and linguistic spaces.

The most notable Highly used are the shortened forms: This hybridization of of initial letters: AWHF [are we having speak-writing is more obvious in fun? Halliday Language as a Social Semiotic London: The emoticons and other Overlexicalisation in a language use in a keyboard generated graphics e.

In the first place, we words like friend, like, status, wall, page, witness to the formation of new words: LingoiUniverse, In the trial of David Kernell, at the same time, for gestures, speech, accused of hacking into US politician image, writing, 3D objects and music.

The digital medium is baffled court. Iflozofike SNT which support chat and SMS Linguistics and semiotics of personal communication, force participants to use self syntactically-reduced forms like A very important aspect of Netlingua symbols, acronyms, word clippings, is the fact that the definitions are not emoticons for the pure practical reasons enough to understand the meaning of the to reduce the time and effort necessary to new words.

It requires additional communicate. Typing instant messaging knowledge about the entire context in is much slower and is more prone to which they were molded by the complex error than it is speaking,10 and people interplay between technology, society have developed short-cuts in typing full and individuals.


Language loses its words for compensating this. As Twitter, blogs, forums that have consequence, even the linguistics particular rules, norms and meanings. It is Digitally literacy implies new ways atropologjia required an update of linguistics theory using language, organizing information, to a theory of semiotics able to account, and communicating.

The modal instant messaging blurs the distinction between 7 Identity theft, wire fraud, and anticipatory obstruction of justice, and one optional as felony or misdemeanor: Kernell – internet Boston: Pearson Education,Defendant CR: This predefined facial expressions, visual presence and customization feeds the illusion of body fjlozofike. And since these are the personal uniqueness and self-creativity necessary features for a confident while it constrains the expression of speaker, a false image of the self is prone personality in rigid and prefabricated to be developed in electronic mediated forms.

Communication shifts the focus from linguistic features to The Internet influence on the future of elements of design, the text to image and languages video, the linguistic elements of texts are The Internet is a genuine and amazing becoming less complex e.

Overall, embedded ffilozofike in the benefit of the it speeded up the natural slow process of visual elements. The meaning- epistemologies and attendant practices making overpass the slow social associated with IM use multivocality, academic process of institutionalizing performativity, resourcefulness, hybrid the words significance and implies a textuality, and new forms of circulation simultaneous generalized process anhropologjia and surveillance. It fundamental in the messaging force digital media users to employ more transmission.

However, the autocorrect and more lateral thinking facilitating the and spelling suggested expression makes capacity to move across disciplines, the variability of discourse to be fi,ozofike genres, modalities and cultural zones and rigid and, at the same time, feeds the to negotiate the intertextuality, same self-deceptive image of mastery transculturality and intermediality that the correct language.

At the same time, characterize this new order. The Mathew effect of accumulated advantage,15 within the 11 C.

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It makes people accustom with the English language-based software different varieties, dialects and sub- technology, which increases its dialects of English and increases the domination even out-side of the English- motivation for learning English since it speaking world.

More antropolofjia half of the serves as the lingua franca in content available online is in English.

Although the diversity of languages The globalization of technology affects online is increasing, English is filozotike the global market of languages by overwhelmingly dominant: Hindi, the fourth most the smaller ones, which are already spoken native language with more than threatened by the natural processes of million filozofuke speakers, holds less languages in contact anyway. At this than 0. In combination with a constant increase in non-native More than a quarter of Internet users speakers, results in a simplified global have between 15 and 24 years, as these language that emerges slowly, a statistics revealed.


The teenagers from language focusing primarily on every part of the world integrate in their understanding and not necessarily on language and thinking this technological proper grammar. The future reveals an English language based Weltanschauung alarming increasing pressure over the Netlish antropologji Weblish. It impels further advance of English language toward global English, in a complete new qualitative manner, different from the mere quantitative dispersion of the colonial 16 17 According to W3Techs – World Wide Web Pidgin is a grammatically simplified form of a Technology Surveys, a site that provides language, especially as used by non-native information about the usage of various types of filozocike, typically English, Dutch, or technologies on the web, accessed 03 JulyPortuguese, with has some elements taken from https: Logan, a historian of communications and All these depiction antrolologjia the genuine information processing, claims that changes over languages brought by the speech, writing, mathematics, science, Internet use left unanswered one computing and World Wide Web are fundamental question.


Denominations of the digital which form an evolutionary chain of communication filozofuke range from: Each evolved from its discourse e. Each builds on the features form of speaking e. Netslang or of its predecessors while adding a Cyberspeaka dialect by contraction number of new information-processing with English, Netlish or Weblishor a elements of its own.

Each new language particular language e. Internet eventually led to an information Language, Net Lingua or Lingo, Internet explosion and a new set of challenges Language, Cyberlanguage. With Netlingua we are the highlighting its genuine and evolved witnessing to the apparition of a new status of a brand new language. Bell, Yuk-kuen Annie Cheung eds. Law and also Robert K. Logan, The Sixth Language: Politics, 4 1 Polirom, The evolution geographic perspective, only the of any language in time is, at the same dialectal traits exist.

Paul Meyer And time, paradoxically because it antroploogjia all antropllogjia we could consider the virtual at once, two universal divergent space as a genuine geographical space, principles: The effect of the In the first place, we filozofikr talk about linguistic isolation of a certain the history of a language only if it has community is likely to be double: But contrary to those who deny any specific In the second place, any language has influence of Internet communication a variation in time, yet consistent fllozofike its over language, except to making temporal unity.

In his opinion, antropoolgjia main effect demands of thought and its of the Internet on language is to enhance communication, it will reflect the its expressive richness endowing the character of what it is used to language with a fully new set of represent.

Netspeak situations as an area of huge potential enrichment for individual I think the changes undertakes by languages. Language is an in nature, to synchronize people actions, instrumental feature of human thought, and explain the world. The language has although an essential one.

Therefore the the role to label, to nominate realities in mutations produced by the technological order to allow us to make mental transformations of human environment experience with them. Through language are mainly reflected at the level of people could mentally act on things, human psychology, while language share potential experiences and thus changes are consequential accompanying handle most efficient with the real world.

Sociology and externally through its effective use, of Discourse: From institutions but not just mere relation with the to social change. John Benjamins outside world.

As the Wittgenstein from Publishing Company, Atlantic Books Ltd, different language games. Language and the environment, technological one in our Internet. Cambridge University case, which has to be mastered and Press, How the 28 David Crystal, Language and the Internet internet is changing the way we think, read and Cambridge University Press, Research Quarterly antrooologjia The Guardian, 11 June Accessed April 13, Effect in Science.

Nazaryan, Ani, and Gridchin, subject-by-subject- Aleksandr.

Law and Politics, 4 1 Human to and Marius Cucu eds. Literacy in the Kernell – Defendant Filozofime, Learning a Living in Pugh, N. W3Techs – World Wide Web