Eksempelsamling om brandsikring af byggeri – Bygningsreglementet · Embed Share. Anvisning om Bygningsreglement – Byggecentrum. nov Anvisning om Bygningsreglement SBi-anvisning. | book .. Anvisning om Bygningsreglement SBi-anvisning. |. Eksempelsamling om brandsikring af byggeri, udgivet af Energistyrelsen. SBI- anvisning Anvisning om Bygningsreglement ; SBI-anvisning

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Anvisning om Bygningsreglement Development of a novel temperature-based demand controlled ventilation system for residential buildings. Energy-efficient control of a novel VAV ventilation system with decentral-ized fans: Full-scale experimental study in a building.

Experimental study of the pressure reset control strategy for energy-efficient fan operation — Part 2: Variable air volume ventilation system with decentralized fans. Free cooling potential of a PCM-based heat exchanger coupled with a novel HVAC system for simultaneous heating and cooling of buildings.

Operation of a novel two-pipe active beam system in an office building: Air tightness measurements in older Danish single-family houses. Analysis of control strategies for a novel HVAC system equipped with a room-temperature water loop. Demand control on room level of the supply air temperature in an air heating and ventilation system.

Birgit Rasmussen – Research – Research Portal, Aalborg University

Development of an air heating system for single family housing. Energy saving potential of a two-pipe system for simultaneous heating and cooling of office buildings. Experimental study of the pressure reset control strategy for energy-efficient fan operation: Variable air volume ventilation system with dampers.

Full-scale experimental study of the static pressure reset control strategy for energy-efficient fan operation in a real building. Lessons Learned from implementation of the Total Concept method in non-Residential Building renovations: Transferring heat among building zones bygningsrdglement a room-temperature water loop – Influence of climate and occupancy level.

Development of a new controller for simultaneous heating and cooling of office buildings. Diurnal and seasonal variation in air exchange rates and interzonal airflows measured by active and passive tracer gas in homes.


Energy consumption and indoor climate in a residential building before and after comprehensive energy retrofitting. Energy savings and manifold supply ventilation systems. Performance of Ventilation Systems. Behovsstyret ventilation i skoler og institutioner. Energirigtig ventilation ved renovering og byfornyelse: Evaluation of reversed anviwning in a ventilation system with multiple fans.

Long term performance of particulate air-filter in an office environment. Modeling of active beam units with Modelica.

Tenants’ experiences and satisfaction in social housing subject to comprehensive retrofitting: A Danish case study. Analysis of energy consumption, indoor climate, occupant satisfaction and overall evaluation of the project: Concerto Initiative Class 1.

Birgit Rasmussen

Cost-effective Low-energy Advanced Sustainable So1utions. Energy-saving potential of a novel ventilation system with decentralised fans in an office building.

Evaluating the effectiveness of two membranes in blocking chemicals. Evaluation of air cleaning technologies existing in the Danish market: Experiments in a duct and in a test room. Filtration efficiency of an electrostatic fibrous filter: Studying filtration dependency on ultrafine particle exposure and composition. Filtration of ultrafine particles from tobacco smoke using an ionizer in combination with bygningsreglment electrostatic fibrous filter. Bygningsrrglement two-pipe active chilled beam system for simultaneous heating and cooling of office buildings.

Saving energy for ventilation using decentralised duct fans. Combining active chilled beams and air-cleaning technologies to improve the indoor climate in offices: Testing of a low pressure mechanical filter in a laboratory environment.

Ventilation system with low pressure drop. Wood-burning stoves in low-carbon dwellings. Combining active chilled beams and air cleaning technologies to improve indoor climate in offices: Testing a low pressure mechanical filter in a laboratory environment. Conditions for using outdoor-air inlet filter for removing UFP in residential buildings.

Philosophy and approaches for airtightness requirements in Denmark. Questionnaire survey, Indoor climate measurements and Energy consumption: Simulation of particle distribution in a room with air cleaner.

Transfer of ultrafine particles and air in multi-storey buildings. Udeluftindtag gennem kanaler i jord. Vejledning om behovsstyret ventilation: Beherskes kravene og efterleves de i nye boliger? Energy performance of Portuguese and Danish wood-burning stoves. Field study of energy performance of wood-burning stoves.


Impact of operating wood-burning stoves on indoor air quality. Technical solutions for reducing indoor residential exposures to bygningereglement particles from second-hand cigarette smoke infiltration. Nordic Analysis of Climate Friendly Buildings: Quantification of ultrafine particles from second-hand tobacco smoke. The effectiveness of portable air cleaners against tobacco smoke in multizone residential environments.

The impact of using different wood-burning stoves including ignition on indoor particle concentrations. Energirigtig ventilation ved renovering og byfornyelse.

Energy performance requirements for new buildings in 11 countries from Central Europe: Exemplary comparison bygningsregelment three buildings. Research All Research Communication Commissioned. RSS feed of this list. Title Type and 1st author Year and 1st author Year, type and 1st author Publication year and created date Publication year Type and year.

Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut, Aalborg Universitet, Energy and BuildingsVol. Sustainable Cities and Society Indoor Air – Proceedings of the 15th international conference of indoor air quality and climate.

Energy ProcediaVol. Healthy Buildings Europe. Healthy Buildings Asia: Healthy Buildings Asia. Building SimulationVol. Healthy and Smart Built Environment. Building and EnvironmentVol. Journal of Building EngineeringVol. Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, Department of Civil Engineering, Proceedings of Healthy Buildings Europe.

Journal of Civil Engineering and ArchitectureVol. International Journal of VentilationVol. Proceedings Indoor Air Indoor and Built EnvironmentVol. Journal of Aerosol ScienceVol. Indoor Air – Proceedings of the 13th international conference of indoor air quality and climate.

Bygningsreglemnet and Technology for the Built EnvironmentVol. Energy Efficient, Smart and Healthy Buildings. Proceedings of SB 13 Dubai Conference: Bygningrseglement til Green Agenda. The British University in Dubai, Queensland University of Technology, Navisning presented at Airtightness workshop, Bruxelles, Belgium.

Optimising ventilative cooling and airtightness for nearly zero-energy buildings, Anfisning and comfort: