Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ashok Kumar Banker’s internationally acclaimed Ramayana Series® has been hailed by critics as a milestone (India Today). AKB eBOOKS is India’s first bestselling international ebookstore, offering exclusive digital downloads of prolific Indian English author Ashok K. Banker’s. The seeds of war have been planted and the world is on the brink of the greatest of all in Ashok Banker’s The Epic Mahabharata series, The Children.

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Browse the carousel menu above ashom view thumbnails of our current and forthcoming releases. We support the creation of an Epic India Library: As of mid, he has almost completed this ambitious project. Ashok works entirely solo, using no researchers, assistants, associates or co-writers.


The average gap between his completing a book or series and the eventual print publication ranges from three to twelve years! The only way to read his work sooner is right here. Just finished book mahabhharata of the Ramayana Series.

Words can not express how awesome they are. I have not read this much this consistently for over 30 odd years, when I was reading the Amir Chitra comics. Thank you for writing such masterful books.

Prince of Ayodhya RS 2: Siege of Mithila RS 3: Demons of Chitrakut RS 4: Armies of Hanuman RS 5: Bridge of Rama RS 6: Mahabhzrata of Ayodhya RS 7: Vengeance of Ravana RS 8: Sons of Sita RS 9: Prince of Dharma RS Omnibus 2: Prince in Exile RS Omnibus 3: Prince at War RS Omnibus 4: Slayer ganker Kamsa KC 2: Dance of Govinda KC 3: Flute of Vrindavan KC 4: Lord of Mathura KC 5: Rage of Jarasandha KC 6: Fortress of Dwarka KC 7: Rider of Ashoi KC 8: The Children of Midnight Mba 4: The Darkness Before Dawn Mba 5: Blood Red Sari Kali Rising 2: Burnt Saffron Sky Kali Rising 3: Rust Black Heart Kali Rising 4: Random Quote Just finished book 6 of the Ramayana Series.


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