Introducing the Alpha Juno Programmer, our new programmer panel overlay for the low-cost Behringer BCR MIDI desktop controller. You can now access. Hi Wigglers, if you own and use the BCR you might find this useful I´ve made a template for creating overlays for the device and also some. I’m trying to setup some kind of an easily changeable overlay for labeling of all the knobs/buttons for the different presets on BCR

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Poll ended at Bcd2000 Jul 16, 7: Sun Jul 09, 7: I’m aware of existense of Behringer overlay which you could print and cut out but it’s rather clumsy as you need to have 4 pieces per full preset and a paper overlay is not sitting on BCR tight enough.


Links to pictures and photos are welcome! Thanks and greetings, neuronick.


Sun Jul 09, 8: I made a template in Illustrator, and printed out a laser printer sheet, laminated it, cut it out, and stuck it on with double-sided tape.

My first template was a single sheet with holes for the knobs, overlya cutting the holes out was more trouble than it was worth.

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It bcr20000 work, though. As it was laminated and rigid, it didn’t need sticking down. You could use the same technique to cover all 32 knobs and buttons.

Now I don’t use more than one BCR preset any more, so this one’s permanent. My memory’s too crap to remember more than one!

Hi hambone, nice idea about laminating and double-sided tape! I didn’t think about that.

It could be a solution! It keeps it from getting ripped, curling up, or getting dirty. And if you want to make bigger removable templates that cover everything, once they’re laminated with heavy plastic, you probably wouldn’t even need to tape them down to hold them in place.


5 Blanko-Overlays für Behringer BCR | eBay

It’s just cutting out the holes and squares with a scalpel that’s a pain. If somebody would sell blank hard plastic cutout overlays that you could write on with permanent pen, I think there could be a market.

I may look into that, actually! Mon Dec 31, 2: Page 1 of 1.

BCR Programmer Overlay for Kiwi-3P

Previous topic Next topic. How do you label your BCR knobs and buttons? Using standard Behringer overlay.

Tue Feb 14, 5: Fri Feb 04, 8: By the way, do you still have that illustrator template? I’ll have a look You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot ovrlay your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.