The compactplus integrates the latest technological advances whilst maintaining simplicity and reliability through maintaining the proven robustness of the. Service Manual Perfusor® compact, german . B. Braun also recommends training on the Technical Safety. Checks, or to perform at least . Perfusor® compact S satisfies all safety stan- dards for medical electrical .. Syringe Type. B. Braun. Code No1). Cat. No.2). Min. Vol.3). [ml]. Max. Rate4). [ml/ h].

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You will be included in the revision service after: Braun Melsungen or a written order placed with the sales department of Perfuso. This certification also includes maintenance and service.

The unit has the CE label. Service personnel are responsible for the calibration of their test equipment. Original test equipment can be calibrated at the works of B.

Braun Perfusor Compact Transportable Infusion Syringe Pump Dispensing | eBay

Further information is available upon request. Setting Off Additional notes and warnings are set off as follows Entry for Technical Training Application for a technical training course must be made via the responsible representative.

The standard delivery rate range is 0. System Overview Function The electronics of the Perfusor compact consists pefusor the following components: A-Module with MFC board as the central power supply and interface 2. E-Module as operating and ;erfusor unit 3. Drive unit, consisting of drive board with the complete sensor technology, light Commpact Overview Accessories Designation Ord.

Unit connecting lead V The characters on the display must correspond with the indication on the instructions Digit P L A A 0 0 7 2 1 for use. Software Error Messages and Alarms In case of a unit malfunction a continuous signal is activated, and the function processor displays an alarm and an error code. The error code of the control microprocessor can be queried with the F button.

Please state both error codes if you have any questions. Acknowledge alarm and switch device off. To uninstall the service program incl. Select the language and interface with the Connect service cable Fig.: Enter the user number 0 upon query.


Is the service cable connection okay? Is the MFC correctly connected?

Press the ON-key on the Perfusor compact until the symbols disappear. Is syringe selection set to “free type”, but “free type” Version number of service program [Version 5. Note Successful transfer to the progam of calibration data is displayed as follows in the footer: Length calibration F5 The position of the prealarm light barriers and the drive end is determined by length calibration.

Table and free type Fig.: The syringe types are numbered in sequence using the syringe index [Version 2. Service Program Note Please pay attention to the notes given with the staff call cable. CAUTION The pressure stage which was set last and the syringe type that was selected last are overwritten with the pump settings when the unit is switched off. Start the Service Program. Service Program Alarm Tone 1. Insert syringe and confirm or selecte. Enter rate and actuate the Start button to start delivery.

Open syringe holder, an alarm is triggered. Compare the alarm tone with the settings: Check whether the free type was marked on the unit please see syringe table. Force 20 N, PWM max. Force 60 N, PWM max. Transfer data to device via menu item F7.

If the battery pack is used, then the device is to be switched on with line connection. Note Defective batteries must be disposed of according to the regulations, e.

Unit Elements Designation Ord.

Small parts kit for 5 units Unit Elements Open unit 1. Loosen 5 screws from the bottom. Open housing carefully, then 3. Pull off the ribbon cable from the E-Module and the connection cable from the motor.

Hold the white board holder on the E-Module when disconnecting! Close unit in reverse order of opening. Note Do not squeeze motor cable. Instructions for use, complete Language: Screw out screwed split rivet. A-Module, complete, with board, MFC and buzzer.

Read and note down user-specific settings and reset after modification Unit Elements tables differ provide the unit with the new table supplied with the E-Module. N-Module V Unit Elements this straight pin lock is already fitted.


Please read instructions provided. Insert syringe size board. Mount scraper ring and axial positioner and screw down drive.

Snap in syringe size board on both sides. Note Always fasten syringe size board with screws to centering bearing. Drive head housing Cap for drive head housing 4. Remove cover for drive head housing with toggle, lever and Release shaft release shaft square. Sketch the cable layout. Note Pay attention to spring when removing the housing cover.

Clean adhesive position on new housing and stick type plate. New type plates can only be ordered as spare parts if the old type plates are returned to B. The individual steps are described hereafter in more detail.

Checks after Repair Visual Inspection 1. Check unit for cleanliness, completeness, damage and faults affecting safety. Pay special attention to the following parts: Syringe holder, axial positioner, drive head Syringe table and quick reference guide Membrane keyboard Battery compartment cover, battery compartment and – contacts Unit feet MFC connector Checks after Repair Operation 1.

Open lock drive head. Check push-button sensor alarm. The piston rod symbol must flash on the LC display if a syringe was not inserted. Insert calibration gauge in the OPS 50 ml slot and close syringe holder. Pump continues to deliver at Checks after Repair 3. The 50 ml syringe symbol is displayed. Remove potentiometer calibration gauge.

Pre- and End Alarm 1. Draw up a 50 ml OPS syringe to 6 ml and insert syringe. Perfusor compact infusion syringe pump User Manufacturer: All measured values are to be documented.


Optional Enter MFC, battery etc.: Check cleanliness of device. Check labels and readability. Syringe fastening Check function with OPS 50 ml syringe.

Syringe holder, axial positioner, drive head, clamp, and push- button sensor Membrane keyboard Switch on Perfusor and keep ON-button pressed for max.