Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Anita ioned. Bye-Bye, Blackbird by Anita Desai – book cover, description, publication history. Set against England’s green and grisly landscape, enigmatic and attractive to some, depressing and nauseating to others, Bye-Bye Black Bird explores the lives.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. In this context Diasporas matter a great deal. They include a range of ethnic communities formed from various people such as migrants and minorities that have maintained a sense of collective identity away from their homeland.

The fiction of Anita Desai is related with reference to the Cross-cultural consciousness of educated youth Particularly the Indian in England. Contemporary Indian English novel portrays images of protagonists confined to rigid tradition and orthodoxy. The novels produced after independence show that the western culture has been partly assimilated by Indians. Anita Desai is one of the major novelists in the modern English literature.

Her novels are materially different from those of the other Indian women novelists writing in English. Her novel is concerned mainly with social and political themes of East-West encounter.

The novel is based on the theme of immigration of native Indians to England There are clashes of ideas, tradition and cultures. This theme of the novel is simple rendering of emotions of Indians who face abnormal situation in living and partly living every moment of life in foreign land. The novel highlights the problem of the Asian emigrants in the U. It is a story of an educated Indian couple. Adit Sen, his wife Sarah and Dev, his Bengali friend from India are the major characters in the novel.

The novel begins with the arrival of Dev, a young Bengali student at England.

He has to take admission into London school of Economics. Dev with his background of English Literature and his aim is to get a job. His London host Adit Sen has modified to appreciate the British life. Adit is settled in England with his English wife.

Therefore he tries to prove himself equal to the Britishers. He proves himself superior to the new Indian immigrants like Dev. Adit tries to persuade Dev to accept England and British cultural ways of life without being prejudiced. Dev visit to England is for academic purpose. Adit is completely alienated from Indian culture.

Anita Desai – Wikipedia

Dev says Sanskrit hymn richas. Dev is happy blacckbird reciting vedic richas but Adit is not interested even in visiting the Victoria Albert Museum where Indian Moghul and Rajasthan miniatures boackbird collected. Dev has come in search of a cultural and intellectual quest.


He wanted to translate a vision.: He was determined to seek, discover and win the England of his dreams and reading, the England he had quickly seen was the most poetic, the most innocent and enduring of England, in a secret campaign. At the end ,he believed he did. England was a dreamland bys Indian migrants. Indians migrate there to get better education and well-paid easy jobs, for England is the land of opportunity and employment.

While living there they suppress their love towards their bpackbird home and country; they even forget temporarily their own festivals and religious ceremonies, and if not, observe them merely as a token.

They are made to undermine their cultural heritage and cut their roots of birth and go to England with strong determination for their ambition to be fulfilled. Even Sarah suffers from a sense of insecurity and separation from her own society.

Sarah feels the two selves in her, the English self and aniha Indian one. By marrying an Indian she had broken the unspoken code of English society. She suffers from a sense of inferiority because of her marrying an Indian and for this she has to suffer the taunts from her colleague.

She fails to reconcile with Indian ethos.

Nlackbird rightly observes by S. She can be either an Indian wife or an English woman but can never be both at the same time. He tries to dominate his wife He is a representative of male dominated society in India. Adit, with a hlackbird job, family, English wife is well settled in his adopted country. But at the end of the novel he decides to leave England. When Sarah decides to visit to India. India is a different cultural background and environment. But she is confident of her decision.

Adit occasionally, shows sincerity in his behavior towards his wife. At the outset Adit says that English wives are quite manageable. This remark by Adit bge a negative attitude. He loves England because it is a land of opportunity.

Anita Desai

He hates India because of the laziness of the burocratic system, work culture population and poverty. Even criticizes irregularity of trains and buses and beggars, flies When he becomes nostalgic, he says: When I have a whole month of leave saved up.

My mother will cook hilsa fish wrapped in banana leaves for me. He is satisfied in his job and married life in England. He has a friends, social relationship and happy home family hence he openly says that he loves England. I like the pubs. I like the freedom a man has here: Economic freedom;I like reading posters in the tube. And Blackbirx like the Thames. I like the feelingl I can nip across the Channel for a holiday I Paris.


I like a weekend at the seaside. I even like the BBC. The feeling of alienation reflects in his mind. Dev is consciousness about his new life and real existence. The eternal immigrants who can never be their new home and continue to walk the streets like strangers in enemy territory, frozen, listless Adit recognized this difficulty to belong to a foreign country to a lack of education.

The life that amita enjoys became falsehood,the fallacy,the unnatural strain and he irritated and disappointed. He decides to leave England. He explains the reason to Sarah. His decision to leave England for good was rushed by the Indo-Pak War of Adit goes back to his roots desaj from nobody could uproot him and the title of them novel assumes its full significance.

Make my edsai and light the light, I will arrive late to night Black bird,bye-bye. In the novel cross-cultural consciousness has different effects on different characters. Adit realized the uselessness of exaggeration and false survival and finally make a decision to go to India.

Bye-Bye, Blackbird

Adit cherishes the memory of the Be festival. Memory of cultural and festival celebrations are getting hold on his mind. One day he reads news about India and Pakistan being at war. It brings the flash back of the past memories.

Adit plans to join army to fight against Pakistan. Adit changes his attitude and creates a feeling of patriotism. His plan to leave England and return to India is not miracle but the reflection of cross-cultural consciousness. Adit is unable to control his sentiment and he says: I m not thinking of going off the fight for my country, nothing like that.

But I must be in India…… I cannot live Here anymore. Little India in London…. At the end Adit accepts the reality. He is optimistic now and thinks positively about India.

‘Bye bye Blackbird’ by Anita Desai | Face a Book: The Reading Challenge

It is journey of self-realization and consciousness. Anita Desai has dealt with a very contemporary problem. It has still its bearing on the cultural relationship of these two nations. Indra,Anita Desai as an Artist: Vlackbird me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: