CA from Intersil Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Intersil, General Purpose High Current NPN Transistor Arrays. CA and CA consist of seven high current (to mA) silicon NPN transistors on a common Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CA

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There have been 14 images uploaded to this topic. View topic image gallery. Considering selling these as a kit. You would get a sheet of blank PCBs, headers, and 2n transistors. I pulled off a hack today. Dead transistor inside of the CA I opened my part drawer and found I was out of the CA To get the board going i decided to swap in a single 2n transistor. All I did was snip off the bad associated CA legs. Desolder the pads clean. Stuff collector and base into the appropriate pins of the CA Emitter is all common together inside the CA and attached to ground.

Pin 5 and 15 of the CA are grounded so you can use those, or like i did, just find a nearby ground pad that was most convenient.

CA3081 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Then you don’t have to replace the entire obsolete and expensive CA Here is a pic of my hack fixing the q3 its always q3 knocker circuit it seems predriver for the CA I couldn’t find a different transistor array to sub in, so datashset figure 2n is probably acceptable commonly used discreet sub. I could make them available as a DIY kit. Any input is appreciated. Got the size down as small as possible with zero extra vias.

Datsheet be too cozy for the transistors though. What’s the difference between CA and CA? Andrew, What about using LMs? There datashert still bazillions of them, especially in SOC form. But I think the is scarce. You can probably leave the diode bias unconnected on aground the input and leave the output unconnected and you’ll be in OTA business, unbuffered.

Never tried it as a direct replacement on a later Moog that used one or anything. I wanna breadboard one now and see if that works. But that would make for a neat little package, just hot ca33081 the SMD IC right onto a single layer board with headers. Great hack idea Andrew!

CA Datasheet(PDF) – Intersil Corporation

I bought a bulk lot of dead Williams Master Display driver boards from eBay and harvested the s from them. I think I ended up with a dagasheet supply! DeFog, i have no idea what the LM is.


I will pull the data sheet and inspect. I was honestly surprised i couldn’t find more transistor arrays in a small SMT package to use.

I will play with the layout some more and decide what is realistic about transistor spacing and then order some. Should be really cheap once panelize the pcb layout.

I build a lot of VCO circuits for synths with 2n matched pairs for oscillators. I used to use SSM’s, but you can’t find those anymore either.

CA Datasheet pdf – General Purpose High Current NPN Transistor Arrays – Intersil

Options are really limited for transistor arrays. Doing the UDNA would be a bit more complex. Here is what each circuit looks like inside the UDNA. Pretty sure I have a sleeve of CAs in my parts box if someone needs them datashret a repair. I will check tonight. Considering the Bally driver board is not that tight spaced and the board house was going to charge me the same price for both layouts.

I went with the bigger one. Figure no need to try and bend and cram transistors on there if not needed. Went with through hole transistors for ease of assemble. Depending on what my time is worth to assemble them, they are cheaper than used pulls of CA Takes about a month to get the PCBs from the board house.

Ca30081 do you think of the arrangement in the following layout, should be smaller and pretty easy to solder for DIY. Indeed, the Adapter c3081 much more complex and cannot be made as small as the IC itself. I get a bit OCD about right angles of va3081 and parts being placed all in the same direction.

But for something like this, reduction of size is important so it fits on all pcbs. I think it is fantastic. Me too, and having too many vias as well and jumpers. I’ll re-design board layouts like 8 times to get it as tight as possible, even just for single boards for my own use. That comes naturally after building your first few crappy designs.

Some of the earlier boards I etched myself when I was learning look pretty horrible, catasheet most of those were mostly single sided too. At least most of them worked, but they’re ugly. PCB layout is something you have to always be like 12 steps ahead on, and no way to know how to do that until you’ve made a bunch of them.

My cousin does multi-layer boards. I have no clue how he does it. datashret

There is all kinds of weird shit you have to do with heat venting vias and grounding and whatnot. Check the common emitter trace on your compact layout. The common buss isn’t tied to the external pin. Also, by moving a coupe traces, you could easily make cx3081 single sided! Yeah, i think you have Pin 4 and 5 mixed up. P 5 is marked “substrate” on the ca data sheet and grounded on the bally board which i did on mine togetherbut the idea is good. I like that layout with them all in a row.

  5218A IC PDF

Assembling them yourself, they ddatasheet be cheaper than buying CA San Luis Obispo, CA. This is beauty Andrew and Co. I love this kind of old school electronics. Maybe you could breadboard up the next hack on something like this: I was using CA from China.

They usually worked, but i had a few issues from a single bad transistor to completely dead. CA was discontinued a while ago. Assume all of them from China are a used pull which is probably not tested. Hi Normally its only one transistor that’s defective in the pack. Remove the legs and clear the pcb holes then just straddle and solder a BC across the chip body.

Here’s a Flash Gordon that i did recently. Thinking about it you could do this on the underside of the board hide the re-work.

This kind of fix is what inspired me to make the adapters. Usually it is is one transistor going out, but sometimes the common leg has a problem which makes all 7 transistors not work. I diagnosed it to the U3 on the solenoid driver.

CA3081 Datasheet

Luckily, I found this thread, and I purchased the replacements from Pinball Electronics last week. The part was built and installed within an hour today. The machine is back up and running. Great to see you’re enjoying Pinside!

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