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The tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies.


This information is made available as kleinetaal service kleinmeaal the public but has not been edited by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. The content is the responsibility of the authors. The financial and economic crisis has affected the wage development in The Netherlands.

Wage growth has slowed down, but not completely disappeared; mainly the wage drift has disappeared. Sometimes trade unions were capable of exchanging working time reduction for less wage growth. Definition of the earnings what components are included or excluded? Personal primary income PPI: Because income from wealth cannot be accounted in a clear way to separate individuals in a household, this part of personal income is excluded from analysis.


Also, income in kind for example, the value of the private use of the car leased by the employer are accounted to PPI.

Income from labour also consists of wages which are received from other countries. The amount shown is inclusive the employer and employee social security payments. Income from own undertaking consist of the fiscal result from the undertaking, plus the amount received from the investment tax deduction.

The PI is not reduced with premiums for health care insurances, taxes on income and personal wealth. The reason for this is that these parts cannot easily be accounted to separate persons in a household.

Coverage sectors excluded, if any; type of employees: Persons 15 to 65 years of age who live in The Netherlands and have paid work of 12 hours or more a week. Source data for example administrative data; national accounts or specific survey: Included are the tax value of non-cash extra fees and paid overtime wages.

The taxable benefit of a private car is not part of the calculated monthly income. This registry contains all employees with a job at companies or organizations in The Netherlands with income tax or premium obligations. Used materials, fabrics or parts come from agriculture, wood farming, fisheries or mining; or are half products from the Industry itself.

The demarcation between Industry and other sectors in the nomenclature is not always very precise. The Industry is oriented at transforming materials into new products.

New products are produced, but the definition of what is a new product is not always very clear.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis | Eurofound

There are some activities which supply new products, but which are not counted ,leinmetaal the Industry. Nationale rekeningen ; Arbeidsrekeningen.


Labour volume of working persons. See 2a for clarification. Labour volume of working persons: The labour volume can be expressed in number of jobs, working years or worked hours. Cao-lonen, contractuele loonkosten en arbeidsduur. CLO-wages, contractual labour costs and working time duration. Statistics on wages and employment.

Figures are from the Polisadministration, the register data from the Employment Office. Growth accounts; basic figures. This figure contains the at moment only experimental results from Dutch growth accounts.

The growth accounts show what the input is of the different production sources to economic growth. The multifactor productivity is that part of growth of production or added value which cannot be accounted to any of the other separate production sources.

Multifactor productivity is the kleinjetaal important indicator for productivity in a sector. Because the indicator accounts for all other inputs into the production processes, the multifactor productivity gives a cai picture of productivity than the other traditionally use indicators such as labour productivity. Industry construction industry excluded ; production, turnover, sales, SBI For the remaining years: Inkomensverschillen op de werkvloer.

Sociaaleconomische trends4e kwartaal, Income inequality on the factory floor. A well-known and much used indicator for income inequality is the Theil coefficient Figure 1. This coefficient takes into account the separate inequalities between all incomes in kleinmetaa, population. The degree in which income inequalities become bigger, the higher the Theil coefficient. The lower limit of the Theil coefficient is equal to 0 at that moment, everybody has the same incomethe upper limit in kleinmehaal case, all income is in the hands of one person depends on the number of persons in the used sample.

This approach is helpful in this sense that in a population of two persons, total inequality would mean something different then if you would compare this population to a larger group of e.

If in the ten persons, only one person would have all the income, this would be seen as less unequal than in a group of two persons. However, if the Theil coefficient is divided by its maximum value, then the value of the coefficient varies between 0 and 1. See Van den Brakel-Hofmans for more information. The sector contains all new constructions, repairs, smaller rebuilding, the construction mleinmetaal prefabricated buildings or constructions; or constructions which are local or temporarily in nature.

These constructions can be on own account or kleinmetaa a fixed price or on contractual basis. A part of work or even all activities can be outsourced to contractors.

Cao-lonen per maand incl. The amount of information on this subject is quite limited. The following table shows kleinmetaal information for kleinmetal The wage drift for this period is about 0. The financial services show higher wage drift than other sectors. In Figure 3 see under kleinmetsal.

The figures for reported in the previous table are not completely the same as in this figure. For the periodthe actual wage drift would be negative kleinmehaal zero. This would mean that the room for further improvement of wages has dissipated during the crisis.


Wage inequality or dispersion: In Figure 2, the total inequality of wages in the Dutch labour market is compared to other countries in the EU.

The Dutch incomes are ranking in the lower third of the Gini-coefficients in Europe. The average income is the highest in Europe, in this graph. So, the image is that the Dutch kleinmetal market is capable of delivering very high incomes without producing major inequalities. The average income related to wage inequality in some of the countries of the EU, These results are confirmed in other studies. Their conclusion is that real pre-tax wage inequality has increased slightly across different dimensions, especially at the top of the wage distribution.

They warn that these changes are, however, mostly the result of composition effects: Changes of wage inequality are moderate in the Netherlands, compared to the other EUeconomies.

It is shown, however, that this is in fact the net effect of counteracting underlying changes. A more precise insight at the sectoral level, is found in the Theil-indices included in the tables The Theil-index shows the wage dispersion within the employed persons See Van den Kleinmetzal The Public administration shows nearly no inequality in wages.

For the comparison between low and high wage categories, the following table shows the inequality situation, but then at the household level.

This is not completely what we are looking for, but this can give some insight into the Dutch situation. The top quarter of the households earn four times more than the lowest quarter of the households. This disparity has not changed in the period between and The use of variable pay and financial participation; Are there also remarkable sector kleinmetaak in this regard?

The percentage varies strongly between sector. Health care and cure sectors, transport sectors kleinmeraal high use of such payments. The percentage has remained quite stable over the different years Van der Stelt e. The bonus, the 13 th month and year-end bonuses seem to become more important each year. In the s, the percentage of workers receiving such a bonus was under klfinmetaal percent.

Health care and cure, education, public administration use such a system quite commonly. Construction industries only rarely use such a system. Inthe percentage was 58 Van der Stelt, e. PBR and Perfomance Related Pay schemes are used in the Dutch situation, but it is not easy to find data that differentiates between the two kinds. Their figures are global, and not specified towards type of performance pay: It is unclear why this percentage has stabilized.

The following figures shows the change in use of performance related pay over time. Cal figures forand have been compared to Performance related pay is now more common in all job categories.