Canadian Forces Base Borden (Google Maps). Explore Canadian Forces Base Borden in Borden, Canada as it appears on Google Maps as well as pictures. Street map for Cfb Borden (Ontario, Canada) with streets in list. Annex K – CFB Borden Map & Legend. Annexe A – Instructions de ralliement. Annexe B – Certificat d’admissibilité aux sports nationaux. Annexe.

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ArticlesNewspaper Articles. What became of this plan, the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, was nothing short of remarkable. Canada was an ideal location to train aircrew as ccb was far enough away from bordej fighting, with plenty of land away bordeb towns and cities to build training schools. All flying training schools had one or crb relief landing fields located nearby. The relief field, usually consisting of either grass or asphalt runways, one hangar, maintenance facilities and barracks for overnight stays, allowed pilot trainees to conduct circuit training on landing and taking-off in their airplanes.

Some also served as sub-unit training schools. The triangular airfield consisted of three ft asphalt runways. Edenvale was also home to the Advanced Training Unit, a sub-unit of No. Students spent 3 weeks at the ATU, living in the original farmhouse on the property, while the instructors stayed in the barracks.

RCAF Detachment Alliston consisted of three runways in a triangular pattern, but unlike Edenvale, they were compressed grass runways and there were no lights for night landings. As the school had no tanks to use for training, Worthy went to the U. With the help of General George Patton, Worthy unofficially bought Renauld tanks, xfb in but still in new condition, from the storage facility at the Rock Island Arsenal. The ill-advised decision to terminate armoured training was reversed on 13 Augustwith the official formation of the Canadian Armoured Corps.

Former Calvery units were converted to Armoured. Range facilities were constructed at Borden for the Armoured School, but proved inadequate due to other training going on at the same time. Also inNo. After the closure of No. In msp, the Edenvale Aerodrome came back to life as a racetrack for sports car and motorcycle racing. Known at various times as the Stayner Speedway and the Edenvale Raceway, the former airfield continued in this capacity untilwhen it was once again abandoned.

Cfb Borden street map

Bborden the late s, the threat of a nuclear war had become so great that the Canadian government decided to construct a secret underground bunker to house the major elements of the government in the event of an emergency. A four story underground bunker, officially known as No. Most Provincial Governments followed suit by building their own bunkers.

The Ontario Government chose Camp Borden for the site of their bunker. All Government bunkers also doubled as a communications station, and thus had a remote communications bunker located some distance away. This second bunker, usually a single story structure, was staffed exclusively by communications personnel. Inthe site was re-activated as the Edenvale Transmitter Station, and a bunker was constructed beside one of the old runways.

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With the end of the Cold War inseveral changes occurred at Borden.

The Borden Bunker, which fortunately was never used for anything beyond being a communications station, was vacated in The bunker was sealed up and the Edenvale property was once again abandoned.

The bunker can still be seen from Hwy 26 as an odd looking mound of earth in the middle of an open field. Inmilitary flying training returned to Borden when Squadron moved to Borden after the closure of CFB Toronto, marking the first time a flying unit had been stationed at Borden since A new control tower was constructed for their use in Despite the fact that the hangars have been dedicated as historic buildings, up to four more may have to be demolished.

Additionally, two hangars have been individually dedicated: In addition to being the home to Squadron, 2 other operational Reserve Force units are stationed at Borden: These support trades are the backbone of the military. This is where Base Borden provides a vital function. Other schools and units located at Base Borden: InBorden made a return to providing basic training to Canadian Forces recruits. This training program is expected to last until atleastwhen the Borden Detachment could become a permanent school.

The original farmhouse, once the Sweetbriar Lodge Nursing home, was renovated and now serves as the administration building for the Edenvale Flying Club. In2 new hangars were constructed proving 40 new spaces for aircraft, with 3 additional hangars added shortly afterwards.

Ina new paved foot runway opened alongside one of the original abandoned runways. A 17, square foot manufacturing facility was also build on the west edge of the property. Later a grass runway and fine dining restaurant were also added. A seventh hangar was built in As well, a hotel and rental car service are proposed as future additions.

The roadways and the hangar pad also remain, but all other RCAF buildings were either demolished or re-located. The other wing was moved to Avening and is now the Avening Community Centre.

The hangar was moved to Collingwood and is now part of the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena and the pumping station was moved to Cannington and the hangar to Collingwood. Nine other buildings were sold to a neighbouring farmer. Lot 15, where the RCAF buildings, hangar and the taxiway were built remains owned by other interests.

Recommended readings more on the above: For the full history of the Pinetree Line radar stations, visit the Pinetree Line web site at — www. Visit the Diefenbunker web site at www. The Edenvale Flying Club web site — w ww. The Edenvale Aerodrome web site at www. Permanent link to this article: August 18, at 6: Bruce This is a very nice history of Base Borden.



I joined the RCAF when we still had three distinct services and served for 34 years. We did much more than drive trucks.

We operated all the heavy equipment on the Base to clear streets and roads but mostly, refuelled aircraft, cleared snow off runways, built roads or mp necessary, operated cranes that were used to install engines on aircraft.

Oh yes, we did drive trucks, tractor trailers, 30, 40 and sixty passenger vehicles at time in very limited spaces such as the tunnel in North Bay.

We operated dozers, graders, front end loaders and various other equipment as required. The troops that provided the front lines with their supplies were part of the Service Corps. They were truckers for that is all they drove……………. August 19, at Thanks for stopping by my web site and for you input.

February 4, at 6: I came across your web site while searching the History of Base Borden. I have a neighbor here in the states that was born and raised in Hamilton. He talks about it constantly. His stories have captivated me. This man is 89 years old and has a mind that is still honed and focused.

He said the Base was quite extraordinary and pretty modern for the time. He wanted me to see if I could find some pictures of the base now, with your web site I can bring my laptop to his house and show him your site. Thank you so much for that. February 4, at 9: Thanks for stopping by my web site and for the good words. I hope your neighbour enjoys the photos. If he has any stories that he would like to share, I would love to hear them. September 26, at 4: A distant cousin of my husband from Cheshire, England was stationed there as a flying officer during that period.

For reasons we do not know, he committed suicide in May and is buried alongside fellow officers in a grave with a propeller-shaped headstone at Barrie Union Cemetery. February 12, at 3: This was a summer posting from Brandon College. A fellow student was Mike Czuboka, who had served in Korea. I wonder if the RCAF has a record of that? I have been associated, as a civilian, with 3 branches of the military. March 3, at 6: Sorry for the late reply.

March 3, at 7: Well, all I am looking for are any supportive documentation about the history of the base. There may be nothing. Albert, AB, Canada https: April 11, at 8: My brother attended the old highschool and when he graduated in the early sixites, he had the highest grades in the Province. We lived at 5C 12th Street and then at 2 Quebec Loop.