{loadposition article-preamble} Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our. {loadposition article-preamble} Hi Everyone, If you live with more disorganized clutter in your life than you might like, then you should find Figen Genco’s use of. Clutter is a huge problem for many of us and it can manifest in many ways from our physical clutter to our emotional clutter of fear and not.

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Skip to secondary content. While working on the cluter round to go to a zero level of intensity, I sensed that she got tense again. We then moved to the Choice Statement with the set-up of: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hanging on to things gives some people a sense of commanding, or controlling at least a portion of their lives. EFT for making your voice stronger A new kind of mosquito relief? Clearingg — What if I need them?

When we scheduled the date, I sensed the disbelief in success in her voice. I am excited that they want to do something about it. And that is exactly how I feel.

Most often clutter is a Control Issue. More successful cases from Dr. Her face got red, and I saw she was trying hard to swallow down tears. As always, I used the Ultimate Truth Statement to work toward a positive outcome.

The Gift to Unwrap and Use before the Holidays!

Tapping Script to Clutter Clearing – EFT – Barbara Belmont

On a scale of 10 to 1, with 10 feeling and owning the statement right now, she was at a 5. Although she looked relatively clean, she assured me sft home was beyond filthy.

This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. This brought a lot of tears, which surprised her.


We put aside the UTS for the moment to work on the obstacle of the fears in her dlutter. Just doing the Reversals gave Janice some relief, which surprised her.

True clutter however, and I mean really messy environments, is really a symptom of something other than a busy lifestyle. Or how to successfully deal with chronic issues!

Determine the event that started the feeling of loss of power or loss of control and neutralize it. Dlutter this a negative reaction to EFT?

Expanding Your Comfort Zones: Thanks to Lindsay Kenny for giving us this mega-detailed article on how to apply EFT to this complicated issue. EFT for making your voice efg A new kind of mosquito relief? From that point Janice was virtually paralyzed with grief, sadness, and a sense of abandonment.

The second was fear.

Then the Set-up on her sore spot: If you are not familiar with tapping EFT please follow this link to get the directions first. Mercola — Part 6 of 7 Tips for when clients have difficulty accessing their feelings Hearing voices and multiple issues relieved: Her daughter was home, and we could consult with her about what she wanted, so Eftt agreed. Janice was still devastated and in shock when three weeks later her beloved husband of 15 years was killed.

Many benefits from tapping on a prayer Future tapping to get what you want How to get EFT into Schools EFT collapses seasickness and Rosa becomes the life of the party What is your body trying to tell you? Clearing clutter for clarity and confidence Note: We then simply tapped away the fears: Looking waaay in the past for the cause of a physical symptom Overcoming a lifelong fruit revulsion and some side benefits One person EFT is effective despite language barriers Shingle symptoms gone in just two EFT sessions Two examples where working on one cluttwr provides relief for another Clearinf EFT topic: Getting yourself out of the way.


Ten minutes of EFT restores healthy performance in the bedroom – eliminates the need for the little vlearing pill Using the term “somehow EFT makes it easier by clearing the energetic blocks.

Clearing clutter for clarity and confidence | General | Articles & Ideas

I asked her to really try to get upset about the loss of either of her loved ones. We started with a Reversal clearinf the KC point: The Apex Effect — client cannot even remember the details of her former problem Dr.

Clutter is often triggered by an event or a series of events that left the victim feeling traumatized, fearful, and powerless.

Mercola Part 3 Do you attract clients that want everything for free? Skip to primary content. Focus on an area or items that you want to go through and clean up.

Using EFT for clearing clutter and organizing your life

Her hoarding of the few things she recovered or replaced began her trend toward clutter. Two successes where the client surrogate taps for other people–everyone benefits Tips to consider when you have had “incomplete success” with an EFT client Conversations with Dr. Janice became afraid to make a move, throw anything away, go anywhere, or do anything. I told her that I knew a method that works great with some people, and asked ect if she would like to clktter it.

This was clearly more than lcutter a messy house. The mudslide that took away her husband, eradicated their home and virtually everything else Janice had left.