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Bolt and wedge for open wedge socket acc. to former DIN , galvanised. Open wedge socket acc. to former DIN (nominal size and non. DIN Rope Sockets Dimensions, Specifications, Standard, Weights, Equivalent and Download PDF. fiRST stage Wire rope sockets, DIN EN (former DIN ). Material: Housing: unalloyed steel, Wedge: cast iron, Bolt: heat-treatable steel. Finished.

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This will prevent that the rope is deformed if the distance is too short, or that the cotter pin can fall out of the enclosure when the rope is released and the distance is too large.

Open Wedge Socket acc. former DIN | Mennens

All prices are in euros plus statutory value-added tax Delivery and payment terms can be found here. Blackline equipment for chain hoists.


Blackline Hoisting gear products. Blackline Roundsling with yarn core. Blackline ratched lashings one-piece. Blackline ratched lashings two-piece.

Casting Elevator Accessories DIN Rope Wedge Socket Rope Attachment

Rope for rope holder and Rigging ropes. Accessories for internal lashing. Chain slings with masterlink.

Chain slings with loadhook. Chain parts for chain slings.

Safety ropes and Carabiner Blackline. Safety ropes and Carabiner, zinc coated. Boxlink connector rope with double studs. Wire rope and equipment. Thimbles, wire rope clips and spring pins. Ring nuts and ring screws. Beam clamp, turnbuckles and rope sockets, galvanized.

Turnbuckle galvanized with 2 eyes

Lifting straps and roundslings. Poduct of the month. Turnbuckle galvanized with 2 eyes. Rope sockets DINgalvanized, with key, bolt washers and cotter pin.