Get Toshiba DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal PDF manuals and user guides, View all Toshiba DKTSD manuals. Add to My Manuals Save this. This is the direct link to the user manual on the web. The manual covers a variety of phone models including the DKT series phones. Telephone > DKTSD. Manual for Toshiba | Telephone | DKTSD free download. pdf for Toshiba Telephone DKTSD manual click to preview.

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The frequency of the sounds produced by a bottlenose dolphin ranges from 0. The lower frequency vocalisations ab 0. Social signals have their most energy at frequencies less than 40kHz. Contents All Call Page Introduction This user guide describes how to use the series, series and series digital phones for Strata CTX systems.

Organisation Chapter 1 — The Grand Tour provides an overview of the digitial telephones. Toshiba LCD telephones provide easy access to frequently-used features. Prompts guide you through specific tasks.

These buttons are described in Chapter 2 — The Basics. Flexible Buttons Your telephone can have 10, 14, or 20 Flexible Buttons shown in the illustration on the previous page that can be programmed to do many button functions, including: Line is used to access an outside line.

Scroll Pressing advances you through information. Feature will be used in the future. These buttons are described in Chapter 2 — If a button does not appear on your display or telephone keystrip label, see your CTX System Administrator for button assignments. These have the 10 light grey keys to the right hand side of the Flexible Buttons. To make a call using Hot Dialling, dial the number. Digits display as they are dialled. Handset If your telephone is programmed for Ringing Line Preference, pick up the handset and the telephone automatically answers the ringing line.

If not, press the button associated with the ringing line flashing green LED. One message is reserved for the Message Center. While on a call, press. Your Line LED flashes green and you hear internal dial tone.

Dial the extension where the manusl will be transferred. Conference Calls The Basics Conference Calls You can conference together up to eight parties including your own – with up to six parties being external network lines.

The actual number of conference parties with acceptable volume levels depends on the local and far end telephone line conditions. The person who initiates the conference call is the Master. This feature enables participants in a conference to listen to or leave a voice mail message during one telephone call. Hold The Basics Hold Dkt2310-sd 1. To place a call on hold, press. Your LCD shows the line on hold.

Toshiba DKT3210-SD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User Manual

Line To return to the held call, press the held button. The Basics Volume Control Volume Control To adjust the dkt3210-sdd volume Press the to increase volume and to decrease volume during the call. When you hang up, the volume returns to the default setting. In its idle state, the LCD is a desk clock and calendar. When you are on an outside call, the call duration displays.


The following table defines Soft Key Prompts.

Toshiba DKT3210-SD – Digital Phone – Charcoal Manuals

When an outside call is in progress, the LCD appears as shown on the right. The messages can be up to 16 characters long. The Strata CTX provides a number of stored messages, shown in the table below. Account Codes are assigned in the system as a fixed length default is six digits and are recorded by the system, along with the details of the calls, which can be printed on a Station Message Detail Recording SMDR report. If the system is set for Verified Account Codes, station users must enter a specific code when entering the Voluntary Account Code s or the code is not validated for the SMDR call report.

Advanced Operation Automatic Busy Redial Automatic Busy Redial After reaching a busy outside number, you can activate Automatic Busy Redial so that the system automatically redials the number at regular intervals. The system repeats the redial until the destination is no longer busy.

This feature may not be on some telephones on your system. Automatic Busy Redial is not attempted while your station is busy, but continues to time-out. Automatic Callback Advanced Operation Automatic Callback When you reach a busy station, you can set Automatic Callback to have the system monitor the busy extension and notify you when it becomes idle. Automatic Callback can also place you in queue for an available outside line, if you reach a line group in which all lines are busy.

Advanced Operation Background Music Background Music You can set background music over your telephone speaker or over external speakers. Up to 16 different music sources can be applied to the Strata CTX system: Station Station Call Forward enables you to assign Call Forward destinations for each extension on your telephone. You can do a Call Forward function by, one, entering the button sequence as described, or two, by programming a Flexible Button to perform the sequence.

Forwards any call, whether an internal call or incoming line call. Tone All Calls Ext. These areas are called orbits. You or another telephone user can retrieve a parked manuual from its orbit by specifying the orbit number. The LED flashes green consultation-hold. Specify the Park Orbit using one of the following: If these types of calls occur at the same time, the pickup priority is station-to-station and then Page calls in the order of occurrence.

Call Waiting Advanced Operation Notes The Primary extension number is the directory number by which the telephone set is defined.

Other, non-primary extension numbers may also appear on the telephone. By convention, the Primary extension number is assigned to the first button on a multi-button telephone. Press to enter User Programming Mode. The Line LED is steady green. Each dkt32110-sd is programmed to unlock a specific door. When a door phone mnual, you hear a distinctive ringing tone, one or five times set in system programming. You can also call a door phone and monitor the surrounding area.

With the handset off-hook, press an extension button. You hear dial tone and the LED flashes green in-use. Your telephone must be programmed to either announce automatically or to announce after you press a button on your dial pad. The destination telephone must be programmed to accept an OCA. The announcement may be delivered over the handset or the speaker.


Busy Override Ring Over Busy Override enables you to send a muted ring tone to a busy station to indicate a call is waiting. The Busy Override BOV muted ring can be programmed for each station to be two muted rings only or continued muted rings until the maunal is answered. Your telephone can also be programmed to block Dk3210-sd Override from other telephones.

To perform Executive Override After reaching a busy station, press Paging Advanced Operation Privacy Override This feature enables you to enter an established call on a line you share with another telephone.

Up to two station users can enter an existing Exchange line-to-station call i. With the handset off-hook, press This pages all telephones in the All Call Page Group but, depending on system programming, you may or may not page external speakers.

The outside line flashes at all appearances. maanual


Selected telephones may have the ability to dkt3210-ss System Speed Dial numbers. With a call in progress, press If you are using the auto method, the Record LED flashes rapidly and there is approximately a one second interval in extreme busy conditions, up to five seconds before the recording starts and the Record LED changes to the in-use interval flash rate.

Press the Soft Key next to to view the first screen. Flexible Button or through an access code. User Programming enables users to customise these features: Once assigned to a button, the feature is accessed by dk3210-sd that button. One Touch — Users can set speed dial and custom feature access code sequences for One Touch buttons.

Press the Flexible Button to set or change. Enter the Flexible Button Code see Table 8plus any optional parameters. One-touch buttons can maunal preassigned to your telephone — your System Administrator can help you identify them.

If you do not have a One Touch button, but you have an available Flexible button, you can convert the Flexible button to a One Touch button.

Line LEDs light red or green and flash dkt3210-sf varying rates to indicate call status dkg3210-sd Table Up to two DADMs can be connected to a telephone. The series and series telephone requires a series DSS; the series telephone requires a series DSS. An example of the DDSS is shown right. To transfer call to a busy station 1. Centrex Application Your system may be equipped with the Centrex Application, which enhances its feature capability when installed behind a Centrex or PBX system.

Your telephone may have access to one or more of the enhanced Centrex features listed below: