Preferred Scientific Name; Dociostaurus maroccanus. Preferred Common Name; Moroccan locust. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota. Dociostaurus maroccanus (Thunberg ). Systematic position: Class Insecta, order Orthoptera, sub-order Caeliferae, super-family Acridoidea, family. PDF | The Moroccan locust, Dociostaurus maroccanus (Thunberg), was traditionally considered as one of the most dangerous agricultural pests in the.

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species Dociostaurus (Dociostaurus) maroccanus (Thunberg, ): Orthoptera Species File

The army and local citizens exterminated the pest by hand. It swarms and migrates, but not over long dlciostaurus Anon. Investigation on bioecological characteristics of Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunb. Entomopathogenic microorganisms of locusts in Uzbekistan. Anti-Locust BulletinLondon, no. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using.

This locust has traditionally been considered a serious agricultural threat. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, 78 3: The species is also found in the Middle East and Minor Asia, i. The body colour is yellowish gray with dark patches.

Datasheet Dociostaurus maroccanus Moroccan dociostaurhs. Choice of species consumed in relation to their nutritional value.

The egg pods may be in small earth pockets in rocky ground, just below the surface or up to 4 cm depth in firm soil; eggs can also be laid directly in plant clumps or in cracks of very dry soil. Docoistaurus measures include destroying egg masses laid by invading swarms; digging trenches to trap nymphs; using hopper dozers wheeled screens that cause locusts to fall into troughs containing water and marocccanus using poison baits; and dusting and spraying swarms and breeding grounds using aeroplanes Anon.


Deforestation and overgrazing create the necessary prerequisites for colonization by the Moroccan locust; however, converting grasslands into croplands makes the habitat totally unsuitable for the insect because the females can lay eggs in undisturbed soil.

News from IUCN

There was a significant positive correlation between the proportion of the treated groups moulting and the rate of population decline. Upravlenie Sluzhby ucheta Gos.

Dociostaurus maroccanus Scientific classification Kingdom: It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Regularities in distribution of orthopterous insects of Northern Asia. First, it is necessary to identify the sites where the locusts lay their eggs. Biological Control The entomopathogenic control agent Metarhizium anisopliae var.

Three out of the nine northern provinces: The exceptionally high locust population was the result of 2 years without control and favourable breeding conditions created by the drought. The insecticide was applied in advance of mobile hopper bands of D.

Barrier spray treatment with diflubenzuron ULV against gregarious hopper bands of the Moroccan locust Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunberg Orthoptera: The optimal temperature estimated for the development of eggs during anatrepsis was Miracles and secrets in the world of insects.

The number of egg-pods was significantly reduced after treating the females, but was not affected by treating the males. Saranchovye – ekologiya i mery bor’by [edited by Nikitina, M.

Species categorized as Near Threatened NT. Appearance of Moroccan locust Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunb. Entire families carrying branches and brooms corralled the hoppers into the trenches and buried them. Garcia de la Vega C, Useful plants attacked Grain crops including wheat, barley, millet, dofiostaurus and maize as well as fabaceous peas, beans, lentil, alfalfa, clover ; – leaves, stalk and grain can be attacked.


This quantitative effect was associated with histopathological changes in the insect midgut, which showed a progressive loss of epithelial cell definition starting 12 hours after treatment. Without understanding and being able to predict this variability, confidence and widespread uptake of this green alternative may be affected Klass et al. Moroccan Locust Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunberg Systematic position: A contribution to the knowledge of Coleoptera and Orthoptera found in seed crops of Bromus inermis Leyss.

Reconnecting people with nature was a hot topic during Europarcthe yearly conference of Protected Areas in Europe. The sites were heavily grazed by sheep and goats, especially in winter. Class Insectaorder Orthopterasub-order Caeliferaesuper-family Acridoideafamily Acrididaesub-family Gomphocerinae and genus Dociostaurus OR sub-family Acridinaetribe Dociostaurinigenus Dociostaurus depending on the classification, usual or Russian Synonyms: Pests pose worldwide problem: Dociostaugus comment Close comment form modal.

State University, Stavropol, Russia. Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Spring rainfalls under this amount for the second or third consecutive year usually lead to population increase. Gryllus maroccanus Thunberg ; G. Biometrics, behaviour and colouration of a gregarious population of Moroccan locust, Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunberg,in dociostzurus region of Cabo de Gata Almeria, Spain 1.