It’s probably no coincidence that the best of Dorothy L Sayers’ Peter Wimsey novels – Five Red Herrings, The Nine Tailors and Gaudy Night. The Nine Tailors [Dorothy L. Sayers] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Nine Tailors is Dorothy L. Sayers’s finest mystery, featuring Lord. on New Year’s Eve at the start of Dorothy L. Sayers’ The Nine Tailors. Sayers took her title from the number of times a bell will toll to mark.

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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. When a disfigured corpse is discovered in a country parish, the local rector pleads with Lord Peter to take on what will become one of his most brilliant and complicated cases. Hardcoverpages. Paul, Fenland United Kingdom. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Nine Tailorsplease sign up. Does this need to be read in order?

As in, do I need to read the other 10 books first? Barry Haworth As the others have answered, not at all. In the Peter Wimsey books there are many recurring characters and some plot lines which develop across the …more As the others have answered, not at all. In the Peter Wimsey books there are many recurring characters and some plot lines which develop across the series – Peter’s relationship with Harriet Vane, or the career of of his friend Charles Parker – but most of the books in the series are quite definitely standalone, and this is one of them.

The setting, the main characters apart from Lord Peter and his manservant Bunterand the situation are all fully contained within this book. See 1 question about The Nine Tailors…. Lists with This Book.

Jun 27, Jaline rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sayers has done it again. Written inthis 11th novel in the Lord Peter Wimsey series shines a light on another topic that Taailors knew nothing at all about. The word itself is mysterious, and so is its subject. Thd is the study of bells, of change-ringing specifically, which adheres to mathematically precise ways in which the bells are rung.

It will take 9 hours to accomplish and they planned to have 12 ringers so some could fill in while others took a break. Unfortunately, influenza has visited the village and laid low so many of the ringers. Lord Peter had experience change-ringing in his own college years and when one of the eight ringers was also laid low with the flu, Lord Peter is asked to help. And yes, there is a body.

One that has been rendered unrecognizable and with no obvious means of death as all injuries to the body were done post-mortem. The man is buried at Fenchurch St.

MathFiction: The Nine Tailors (Dorothy Leigh Sayers)

Tailor Paul is the deep, sonorous bell that tolls the passing of souls in the village. These are rung in groups of three: Men receive 9 rings, followed by a note for each year of their life. The notes for the years of his life had to be dorotby. A numerical sequence for bell changes also becomes part of a cryptogram that helps to solve a mystery that Lord Peter suspects is connected to the dead man.


The unfolding of this book is a work of genius, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. If you read no other Dorothy L. Sayers novel, this would be a great example of her brilliance as a writer and an intellect.

The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L Sayers

The combination of the two is never compromised, yet she writes in a way that can be understood by the lay person as well. I highly recommend this fascinating novel. View all 25 comments. Where I got the book; from my bookshelf. It’s a perennial favorite, mostly, I suspect, because of the solution to the murder– view spoiler [which comes in the very last few pages of the book through sheer happenstance xorothy not because of Wimsey’s Great Brain. Did we, the readers, really have all the clues in front of us?

Lots of hints, maybe, of the you-better-not-anger-the-b Where I got the book; from my bookshelf. Lots of hints, maybe, of the you-better-not-anger-the-bells variety hide spoiler ] –but as murder mysteries go, I find it unsatisfactory. As a novel, however, it’s a great read. I love it because of the setting; the flat, watery fens every time Wimsey’s outside I can feel the damp wind whistling past my earsthe isolated little villages, the nexus of classic English village life–the pub, the church, the big house where many of the villagers work as servants, the blacksmith and the smallholders scratching a living from poorly-run farms.

Sayers’ father was a clergyman, and I suspect that this life was something she knew well; she certainly understood the ins and outs of the Rector’s life, with his constant concern for visiting the sick, his efforts toward improving conditions of life in the village, and his officially disapproving yet privately understanding attitude toward the sins of the flesh.

If we all came under the care of pastors like that, I suspect more people would turn up at church on Sunday. I also find the story wonderfully enjoyable and clever, despite my reservations about the murder mystery itself.

By “the story” I mean the tale of the missing emeralds DLS seems to have a thing about emeralds that forms a background to the mystery and still resonates in the lives of the villagers.

Right to the end the story keeps moving at a fast pace, never allowing for a dull moment. The Rector and his wife, Potty Peake, Hezekiah Lavender and Superintendent Blundell are little gems of sharp characterization in few words. And does anyone else think that Hilary Thorpe is another depiction of DLS, this time a youthful version? It tge to me that Strong Poison opened the floodgates to the writer inhabiting her own work, to the point where she pretty much takes over in Busman’s Honeymoon.

The most memorable image, of course, is the bells. I don’t think any reader can quite look at church bells the same way again after this.

The Nine Tailors (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

There’s a Norman church in Rye, East Sussex, with a bell tower you can climb, and I’ve been doing so since I was in my teens. The climb up the belfry ladder always, always makes me think of this book and shiver. View all 12 comments. Sep 25, BrokenTune rated it really liked it Shelves: Toll-toll-toll; and a pause; toll-toll-toll; and a pause; toll-toll-toll; the nine tailors, or teller-strokes, that mark the passing of a man.


The year is dead; toll him out with twelve strokes more, one for every passing month. Then, from the faint, sweet tubular chimes of the clock overhead, the four quarters and the twelve strokes of midnight.

The ringers grasped their ropes. Okay, okay, wrong book. Well, at least the Esmeralda part Toll-toll-toll; and a pause; toll-toll-toll; and a pause; toll-toll-toll; the nine tailors, or teller-strokes, that mark the passing of a man.

Well, at least the Esmeralda part. Lord Peter is such a handy bloke to have around. Not only can he solve mysteries like it’s nobody’s business, he’s thee a seasoned change ringer. Paul, he helps his host tai,ors by joining a nine-hour-long bell ringing service. Nothing would please me more than to ring bells all day and all night. I am not tired at all. I would far rather ring bells. The only thing that worries me is whether I shall be able to get through the peal without making stupid mistakes.

Lady Thorpe is buried there. You buried her yourself. What do you mean? Is it in a coffin? Not only did the mystery prove to be more than a straight-forward who-dunnit, there were also a few more insights into Lord Peter’s and other characters war time experiences. Sayers really made sure that her postwar settings did not deny the scars and damage that the First World War had left on the survivors. It’s an aspect of the series I very much admire. And all of it is tied up with a lot of humor.

The Nine Tailors

Now, dprothy, I have solved the entire problem, with one trivial exception. Probably you have done so too. But that, as I say, is a trifle. But here are some thoughts unfiltered. First, okay, there was a lot about bells. Let’s say, if you’re not interested in learning a lot of important information about the incredibly archane field of change-ringing, put the book down and back away slowly.

Then again, if nin not interested in learning something new when you read, you should probably just got watch COPS. Secondly, o [borrowed from the kate] I started to eyeball Kate’s review and I can’t, tailogs I’ll probably just say what she says! Secondly, one of my favorite things about Nine Tailors was that there were really two crimes woven together expertly, which is like Mystery Novelsfor sophomores, because the two incidents, 30 years apart, are both really critical to each other and inform xayers other.

And fourthly, it’s just a spectacularly written novel. Set in the Fen country, Sayers paints the bleakest and greyest of landscapes and touches that up every few pages with some tiny detail of a roadside or the sharp bite of inclement weather or the hardened lives of the villagers. Really, she’s writing beyond mystery sayyers an England she knows very well.

But, well, there’s a lot about bells. I’m taking a star away on account of how confused I got about the damn bells.