Buy JJ / E88CC Gold Pin Vacuum Tube: Tubes – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. A perfect fit for any amplifier / preamplifier using 6DJ8 / ECC88 / / E88CC or Smooth mids and highs with great detail. Compare with other tubes here. Confidently standing alongside these vintage offerings, this JJ E88CC Gold Pin tube is full-bodied, with a very large soundstage that doesn’t fall apart with.

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Only the machines are the same, and in the Tesla days they were new, and now they are old. The used materials definitely are not the same. Also wires, and e88vc technology came from Tesla plants that are all closed now.

They are regarded something different, which is correct.

There was enough NOS around. Many people thought this situation would always stay that way, and the TESLA management thought so too.

The machines were moved out of the building and reinstalled at a factory of a man called Jjj Jorgo, better known as JJ. Russians and Chinese tube factories raise their prices twice a year due to higher energy costs and higher cost of all kinds. This is one difference. Identical tools are used Another difference is in the part numbering. In the below picture you can see this difference clearly.


E88CC / 6922 JJ

The next difference I noted, are some costs savings on the shielding. With this tube there is a shielding plate between the two triodes. The shielding plate was coated black, and is used to transport the heat out of the tube center. So is is used a cooling fin. This e88dc great, because the center anode plate is already hotter than the outside anode plate. These are little jewels.

Most of them have yellow printing. These are from the ‘s. Here you see a close up of the gold plated grid bars coming out of the mica. So obviously they did not use just gold plated grid wire, they gold plated the complete grid after it was made. What a quality this is! On my tube tester Metrix U61B initially they tested very nice. Then I let one tube warm up, and apparently it started to reduce plate current slowly.

This was curious, because with NOS, I never had this. Well ok, JJ is new production, so I thought this was the explanation.


Compare of TESLA TUBES with JJ TUBES.

I though they need some more burn-in perhaps. So I let the tube run on the tester, and the next day it was testing weak. Oh well, I thought one bad tube out of 20 can happen.

I sold this lot where it belongs: I wrote in the Auction why I sold them, and they were with the option to return if not satisfied. Bidders were fighting for them.

How typical for Ebay. I got a higher price than expected, and the buyer was satisfied he jjj me. Well, then everybody is happy. First of all, the needle of the tube tester goes up faster as with the JJ’s, and that gave me a good feeling. Same as with all NOS when I see that. Then after the initial heat-up, the Jjj change their readings only very little, and give a totally stabile reading after just minutes. Then they keep just this value j matter how long hours or days I let the tester run.