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Heat Power and Thermal Engineering – aiknc. Thermal Power Plant Operation and Thermal Power Plant Operation and Maintenance. At a later stage these exercises are offered to students in the English language.

The highest evaluation 6. Polysilicon thermal micro-actuators for heat scavenging and power Thermal conductivities, thermal diffusivities, and volumetric heat Feb 14, – 1. Preparation of water with elektrolysis method using ceramic electrodes. Thermal design of spiral heat exchangers and heat Thermal design of spiral heat exchangers and heat pipes through global best However, selection of adequate Also the effects of the cooling medium Heat Transfer Engineering Mar 1, – The accuracy of any instructions, formulae and drug doses should be Heat Transfer Engineering Heat Transfer Experiments were performed to map local heat transfer coefficients on an unobstructed co-rotating disk system simulating the internal EN iso -1 1: Satellite Thermal Control Engineering.

Thermal Conductivity, Heat Capacity and Moisture Thermal conductivity W1m K of ocean perch Sebastes. Marinus was measured by the heated thermocouple method moisture. Heat flux switching and modulating Mar 20, 1.mldulis arXiv: Heat flux switching and modulating. Wei Chung Lo1,4, Lei Wang1, We report the thermal conductivity and specific heat of amorphous silicon thin films measured from. Conduction Transfer Functions — for the solution of the transient heat 1.modulie An ac photopyroelectric calorimeter has been used to measure the thermal diffusivity and specific heat of the perovskite manganites Power transmission and lifting engineering Scissor-type lifting platforms and cable winches were added to the Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Air Pollutions in Thermal Power Plant Practical implementation of the 1.mdulis — methods and forms.

Master’s degree in energy engineering VTU. Section Introduction The aims and tasks of the syllabus 1. The aim of the syllabus 1. The tasks of the syllabus Organisation and development of the syllabus 2. Alterations in the practical implementation of the syllabus The syllabus eecdl higher education, its parts: Conformity of the syllabus with the standard of national academic education and professional standard 6. The number of students in the syllabus 7. The information about matriculated students 7.

With the ecxl No. The Department is situated at 6 Ezermalas Street, Riga. Other RTU structural units also participate in the implementation of the syllabus: The aims and tasks of the syllabus 1.

Heat Power and Thermal Engineering – aiknc –

Its characteristic features are dictated by the market, primary processing at the sites of energy production and the sources of raw materials or the places where they are supplied, creation and connection of joint regional and global transmission lines, 1.modulix management in special economic zones, formation of the regional and global markets, implementation of joint economic management, safety and environment-friendly systems in every sphere of economy, orientation towards the formation of a highly educated, knowledgeable and proficient, constantly developing society.

The tasks of the syllabus In order to carry out the advanced aim, the principal tasks of the syllabus for dcdl high-class specialists in the spheres of heat power and thermal engineering are: To apply in the process of studies the common methods of teaching lectures, practical and laboratory works, seminars, etc.


To apply the modern quality management methods of studies ecd, great attention to the exposition of innovative ideas training, studying, knowledge, experience, science, technical equipment, technology, production.

To prepare specialists in the fields of engineering sciences which are very necessary for society, starting from the habits of practical work to the scientific and theoretical research. In order to satisfy the main interest groups society, students, teaching staff, the customers, etc.

To satisfy the growing demand for specialists in the fields of power engineering, production, energy transmission, distribution and use, to ensure the alternation of generations of the respective specialists. The alterations prepared in the syllabus: Alterations were prepared and introduced by the suggestions and recommendations of employers, students, teachers taking into account the binding documents of the Ministry of Education and Science, the RTU Senate and Council of the Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering.

Alterations in the practical implementation of the syllabus The structural unit implementing the syllabus is the Department of Heat and Power Engineering Systems which is situated at 6 Ezermalas Street, Riga with an area of m2 designed for training of the students. Besides the common lecture rooms, the area comprise specialised lecture rooms, training and research laboratories.

Nowadays the department is in search of financing to refurbish and to rebuilt premises on the 5th floor with common area of m2 which were not in use and were additionally given to the department in Ezermalas street 6. The Department of Heat and Power Engineering Systems has in its possession laboratory equipment, computer technology, codoscopes, copiers, video projectors and other equipment for the organisation of a qualitative process of studies.

The principal alterations in the implementation of the material 1.nodulis technical basis of the syllabus: A new lecture room has been opened and equipped 6 Ezermalas Street, 1.omdulis52 m2 having Internet connection sites at least for 16 computers.

Technical literature was acquired in the English language for the main subjects of studies of the syllabus numerical calculus methods of heat exchange, energy efficiency, thermotechnical measurements, foundations of automation, planning of experiments, theory of burning, industrial furnaces, thermal insulating equipment, etc. A list of the educational and technical literature which is available in the Latvian, English and Russian languages existing at the department and the leading libraries of 1.moduli is given in paragraph 8.

Two 1.midulis pieces of equipment were acquired from the eddl of the ESF and installed for the educational and research work in the Laboratory of Thermodynamics and Heat Exchange during the accounting period: Instructions were prepared for the use of the stands in the Latvian and English languages.

Lata Mangeshkar Medical Foundation’s DEENANATH … – acee-india

The range of apparatus is expanded within limits every year. Computer hardware to ensure the training process and research work: Heat Utilizing Equipment 2. Compressors, Pumps and Ventilators 2. In the credit test the acquisition of the syllabus is evaluated by a 2-part scale “passed” or “failed”. A practice is evaluated by the grade scale, like 1.jodulis examination. Practical implementation of the syllabus — methods and forms Methods and forms of studies Lectures.

Traditional methods of teaching lectures, practical and laboratory classes, seminars, etc. A trend is increasing to apply the modern quality management methods in the studies paying great attention to the exposition of innovative ideas training, studying, knowledge, experience, science, machinery, technology, production. Seminars and practical classes. In order to acquire deeper individual theoretical questions, seminars and practical classes are organised. This takes place in agreement with the syllabus and the curriculum by the groups.

The practical aspects of lectures are analysed at the 1.moduliz classes, the most significant methodologies are mastered Excel, AutoCAD, MathCAD, the Internetthe students train in the development of methods, making descriptions, suggestions 1.morulis presentations. An important role is attached to the improvement of the team-work habits. Excursions are organised within the framework of the learning process to various enterprises of the branch. The students’ research papers, 1.omdulis attachment to the scientific work.


Acquisition of the habits on how to work a computer is promoted. Practically all the higher school teachers attract students to the scientific work. The principles of the organisation of practices in the professional syllabi of the RTU are fixed by Order No 61 of the RTU pro-rector for studies of May 24,according to which: The practice leader is confirmed by the order of the leader of the structural unit; 2 a bilateral contract is concluded at the place of the practice which reflects the obligations and responsibility of the parties.

The account is accepted and assessed with a differentiated grade by the commission appointed by the head of the department, about which a protocol is drawn up. The Department of Heat and Power 1.moodulis Systems RES keeps in touch with the graduates of 1.moduljs previous years who, in the case of necessity, help find 1.modluis sites of practice at larger enterprises of Latvia.

The students from the day department may undergo their practice in the summer period, substituting exdl staff of the enterprise during their vacations, agreeing with the management of the RES and including it into their individual 1.mmodulis of studies.

If the economic situation changes, the distribution of the practice may vary. In the reference period, in the yearan audit has taken place completed by the RTU rectorate considering the matters of practices.

: Sitemap

As a result several advices and admonishments were made, which were partly removed already before the spring session term — 30th October, The documentation about the cooperation with 1.modluis site of the practice and the employers, as well as the materials of the practice is situated in the office of the Edcl of Heat and Power Engineering Systems at 6 Ezermalas Street, Riga.

Perspective assessment of the syllabus considering the common strategy of Latvia and the EU 6. The new approach means transition to an efficient, constantly improving management system of higher education in which there is carefully elaborated and coordinated the responsibilities and rights of the state institutions, professional and legal organisations, higher school management, the academic staff and the students. The inquiries of various-level enterprises big, medium and small witness, that the demand for the specialists of such a profile is growing from year to year, for example, after the inquiries of the department Latvia needs up to specialists in computer design.

The syllabus completely meets the standard of professional higher education and the standard of the profession. There is lasting and stable cooperation with some other production enterprises, scientific research and educational establishments. This is connected, to a great extent, with the introduction of alternative and energy efficient technologies in every sort of branches — production, 1.modu,is and domestic life.

Most of the surveyed employers support the aspirations of their workers to acquire higher education; they are obliging and ensure a convenient schedule for training.

Students matriculated in Nagla 7 8 9 8 9 Students 1.modulis in No Name, Surname 1. Such inquiries show, that the study quality is rated all together positive. There are various suggestions and hints to shortcomings made about international cooperation, the accessibility of lecture materials and book, etc.