O estreitamento do canal medular é chamado de estenose espinhal e aumenta a probabilidade de compressão da medula, mesmo sem qualquer fratura óssea. Tratamento cirúrgico da estenose degenerativa lombar: comorbidades e Palavras-Chave: Estenose espinhal/cirurgia; Claudicação intermitente; Hipertensão;. This Pin was discovered by IS Life Brasil. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Boos N, Aebi M. In the series of patient records analyzed, we found a high incidence of comorbidities, probably because it is a tertiary reference center. It generally occurs esteonse to progressive degenerative hypertrophy of any osteocartilaginous and ligament structure, and can result in neurological or vascular compression at one or more lumbar levels. Type of complication Total no.

estenose espinhal – translation – Portuguese-Thai Dictionary

J Spinal Disord Tech. The parameters evaluated were the sex and age of the patients, non-surgical treatments received, the number of segments operated on, the persistence of complaints and need for new surgical intervention, associated comorbidities, and early and late complications. Epidemiological results on revalence, incidence, course, and risk factors.

Porter R W, Pavitt D.

Lumbar spinal canal area in different age groups

All the patients were submitted espinyal pedicle screw fixation, posterolateral arthrodesis, and decompression of the segment with stenosis.

Lumbar portion of the human spinal canal at different age periods. Estenose do canal vertebral cervical e lombar. Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis.

Estenose da Coluna

Comorbidities negatively influenced the outcome of surgical treatment of degenerative lumbar stenosis with higher rates of postoperative complications. Preoperative predictors for postoperative clinical outcome in lumbar spinal stenosis: The average age was Schmidt CO, Kohlmann T. Espunhal and mortality in association with operations on the lumbar spine.


Thus, the aim was to ensure indirect decompression of the foramen after insertion of the intersomatic device. Table 1 Table 1.

Lumbar spinal canal area in different age groups. Esteenose study has some weak points, such as the absence of evaluation of the patients’ sagittal balance, and the presence of degenerative disease of the adjacent disc, which could influence the clinical result and consequently, the results of our study.

Late postoperative complications diagnosed after hospital discharge, during the outpatient visits were: Clin Orthop Relat Res. In the distribution by sex, 47 The criteria used in the indication for intersomatic arthrodesis was the presence of reduced disc height with mobility of the segment and foraminal stenosis due to an accentuated decrease in disc space. Degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis: Lumbar stenosis and systemic diseases: Morphometric study of the lumbar spinal canal in the Korean population.

Caixas com a mediana deslocada do centro podem sugerir assimetria nos dados.

J Bone Joint Surg Am. How to cite this article. Nutrition and development, an archaelogical study. Espunhal such advanced age and obesity are related to higher susceptibility to diseases of the spine.

The presence of two or more associated comorbidities had a negative influence on the result of the surgical treatment for degenerative lumbar stenosis, with higher levels of postoperative complications. Similarly, as demonstrated by other studies, patients with comorbidities present higher levels of complications as a result of surgical treatment for degenerative lumbar stenosis.


Predictors of treatment choice in lumbar spinal esspinhal. The most prevalent associated disease in this study was systemic arterial hypertension in 44 patients The distribution by espinha, and age group found in our study population is in keeping with what is described in various epidemiological and review studies in the literature on the subject. Perioperative outcomes among patients with the modified metabolic syndrome who are undergoing noncardiac surgery.

The patient generally presents pain in the legs, whether due to neurogenic claudication or irradiated pain. Neurogenic claudication is characterized by pain in the legs without defined dermatome, dysesthesia, numbness, discomfort, pins and needles, and postural changes with anterior tilt of the trunk, associated with gait and orthostasis.

Patients with espinhall one preoperative comorbidity showed similar complication rates compared to the population without comorbidities. The influence of age, diagnosis and procedure. Existem fatores que se relacionam com o desenvolvimento do canal vertebral, como: When analyzed in isolation, the various comorbidities are not related to either higher levels of complications, or to different types of complications from the one studied.

Morphology of the lumbar spinal canal in normal adults Turks. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.