with traditional drive systems. VLT® AQUA Drive FC series delivers the ultimate cost efficiency. Selection Guide kW – 2 MW s. MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE. Operating Instructions. VLT. ®. AQUA Drive FC kW Feb 2, requirements. Contact a Danfoss supplier or go to for This Programming Guide can be used for all FC frequency.

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Featuring a wide range of powerful standard features, which can be expanded with performance-improving options, the drive is equally suited to both new and retrofit projects.

The considerable daily load variation in water or wastewater treatment plants makes it economically feasible to introduce motor control on rotating equipment such as pumps and blowers.

Its high lifetime availability and low energy consumption and maintenance costs provide you with the lowest cost of ownership. The quick and user-friendly setup of water and pump settings reduces installation time ensuring a fast route to maximum energy efficiency and motor control.

By collecting the most important parameters in one place, the risk of incorrect configuration is reduced significantly. Assets are protected thanks to specially designed software that prevents, for example, water hammering.

Energy efficiency is maximized as a result of the drives control algorithms and design which focus on reducing heat loss. Electromagnetic interference and harmonic distortion are reduced thanks to the built-in, scalable RFI filter and integrated DC link chokes. Perfect system integration and adaptation to the application are possible due to freely programmable danfosw and alerts.


VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202

Protect your pump and optimize commercial ventilation and air conditioning performance using AC drives. By controlling industrial pumps with a Danfoss AC drive you can help optimize processes and significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. For reliable operation, reduced emissions, and long life of marine pumps and separators, draw upon engineering knowhow from Danfoss.

Variable frequency pump control enables you to optimize productivity despite changing well conditions over time, whilst also reducing costs.

Enhance your system performance, extend your equipment life, and protect danfos leakages, by optimizing pump operations using Danfoss AC drives. Use AC drives to control the speed of motors in a wide range of pump, blower, mixer and dewatering applications to help enhance performance and value while saving energy and costs in wastewater treatment.

Danfoss solutions enabled Acciona to create an innovative sea water reverse osmosis SWRO modular desalination plant for the Sarlux refinery in Sardinia, reducing energy consumption compared to traditional solutions. For further information or to get a quote for this drive please contact us.

Supply voltages and power range 1 x Danfkss Low harmonic drive 3 x V Features and benefits Assets are protected thanks to specially designed software that prevents, for example, water hammering. English 01 Oct, We meet the strictest require English 06 May, 1. Certificate – BG El. It’s a question English 10 May, Ferrari racetrack hydro system English 27 May, Certificate – BG Manufacturers decl.


Certificate – BG Manufacturers Decl.

VLT® AQUA Drive FC – Danfoss Drive

English 14 Jan, Guide English 01 Nov, Centrifugal pumps and blowers, positive displacement blowers. Drives for pumps in commercial buildings. Drives for industrial pumps. Drives for marine pumps and separators. Drives for offshore danfozs. Drives for mixers, dewatering and blowers. Solar heating plant reduces CO2 emissions by 15, tonnes annually. Ferrari racetrack hydro system performs exceptionally.

Marselisborg generates surplus power. Bus Bar Kit for pulse, 2-drive System. Bus Bar Kit for pulse, 4-drive System.

Bus Bar Kit for 6-pulse, 2-drive System. Bus Bar Kit for 6-pulse, 4-drive System. Certificate of Conformity, LCP Current Sensor Cylinder Busbar Kit. Danfss Drives Fieldbus Solutions. We meet the strictest require. Safety, Machinery directive CE. Facts worth knowing, Frequency Converter.

Hjorring District Heating, Multi-biofuel. Ferrari racetrack hydro system. Manufacturers Declaration Factory Test. Manufacturers Declaration, FC Series. Motor technologies for higher efficiency.

VLT® AQUA Drive FC | Danfoss

Pedestal Kit for F-size Enclosures. Sarlux refinery saves energy Acciona. Silkeborg solar hot water system.

Ten things need to know about Ecodesign. VLT drive has delivered reliable, low-en. Water and Wastewater – Engineering Guide.