FNM Photo. The Free National Movement (FNM) last night unveiled Manifesto , pledging among other things to introduce a National. The Free National Movement (abbreviated FNM) is a conservative political party in The the governing PLP on corruption charges and published a Manifesto. Ingraham´s retirement held on 15 October , reducing the total FNM seat. Download. DNA Manifesto. FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT (FNM), Learn more · Download. FNM Manifesto · Download · FNM Manifesto.

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As of Monday, April 16, And, you will never get it under the PLP.

But it will be delivered by my next Government,” he told thousands at a mass rally in Freeport on Saturday at Sunrise Shopping Centre. Mr Ingraham also promised that Freeport will get a new community health clinic and fire station during their next term. We further improved the quality of healthcare by introducing the prescription drug benefit,” he said.

FNM Releases Manifesto | Bahamas News

But, there is a new day on the horizon for Grand Bahama,” he said. Their plans for Grand Bahama will include new opportunities for commercial expansion and improving infrastructure. Through the Heritage Tourism Initiative, the FNM will upgrade the facilities necessary for Grand Bahama fmn enhance the cultural and heritage aspects of the tourism product.


He said they will also build a gymnasium and put in an additional softball field. Mr Ingraham said it is important that Grand Bahama deliver all five members to the Delivery Team that will form the next government. He believes that Coach Norris Bain, who has had tremendous success in basketball in Grand Bahama, would be able to assist the government in implementing comprehensive youth development programmes.

Send Norris Bain to the House. I need him on my Delivery Team,” he said.

He noted that under the leadership of Perry Christie during the PLP’s term in office, Grand Bahama had the biggest loss in hotel rooms in Bahamian history. Mr Ingraham stated that in the room Royal Oasis – which represented nearly 40 per cent of the island’s total hotel rooms – closed and 1, Grand Bahamians were out of work.

He also noted that Mr Christie agreed to the sale of the property to a company that had done nothing since the closure eight years ago, and the unemployed workers had to await the return of the FNM administration to receive severance payments owed them.


Mr Ingraham said that air arrivals had also significantly decreased on the island fromintoby the manifezto of – a loss in air arrivals ofas a direct consequence of the closure of the Royal Oasis. He thinks that if he keeps talking nobody will notice his record of failure and incompetence,” Mr 20122 said. We must work hard every day to secure that victory, voter by voter, house by house and constituency by constituency.

FNM Releases Manifesto 2012

Go find any prodigal sons or daughters and tell them come back home,” he said. The Tribune Jump to content. More like this story PM pledges to introduce health insurance scheme.

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