Production of quality flowers requires shade house (50%) or naturally ventilated polyhouse. Day temperature of °C and night temperature of °C are. Gerbera Project Report For Polyhouse, Greenhouse Cultivation: Are you planning to grow Gerbera flowers under polyhouse? Then this project report is for you. Gerbera cultivation in Greenhouse. Soil Requirement in Gerbera Flower Farming : The soil should be well drained, light, fertile/rich, slightly alkaline (or) neutral.

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How ever if you want detailed guidance, you can also plan to get the book on Gerbera production here. Gerbera Gerbera jamesonii commonly known as Transwal Daisy or African Daisy is an important flower grown throughout the world under wide range of climatic conditions.

In India, it is distributed in the temperate Himalayas from Kashmir to Nepal at altitudes of to M.

Gerbera cultivation guide

Gerbera cultivation can be done under wide range of climatic conditions. Day culttivation of 22 —25 0 C and night temperature of 12 0 C to 16 0 C is ideal for cultivation. Soil and its preparation: A well drained, rich, light, neutral or slightly alkaline soil ph 6. The roots of Gerbera go as deep as cm.

Ib soil should be highly porus and well drained upto 50 cm to have better root growth and better penetration of roots. Land should be ploughed deep times and brought to a fine tilth.

Raised beds of 30 cm height, 1. Soil sterilization for Gerbera Cultivation: Before starting gerbera cultivation, disinfection of the soil is absolutely necessary to minimize the infestation of soil borne pathogens like Phytophthora, Fusarium and Pythium which could otherwise destroy the crop completely. Then beds should be watered thoroughly to drain the chemicals before planting.


Recently, this method is gaining popularity for rapid and large scale multiplication. Suitable for 1, 1. Planting should not be done in late August or September as the crop will not have sufficiently developed to enter and endure severity of winter. Method of Garnera Planting: Growing of gerbera flowers in raised bed improves drainage and aeration.

At the time of planting, the gerbbera of gerbera plants should be cm above soil level. As the root system establishes the plants are pulled down. Gerbera flowers requires plenty of organic matter and ample of nutrients in the form of major and minor nutrients for hreenhouse growth and production. Apart from this, spraying with micronutrients like boron, calcium, magnesium and copper 0. Weeds are problem upto 3 months after transplantation when plants are in vegetative stage. Therefore, weeding should be done at fortnight interval upto 3 months and at 30 days interval after 3 months.

Immediately after plantation, irrigate the plant with overhead irrigation for 4 weeks to enable uniform root development.

Thereafter regularly through drip irrigation system is desirable. How to Grow Roses. Leaf miner Liriomyza trifoli: Red spider mite Tetranychus urticae Spraying of Dicofol 0. Infection occurs at soil surface on gerrbera collar portion of the stem, leaves turn yellow and wilting takes place.


Soil solarization and Sanitation: Gerbera starts flowering in about 3 months after planting. Harvesting is done when outer rows of disc florets are perpendicular to the stalk. Gsrbera flower heads are packed in plastic coated metal or cardboard grids.

They are also packed in mini polythene sleeves. They are stored at o C. If you find this article interesting, you can get more knowledge from the book on Gerbera production here. Also, you can buy Gerbera Seeds from here. Home Our Team Dr. Log into your account. Krishi Sandesh Agriculture in India. How to Grow and Cutlivation Gerbera Flower. Spring Jan, Feb and March: Spring planting is best for 1. White coating appears on leaves and other plant parts.

Spraying of Karathane or Benomyl 0.

If you find this article interesting, you can get more knowledge from the book on Gerbera production here Also, you can buy Gerbera Seeds from here Contributed By: How to Grow Tuberose flowers. How to Grow Roses through disbudding.

GERBERA Cultivation: How to Grow and Protect Gerbera Flower

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