Songbook (4CD). +. Gordon Lightfoot – Complete Greatest Hits. Total price: $ Add both to Cart Add both to List. These items are shipped from and sold by. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Songbook on Discogs. First of all, for all you Canadians out there who stood up and saluted as soon as you saw the name “Gordon Lightfoot,” at ease. We understand.

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This has to be one of the most extraordinary Box sets ever. Gordon Lightfoot Songbook is four CDs covering his entire career; 88 songs in total, including 18 that are rare or previously unreleased.

The two rare songs are both from and were previously released only on singles and on soongbook rare LP called Early Lightfoot.

There are extensive liner notes with a long piece by Nicholas Jennings, who is sonvbook author of Before The Gold Rush about Canadian music and a girdon biography of Lightfoot to be released in Septemberas well as lots of comments and notes on the songs from Lightfoot himself. And there are many photos as well, including several never published before. This has to be a “must buy” for anyone who has ever thought “I should buy some Lightfoot music”, and also for everyone who has already taken home one or more of his albums.

All of the songs that were previously released were taken from original albums.

Songbook [Box Set]

That means that none of the recordings are re-recordings from either Gord’s Gold album. So, in every case, you are hearing Lightfoot’s original interpretation of the song. And, the two Gord’s Gold collections don’t totally duplicate what is here, so a true fan would enjoy having both.

There is actually one exception: This is the version that charted. Every song is a Lightfoot original; that is, all the songs were written by him. That means that a few wonderful covers that you may have enjoyed aren’t here. But the choice was made to stick to original songs and, with a catalog like his, there are still too many to fit on four CDs. These are the songs that Lightfoot considers his very best.


But, there is at least one shocking surprise, at least to me, and that is the omission of Minstrel Of The Dawn. Investigation suggests that Lightfoot didn’t like the recording of the song for some reason; not that he doesn’t rate the song among his best.

Gordon Lightfoot – Songbook Box Set

And, if you’ve written and recorded as much quality material as he has, you would certainly be entitled to a judgment like that. And, of course, there are a few other favorites of mine that are not here, but that would be true of anyone. In any collection like this, choices must be made, and considerations like the total time per CD, and the number of songs per original album, would probably introduce other constraints of which we aren’t aware.

The point is that of 70 songs the ones that are not rare or previously unreleasedI see only a very few others that I would have included on my list. No two people would ever agree on their top 70 songs by any artist. The two songs from will be a real treat for any long time fan.

They are not in the Lightfoot style, as we all know and love it. Slngbook they are sweet songs and the voice! They were written and recorded just before his singing and songwriting had evolved to what is now referred to as “Lightfoot style. And the new songs, 16 of them, will surprise and delight. How many times have you bought a collection with “previously unreleased” tracks, only livhtfoot find out when you got home that there was a good reason that the songs weren’t released before: But wait until you hear the songs here!

Gordon Lightfoot Songbook Box Set 1962-1998

Every one of them is a really good song, and some are truly magnificent. In fact, I can’t believe that songs like these have sat in the vaults so long and I only hope that the price of a Box set doesn’t keep people from hearing them. Does Rhino ever issue singles? If not, there’s no time like the present to start.

One of the real jewels among these new songs is Too Much To Lose, a delightful country song which was actually mistakenly released on some 8 tracks and cassettes of the Old Dan’s Records album. Since there was this mistaken release and recall, of coursesome copies of the song have been out there and a number of Lightfoot fans have heard it – and loved it – before.


I happen to think that the song contains one of his most brilliant and poignant metaphors:. I guess after that I didn’t want it either. It’s one of the coolest songs we got out of the vault. Another magnificent song is is Forgive Me Lord. I had the privilege of hearing this song in concert many times starting in the early s.

Now Available: Gordon Lightfoot, Songbook | Rhino

I remember looking for it when Salute came out, and again when East Of Midnight came out, being disappointed both times. And thank you Gordon, for bringing it back to your concerts in I will leave it to each of you to savor the treasures among the other previously unreleased songs, but I have to comment on a few that became instant favorites of mine.

First, the two songs at the end of disc 1: Mama Said and Station Master. Mama Said is a delightful tune about his mother’s influence on his music career; this song gordom fail to bring a smile to your face. Station Master is Lightfoot’s most Dylan-like song, as he says in the liner notes.

It’s a nice aongbook of two songwriting geniuses with Lightfoot’s unique singing style thrown into the mix no pun intended. The other previously unreleased songs on this collection are: Again, it is hard to believe that such exceptional songs have never been available before.

Click here Songbook – Gordon Lightfoot to preview or download all the songs on the box set including the previously unreleased songs at iTunes. You do not need to install iTunes to hear the previews at least on a computer. Any other clips on this webpage, of songs released before Songbook, are from the original album and not from the box set. Check here for Gordon Lightfoot tickets listed on Ticketmaster.

Check my Lightfoot store. Visit my other music-related sites and stores: Snogbook will be touring again in !