Would you enjoy “Grimizno slovo” or similar books? Take the test now! | Grimizno slovo je knjiga autora Nathaniela Hawthornea iz Cilj je istraživanja dokazati činjenicu da su književna djela Nathaniela Hawthornea, a osobito Grimizno slovo, uvijek podupirala jasnu ideju postignuća . Fashion illustration of the day (The Scarlet Letter) / Modna ilustracija dana ( Grimizno slovo). February 26, Today I’m sharing another fashion illustration .

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This book sounds really intriguing so I shall have top give it a go!! I didn’t see the film and neither read the book. But obviously it is a very interesting story and yes, embroidery is definitely art. For me it is also interesting that the book and the film have different ends But in sum in my opinion this doesn’t really matter as I got the feeling that most of the films tell differnt storys than the slovl books.

I’m so in love with your illustration! I love the original of your look, too. The green is such an eye-catcher and so cool together with the bright denims. I really like it! When it comes to movies, some thing have to be changed, and a movie can never be exactly the same as the book it is based on, but I don’t see the soovo in changing the ending. My daughter is so artsy and she’s currently painting. I cant paint anything to save my life. When say her work on canvas yesterday I almost passed grumizno.

And I discussed your recent illustrations with her as well. She loves your work. I clicked back and say the look that inspired this illustration. The author you spoke of I’ve not read no surprises but his work sounds so awesome. And back to this illustration I can’t stop stating just how talented and in awe I am when I see your work. Glad to hear that watching the movie didn’t ruin the book for you as that’s always the case.

Must have been good with Demi in it. I wish the movie kept the character as a strong female instead of portraying her as needing a man.

Rolling sloov eyes, they just had to make it that way. Like the strong independent woman is all a hoax. With everything going on in our grimizni and noisy world, i almost wish we could be transported to that embroidery and nature society.

Must have been nice. How was your weekend Ivana? Have a great new week! It must be an awesome thing to have a daughter that is so talented. Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, Demi really saved that film.

Her acting was really good. I’m sure that past times had its charms, our modern time is very fascinating as well. I have read The Scarlet Letter and I also saw the film. I enjoyed the book more than the movie and I do wish that it had been more of a faithful adaption of the book. The happy ending didn’t feel right and I would’ve like it better if Hester actually stood her ground.


Great job on the illustration. My first reaction was that it looked like you so I had to smile when I saw it was inspired by your outfit: I love this post: The novel is really inspiring and much deeper than the film. Grijizno, you look gorgeous in that picture. I have seen the film and thought it was okay. The book sounds much more like soovo I would enjoy, so I am going to hunt it down online and read it. Thank you for the insight!

Beauty, Baby and Backpacking. This is marvellous, I always enjoy your illustrations!!

Grimizno slovo (Novel, Historical novel) by the author Nathaniel Hawthorne and 20 similar books

I hope you have a great week ahead xx. Found something new on your blog well keep it up girl: Also check top rated coupons by Fivestarcoupon. I dont know the film nor the book, but your drawing is gorgeous hun: I lobe embroidery, dear Ivana, and embroidering too: It’s a great form of art, that turns things into personal items!

I loved your picture with the book and the illustration as well, as usual! And I agree with you that artists both attract and push away society – it’s ambiguous, I guess that society wants to like artistic expressions, but at the same time are afraid of some rebellious ways.

I like the Scarlet Letter, there is also a movie with Emma stone talking about the book, directed to teens, mainly. Really a great post and illustration as always, dear Ivana! I like the depth! Hope you have a wonderful week! Don’t you just hate it when a the film ending has nothing to do with the original story? Love the photo of you, Ivana, you look so pretty in it.

Happy Monday, gotta dash. Oh yes – The Scarlet Letter – what horrible times they were.

Thank God w live in a completely different civilisation. You look lovely – Cheers – Margot: Post a Comment All your comments mean a lot to me, even the criticism. Per me le vostre parole sono sempre preziose anche quando si tratta di critiche. Today I’m sharing another fashion illustration with you. The medium is watercolour on paper.

Grimizno Slovo

This one was actually inspired by one of my old outfit posts here. In that post, I talked a bit about the book I was reading at that moment. Since I already discussed that book, today I wanted to take this opportunity to make another book recommendation. The Scarlet Letter was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne who happens to be one of my favourite American writers. You can download this book for free here gimizno project Gutenberg where it is available in different forms kindle, etc.

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When it comes to classics, you can always find them online, grimizzno is one of the advantages of the time we live in.

The Scarlet Letter – Wikipedia

Anyway, back on topic. This novel was published in and it is considered a masterpiece. There is also a movie version of this book featuring Demi Moore. I kind of liked the movie, even if the movie version didn’t really capture the spirit of the book. I watched the movie years prior to reading grimisno book, but it didn’t ruin it for me, because the novel actually has a different ending. The film itself has a happy ending that completely spoils the seriousness and the depth of this novel that is all about philosophical exploration of guilt, but I actually liked the acting in that film.

I think Demi Grimizho did a pretty good job of capturing Hester’s sensuality. Unfortunately, the movie version didn’t manage to capture neither the essence nor slivo sophistication of this book, which is about spiritual and individual growth.

In the novel, Hester is portrayed as such a strong women and she becomes an inspiration for the reader at least it was in my case. She manages to survive everything that life throws at her.

In the movie, Hester needs a man to save her and that makes it a lot less interesting. The novel is all about its strong female protagonist and it focuses on her battle with both herself and the society. It is surprisingly modern for its time. In one way, I see it as a metaphor for a struggle between the artist and the society.

Society is always both attracted and repelled by an artist. Repelled because artist’s job is to challenge everything and because art of the best kind can be quite intense. At the same time, society is attracted to art because of that same intensity and beauty it posseses. With embroidery being so trendy this season, it is no wonder that Hester keeps invading my thoughts. An artist with the needle.

After being excluded from the society, Hester lives a solitary life. Instead of becoming weakened by the harsh treatment she is subjected to, Hester grows stronger and manages not only to raise her daughter as a single mother but ensure a good life for her Pearl.

Hester becomes known for her skill with the needle. In reality, Ester’s embroidery becomes a form of art. I’m surprised that more critics didn’t pick up on full significance of Ester’s embroidery. Embroidery is a form of art. The kind of embroidery that Ester does certainly is.