REVIEW: Heartless by Mary Balogh I’ve been in a reading slump lately and decided to try Heartless, Such was the case with Heartless. A couple of years ago I picked up Heartless, the first book I had ever read by Mary Balogh and went into the lost-in-a book zone. I went to work. Heartless, first published in , was a new venture for me. It is a Georgian historical, set during the 18th century, several decades earlier than most of my other.

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Have you ever read a book and been enthralled?

Heartless by Mary Balogh – FictionDB

A couple of years ago I picked up Heartlessthe first book I had ever read by Haertless Balogh and went nalogh the lost-in-a book zone. I went to work the next day, spaced out from lack of sleep and burning with impatience for my lunch hour so I could go to a bookstore and find more books by Mary Balogh. Heartless is somewhat atypical for Mary Balogh who is known for her superb Regency Romances and historicals set in the Regency period.

Lucas Kendrick, the Duke of Harndon is — well he is at first glance a mincing fop and not at all what a reader would think of as a typical romance hero. He is not tall, he is not laden with muscles and he does not radiate rugged masculinity from every square inch. He wears makeup, perfume, satin, lace and high heels, and carries a fan.


This foppish exterior hides a man who is rakish, dangerous, and who heartlesd the victim of terrible machinations by a member of his family which has resulted in his estrangement from those who still love him. Luke thinks of himself as a heartless man who will never love but he is a Duke, has duties to his title, and needs an heir.

Heartless (Georgian, #1) by Mary Balogh (2 star ratings)

He marries Lady Anna Marlowe, a young woman of good family but small fortune. Their marriage begins very inauspiciously.

Anna is not a virgin on kary wedding night and when Luke confronts her, she insists that she has never been with a man before him. How can this be? Luke and his family had become estranged through the lies heartleds deceptions of a truly vicious but subtle villain who had poisoned the realtionships of the entire Kendrick family.

It is a wonderful moment when the truth of the situation becomes clear to Luke.

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I was very impressed by the way Balogh used the love scenes in this book to advance the story and the relationship between Luke and Anna. The love scenes are integral to the story — not hertless on as an afterthought.

Luke is a complicated man. At first glance he is a paradoxical mixture of rake and fop and frankly, not at all likable.

But as the story progresses and his family dynamics are explored, the reader grows to understand him and he becomes much more sympathetic. When he and Anna have their first child, a daughter, instead of bemoaning the fact that she is not the heir, he responds to the baby with total love and devotion and names her Joy because he is so happy. A man who loves his family is guaranteed to melt my heart and it went out to Luke for the rest of the book.

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Anna is as much a victim of family machinations as Luke is. She is being blackmailed and stalked by an obsessed man.

Since she has grown to love her husband deeply, she is frightened of his balkgh if learns the truth about her. After all, Lucas Kendrick is a Duke with a very large sense of family pride.

Desert Isle Keeper

I closed Heartless with a feeling of exhilaration at having found a wonderful new to me author. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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