Heliodorus of Emesa is known for the ancient Greek novel or romance called the Aethiopica (Greek: Αἰθιοπικά) (the Ethiopian Story) or sometimes “Theagenes. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Ethiopian Story by (), Rowland Smith (), and Moses Hadas (as An Ethipian Romance, ) Heliodorus’ Ethiopian Story is among the few surviving novels written in . The Romance novel didn’t begin with Kathleen Woodiwiss or even with the Bronte sisters. By the time Heliodorus wrote his Aethiopica—or Ethiopian.

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It was written by Heliodorus of Emesa and is his only known work.

Nicephorus Callistus 14th century relates that the work was written in the early years of this bishop before he became a Christian and that, when forced either to disown it or resign his bishopric, he preferred resignation.

The author identifies himself in this manner: The Aethiopica was first brought to light in Western Europe during Renaissance times in a manuscript from the library of Matthias Corvinusfound at the sack of Buda today the western part of Budapest inand printed at Basel in Other codices have since been discovered.

It was first translated into English in by Thomas Underdownewho used the Latin translation of Stanislaw Warszewicki to create his Aethiopian Historie.

An Ethiopian Romance

According to this will, dated yearhe bequeathed several books to a monastery of the Theotokoswhich he had founded, amongst them the Aethiopica. The Aethiopica is indebted to the works of Homer and Euripides. The title is taken from the fact that the action of the beginning and end of the story takes place in Aethiopia. The work is notable for its rapid succession of events, the variety of its characters, its vivid descriptions of manners and of scenery, and its simple, elegant writing style.


Heliodorus: An Ethiopian Romance

Homer utilized this technique in both his epic poems Odyssey and Iliad. This feature makes the Aethiopica rromance out from all the other ancient Greek romances. Chariclea, the daughter of King Hydaspes and Queen Persinna of Ethiopia, was born white because her mother gazed upon a painting of the naked Andromeda just after her rescue by Perseus while Chariclea was being conceived an instance of the theory of Maternal impression.

Fearing accusations of adultery, Persinna gives her baby daughter to the care of Sisimithras, a gymnosophistwho takes the baby to Egypt and places her in the care of Charicles, a Pythian priest.

Chariclea is then taken to Delphiand made a hekiodorus of Artemis. Theagenes, a noble Thessaliancomes to Delphi and the two fall in love. He runs off with Chariclea with the help of Calasiris, an Egyptian who has been employed by Persinna to find Chariclea.

They encounter many perils: The main characters ultimately meet at Meroe at the very moment when Chariclea is about to be sacrificed to the gods by her own father. Her birth is made known, and the lovers are happily married. Heliodorus’ novel was immensely influential and ethiopkan imitated by Byzantine Greeks and by French, Italian, and Spanish writers.


His influence continued to be felt in the eighteenth century novel especially in those having a “tale within a tale” structure.

Ethiopian Story – Heliodorus

The 17th century French dramatist Jean Racine claimed that Heliodorus’ novel was his favorite book and when, after he had joined the ascetic Jansenist retreat Port-Royal domance the book had been repeatedly taken away from him, Racine is reported to have said that the loss of the book no longer mattered since he had already memorized it.

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