This week, Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes by Carl Maria von Weber will receive two performances: on 3 August by the Suffolk Youth. Paul Hindemith. Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber, for orchestra. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Parts/Movements. ‘This fine album from Martyn Brabbins and the BBC SSO illustrates in the Symphonic Metamorphosis and the Konzertmusik for brass and strings that.

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This metamorohosis one reason the project fell through Luttmann— After studying Weber’s music, Hindemith watched one of Massine’s ballets and disliked it, and so wrote the Symphonic Metamorphosis symohonic. Although by its thematic material it belongs squarely in the European tradition, it was composed with the virtuosity of American symphony orchestras in mind, and was titled originally in English Schubert They nevertheless have sometimes been back-translated into English as Metamorphoses on Themes by The work is also sometimes known in English as Symphonic Variations on or of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber but, despite the title’s reference to “themes”, the work incorporates material more broadly from whole works by Weber Anderson1.


Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber – Wikipedia

The Symphonic Metamorphosis is in four movements:. The Weber themes are taken from incidental music which Weber wrote for a play by Carlo Gozzibased on the same Turandot legend, that later inspired Giacomo Puccini and others.

Hindemith and his wife would play Weber’s music for piano four-hands, and Hindemith used some of these little-known pieces— Op. Weber’s piano duets were written around —03,and —19, his Turandot music in Tusa This ballet version, with costumes by Barbara Karinska and lighting by Jean Rosenthalwas first announced for the week of 17 November, but was postponed and finally premiered on November 25, The company revived the production for the season Anon.

A new choreography to Hindemith’s music was devised by Jimmy Gamonet De Los Heros for a production at Wolf Traptitled Movilissimanoblebut was pronounced “at best a qualified success as a symphonic abstraction in a neo-Balanchinian mode” Kriegsman Unknown Symphonya ballet danced to a recording of Hindemith’s music, but it was not well-received: Yet the work was more notable for its abundance of steps than for its clarity of structure” Anderson The Metamorphosis is scored himdemith a typical Romantic-sized orchestra.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Konzertmusik for Brass and String Orchestra Symphony: Kammermusik Der Schwanendreher Clarinet Concerto.

The Flight Across the Ocean. List of compositions by Paul Hindemith Category: Compositions by Paul Hindemith. Retrieved from ” https: Compositions by Paul Hindemith Compositions for symphony metamoephosis compositions Variations Musical tributes and homages.

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