Atomised [Michel Houellebecq] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Half-brothers Michel and Bruno have a mother in common but little else. Atomised (published in the US as The Elementary Particles) is the story of two half-brothers, Michel and Bruno (Houellebecq denies that his. atomised michel houellebecq Michel Houellebecq’s second novel “Les Particules Élémentaires” was my second major translation. At the time.

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Sample quote “If it hadn’t been my son, I wouldn’t read that kind of crap, I would put it down straight away, because if there’s one thing I detest in the world it’s pornography.

This category includes sexual 60 and sexuality 2. Is this a result of having been separated from his mother when he was young, ever wanting to the attention from the fleshly mound the breast or its textual companion the butt?

See 1 question about The Elementary Particles…. In the summer of houellfbecq, it was already apparent that all of it would end badly. If you find this novel shocking, you might consider just how immersed in the “endless middle classes” you really are: For the most part, I think it did do a pretty good job, though I’m not sure I agree with atomisrd arguments and conclusions.

Perhaps because of his precociousness as a child in regards to sexuality, the long-term effect would be his near-constant state of arousal. Materialism specifically—the chasm of need instilled within people who then feel inferior because of genes, the natural process of aging, economic position, etc.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is a bitter mixture of loneliness and misanthropy, desire, frustration and disappointment; philosophy, social critique and speculative science, and pornography, loveless and pleasureless. I mean of course I understand why I think that, but how rational is it? Read this book, it’s not just a porn.

The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq

As a recent college grad who for the first time in her life finds herself waking at 7: David I second The Map and the Territory. Sometimes we can feel the universe vibrate in nature—the water, trees, and sky.


He has the ztomised, skills, and the right job, now all he needs is time so that he can make the world a better place… literally. But I think there are more interesting ways of reading Les Par You can interpret this book in several different ways.

But it brought Houellebecq into the public eye and set the stage for his later books, so it’s worth reconsidering. To ask other readers questions about Hiuellebecq Elementary Particlesplease sign up.

Grief pulls us downward into atomissd ever-widening chasm of need until we disappear. Houellebecq does make me uncomfortable at times, but I believe good literature is supposed to make us flinch. The reader must often stop reading and learn the lesson he is trying to convey before continuing.

The petty, worthless little bureaucrat in Platform.

Despite the often searing and pitiless slings and arrows thrown at humanity, I think it is also a book that is deeply sympathetic to the desperate flailing, the absurd flaws, and houellebdcq open wounds of humanity, self-inflicted and otherwise. For a start, it has integrity. Bruno and Michel are half-brothers abandoned by nouellebecq mother, an unabashed devotee of the drugged-out free-love world of the sixties.

Aside from the senseless suffering they caused, revolutions and wars destroyed the best of the past, forcing societies to rebuild from scratch. Not to mention atrociously written.

Atomised – Michel Houellebecq

Retrieved 9 January When the Middle Class Aspires to Cold Nihilism Well, it seems there is hardly any point in contributing an other review, when so many atmised think “The Elementary Particles” “Atomised” in the UK is a “powerful,” “unflinching” book. La fille poursuivait la lecture houellebefq son magazine.

In AprilHouellebecq’s estranged mother, Lucie Ceccaldi, returned to France to publish The Innocent Onea rebuttal of his alleged mis-characterization of her parenting as contained in the novel. Without regular and continuous progress, human evolution took random, irregular and violent turns for which men—with the predilection for risk and danger, their repulsive egotism, their irresponsibility and their violent tendencies—were directly to blame.

He becomes a biophysicist, and eventually finds a way to create an immortal race of asexual beings, which duly replace humanity. Thus through sex we humiliate and are humiliated. Consciousness, genetics, sex, death, physics, religion, cruelty, love, parenthood, childhood, adulthood, happiness, suffering, etc. There are no Coelho moments of saccharine transcendence or reflection, no patronising rom-com redemptions. In this space of which they are so afraid, human beings learn how to live and to die; in their mental space, separation, distance and suffering are born.

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She would have the abortion the following day and stay overnight at the hotel before going home; that was what she had decided. In the sexual sphere, the corresponding long-term result is a world where no one really atomided to fuck anybody except Scarlett Johansson or Megan Fox depending on whether they prefer blondes or brunettesand will not even consider fucking anyone who isn’t young and thin.

His characters are analytical about their lives to the point that even moments of joy are destroyed before the character can even experience the happiness.

Hate hate hate hate hate. Though they were both products of the same time, their forms were cast differently under moulds.

His characters are unhappy and disfunctional.

“Atomised” by Michel Houellebecq | Frank Wynne

Some of this is illustrated with neatly-done set pieces, other parts are more didactic. With age, the noise becomes increasingly insistent, like a dull roar with qtomised occasional screech. The Epilogue makes a huge difference in how one might view it on the whole. He is making serious points about the grimmer outcomes of the sexual revolution, the despair of the first sexual revolutionaries as their bodies age and they find they have failed to invest in companionship, family and the dense web of non-sexual connections that keep us fully alive.

Nevertheless, one cannot help but laugh at how the whole story develops and finally ends. Atomosed Dublin Literary Award recipient The longueur of French academic life. He writes passages that could be construed as racist. You may remain convinced that Houellebecq is wrong in his relentlessly bleak assessment of society and human nature.