We suggest saving every fifteen minutes when working on a file. Nothing is more frustrating than losing drill all because you did not save your work. It is easy. You can also create a new drill or create a continuation drill of them when I go to open a drill. Especially since I have several saved files of draft etc. This will lock the Page Tab Lock and lock the new page tabs in place. Select Save from the File menu to save the drill file with its new page tabs. Click through to.

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Writing drill is complicated on a bunch of fronts.

Then dgill have to use several different pieces of software some of which are very complicated and actually create something. It can all be really time consuming and intimidating. Some of the supplemental applications do require additional purchases, but I will do my best to provide free alternatives where possible.

Before I dig into documenting my own process for you, I want to put out a call for feedback from current drill writers as well as anyone just getting started. If you get stuck on something, feel free to contact me. Before we start anything, there are several things you should have in your possession. The trick here is to find a quick and easy way to convert a file to one of these formats. I generally use Adobe Audition to trim, tweak levels, and convert files. The site is free and will convert almost anything.


I recommend using ogg files as they tend to be a bit smaller. Generally, I create an mp3 at this step as well.

13 best Shows: Pyware Files images on Pinterest | Filing, Drill and Drill bit

It comes in handy more often than not for both playback and sharing with design team members. Fight the urge to just jump into Pyware and start writing block rotations. I often do Steps 2 and 3 simultaneously, and have found that it makes my life a lot easier.

I always print a physical copy of the score. Next, I like to mark up the score to determine my set divisions and highlight areas of high demand. I typically do this by drawing vertical lines above the measures throughout the score and circling tricky musical segments. This process usually means listening to the segment multiple times, pencil in hand.

There are 10 columns in the spreadsheet, and you can use or leave most of them blank. That said, you could wait and do it at the end of the writing process if you prefer. To do this in Excel. Note that Excel will likely give you warnings that you are going to lose some features by saving to this format.

This is because a text file does not allow for formulas. We just posted a short blog with tips and tricks for tarp design. It’s a good read for those of you working through the design process!

Good luck to everyone at MSBA today! Good luck to all the band’s competing today! No Comments 8 0. My goals with this material: To create a simple, easy to follow guide that walks a novice through the process of writing drill. Document my own process in a tangible way, so that I can share it with others and collect feedback from the community.


My target audience is: Prepping your Files Before we start anything, there are several things you should have in your possession.

There are a lot of different preferences here. Guard Notes and details This is a big one.

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I could and might write an entire post on different ways to best facilitate gathering this information. In these cases, I like to have the percussion arrangers contact information on speed dial. This is a big svae. It forces me to get really familiar with the music before I start in on anything. It will help me get a rough sense for how many sets are going to be in a movement.

This is important as many directors like to keep the number of sets for an entire show under a certain cap.

It helps me to plan out arrival points before I start. It creates a digital file that can be easily shared with other staff and design team members before starting. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure its as effective as it can be: Before you start making decisions about your floor, think about your rehearsal spaces.

Are you able to rehearse in your band room?