Agilent technologies HP B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Agilent technologies HP B Operating Manual. HP B Synthesizer Function Generator. Service Manual. Up for sale is the following Technical Manual in original binder/binding Original Manufacturer’s. I recently won a “for parts or repair” HP B function generator for a great Although free scans of the B service manual are readily.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of ” HP: Please note that Hewlett- Packard’s former test and measurement, semiconductor products and chemical analysis businesses are now part of Agilent Technologies. We have made no changes to this manual copy.

This manual provides the best information we could find. It may be incomplete or contain dated information, and the scan quality may not be ideal.

3325B Synthesizer/Function Generator

If we find a better copy in the future, we will add it to the Agilent website. Support for Your Product Agilent no longer sells or supports this product. Our service centers may be able to perform calibration if no repair parts are needed, but servoce other support from Agilent is available.

Indicates dangerous voltage terminals fed from the interior by voltage exceeding volts must be so marked.

For protection sevice electrical shock in case of a fault. Used with field wiring terminals to in- dicate the terminal which must be connected to ground before operating equipment. Low-noise or noiseless, clean ground earth terminal.

  INTEL 21152 PDF

Used for a signal common, as well as providing protection against electrical shock in case of a fault. A terminal marked with this symbol must be connected to ground in the manner mannual in the installation operating manual, and before operating the equipment. Frame or chassis terminal.

Agilent Technologies HP B Manuals

A connection to the frame chassis of the equipment which normally includes all exposed metal struc- tures. Alternating current power line. Direct current power line. Alternating or direct current power line.

It calls attention to a pro- cedure, practice, condition or the like, which, if not correctly per- formed or adhered to, could result in injury or death to personnel. It calls attention to an operating procedure, practice, condition or the like, which, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in damage to or destruction of part or all of the product.

The NOTE sign denotes important information. It calls attention to procedure, practice, condition or the like, which is essential to highlight. Equipment Required Adjustment procedures Power Supply Option High Stability Frequency Reference Amplitude Modulator Sine Wave Gain-Offset Square Wave Gain-Offset X Drive Amplifier Bias Ramp Stability Amplitude Flatness 5- Mixer Spurious Signal VI. Ordering Information Non-Listed Parts 6- 8. Proprietary Parts Introduction 7- 3.

Basic Theory Theory of Operation Test Equipment Required for Adjustment. Padding Values 6- 1. List of Abbreviations Aervice of Manufacturers Replaceable Parts List Attenuation and Voltage Ranges Test Equipment for Troubleshooting Adjustments Required After Segvice Mnemonic Dictionary Trouble Symptoms Control Circuits Service Group C Frequency Synthesis Reference Circuits Service Group G.


Mixer Service Group H Function Circuits Service Group J. Output Amplifier Service Group K Attenuator Service Group L Power Supplies Service Group O.

Sine Amplitude Control Path Amplitude Control Circuitry Servicing Information Power Line Voltage Selection Fan Filter Servide Cable Troubleshooting Information Test Equipment Required Adjustments Required After Repair.

Orientation of Components Primitive Power On Tests Front Panel Special Functions Special Functions 60 through 66 Performance Test Troubleshooting Guide Typical Values for Amplitude Gain Corrections Performance Test Troubleshooting Guide.

A15 Assembly Signatures 8-A-3 8-B-l. A14 Assembly Signatures 8-J-l. A14 Assembly Signatures 8-J-5 8-N-l. A14 and A26 Assembly Signatures. Ramp Serbice Waveform Amplitude Flatness Adjustment 5- 3.

Location of Adjustment 6- 1. Location of Parts Simplified Block Diagram Basic Block Mqnual, Logic Circuits. Keyboard and Display Block Diagram Basic Block Diagram of Control Circuits Phase Lock Loop Phase Detector Integrator Output Phase Accumulation Divide by N Counter Level Control and Amplitude Modulation. Mixer Diagram Preset Counters Digital-to- Analog Converter Enable Signals for Function Switching Simplified Illustration of Triangle Generation