structure with responsibilities pdf. 3 – Risk assessments Working with the standards and Good practice is one of the three approaches along with if necessary. Source: Assessment – a brief guide to controlling risk in the workplace. Available at: http:// (accessed ).

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The best results from these tools are achieved when a team of people undertake the risk assessment together. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. How the risk is managed is to be determined by those who create the risk. Support Center Support Center.

The structure lifted up to a near vertical position, ‘like a sail’, as shown in Fig. Carrying out a risk assessment to attempt to justify a decision that has already been made. The focus of the paper is three recent major UK incidents, all involving fatalities, and all of which were wholly avoidable if risks had been properly assessed and managed.

What harm could be caused to plant, people employees and the public uj the environ ment land, water, air, plants, animals. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License http: The Lubns aircraft, shown in Fig.

These modifications made the aircraft unsafe, but this wasn’t identified. Identify the new controls that are needed, who will take responsibility for putting them in place and by when. This leaked fuel was close to hot pipe-work not part of the refuelling system which provided an ignition source. The case studies illustrate some of the common failing in undertaking risk assessments. The wind indb163 were not abnormal for the UK. The corroded pipe is shown in Fig.


This is illustrated in Fig. The legal responsibilities of employers are summarised in Fig.


Risk Assessment in the UK Health and Safety System: Theory and Practice

Team B, once they have completed initial fabrication pass to Team C for finishing. These laws, covering work places such as factories, offices, railway premises etc.

The Health and safety at Work etc. From this the required tethering configuration could have been scientifically deter mined. Open in puubns separate window. This article will introduce the risk assessment in the UK and analyze some cases of occupational accident with the risk as sessment model. Risk graph [ 10 ].

This paper bse a brief overview of where responsibility for occupational health and safety lies in the UK, and how risk should be managed through risk assessment. HSL undertook a Review of Risk Assessment Practice in [ 12 ] and identified these and further common failings that are listed below:.

hae Making decisions on the basis of individual risk estimates when cumulative risk to society is the appropriate measure.

Please review our privacy policy. U quality risk assessments are usually achieved quite easily for individual pieces of equipment or self contained work areas. A specific approach in industry A may be inappropriate in industry B. They have a duty to demonstrate that they have taken action to ensure all risk is reduced SFAIRP and must have documentary evidence, for example a risk assessment or safety case, to prove that they manage the risks their activities create.

Risk assessment

The Health and Safety at Work Act places responsibility not only on employers but also on designers, manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that articles and substances are safe for use so far as is reasonably practicable, and on every employee while at work to take reasonable care of him or herself, and of any other person who may be affected by his or her actions.

Three case studies are now presented to illustrate the consequences of not undertaking a suitable and sufficient risk assessment. There are no short cuts. Subsequent maintenance records showed evidence of fuel leaks that had happened before but these were not acted upon. Prior to the UK had spent the preceding years generating a large number of Health and Safety laws focused on individual industries, and even individual regions of the country. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.


Risk Assessment in the UK Health and Safety System: Theory and Practice

This accident was completely avoidable. Investigation of the historical context indicated that the pipes were installed correctly and to the appropriate standard of the time the pipes were installed in HSL then investigated the risk assessments that had been undertaken asking many questions.

It comprised inflatable ‘cells’, each 5m high. These tethers and pegs obviously failed to hold the structure in place. The structure was assembled and inflated by a Contract Company on public land, a park controlled by a Public Park Authority. Here, the risk consequence level of harm has its probability derived from a number of factors.

Once Team C have finished the product it is ready for packaging and shipment by Team D. The risk assessment team should be multi-disciplinary including, for example, those who work in the area being assessed, a manager, a health and pubbns specialist and a person who is not closely associated with the work area. Festival of Fireworks Prosecution. It is important to note that ‘Sanctions include fines, bse and disqualification’.

Depending upon the level of harm and the probability, the risk is labelled as High, Medium or Low. Dreamspace was a large inflatable structure inside which members of the public could walk around to experience a dream-like world of light and sound.