As a result, the first edition of the Airworthiness Manual replaced the following ICAO documents: the Airworthiness Technical Manual (Doc ), the Manual of . Doc AN Airworthiness Manual. Volume I. Organization and ICAO Regional Director, Middle East Office, Egyptian Civil Aviation Complex,. France. ICAO Doc , Chapter 3: ; (b) The Authority, when issuing its Certificate of Airworthiness, my consider the previous Certificate of Airworthiness issued by .

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Seek comments to improve the contents of the Manual 2 May Page 5. Airworthiness is the measure of an aircraft’s suitability for safe flight Wikipedia 1 The aircraft must conform to its Type Certificate TC. FAA Airworthy – The status of an aircraft, engine, propeller or part when it conforms to its approved design and is a condition for safe operation Annex 8 Airworthy is defined as when an aircraft, including its component parts, meets its type design or properly altered condition and it is in a condition for safe operation CASA 2 May Page Contracting States are invited to note that the material in the Airworthiness Manual is intended to guide them in the development of their detailed and comprehensive national codes with a view to introducing uniformity in those national codes.

The material has no mandatory status and Contracting States are quite free to differ from it either in detail or in methods. The provision of adequate regulations to address, at a minimum, national requirements emanating from the primary aviation legislation and providing for standardized operational procedures, equipment and infrastructures including safety management and training systemsin conformance with the Standards and Recommended Practices SARPs contained in the Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

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The term regulations is used in a generic sense to include but is not limited to instructions, rules, edicts, directives, sets of laws, requirements, policies, and orders. Technical guidance, tools and the provision of safetycritical information: States should provide technical guidance including 9670 and procedurestools including facilities and equipment and safety-critical information, as applicable, to its technical personnel to enable them to perform their safety oversight functions.

In addition, this includes the provision of technical guidance to the aviation industry on the implementation of applicable regulations and instructions. Due to the extent of the revision, changes could not be tracked. It also required the creation of a third edition.

Definitions and abbreviations 2 May Page Additional definitions used are specific to Doc Lets review a few of these. Aeroplane A power-driven heavier-than-air aircraft, deriving its lift in flight chiefly from aerodynamic reactions on surfaces which remain fixed under given conditions of flight. Aircraft Any machine that can derive support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the air other than the reactions of the air against the earth s surface.

Part Foc, Definitions 2 May Page Any operation by an aeroplane with two or more 9706 engines where the diversion time to an en-route alternate aerodrome is greater than the threshold time established by the State of the Operator.

An aeroplane system whose failure or degradation could adversely affect the safety particular to an EDTO flight, or whose continued functioning is specifically important to the safe flight and landing of an aeroplane during an EDTO diversion.

A set of descriptive data, maintenance planning and accomplishment instructions, developed by a design approval holder in accordance with the certification do for the product. The ICAs provide operators with the necessary information to lcao their own maintenance programme and also for approved maintenance organisations to establish the accomplishment instructions. Any part of which a mandatory replacement limit in hours, cycles or calendar time is specified in the type design, the mandatory continuing airworthiness information or instructions for continuing airworthiness.

These parts must be permanently removed from service on or before this limit is reached. A document which describes the specific scheduled maintenance tasks and their frequency of completion and related procedures, such as a reliability programme, necessary for the icap operation of those aircraft to which it applies. Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information.


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The mandatory requirements for the modification, replacement of parts, or inspection of aircraft and amendment of operating limitations and procedures for the safe operation of the aircraft. Among such information is that issued by Contracting States in the form of airworthiness directives.

Airworthiness organizational structure and State responsibilities Chapter 1: State s airworthiness responsibilities Chapter 2: Primary aviation legislation Chapter 3: State regulatory system Chapter 4: Airworthiness organization 2 May Iccao Training requirements and qualifications for technical personnel Airworthiness technical library and records 2 May Page Develop or adopt regulations to meet its obligations to the Convention on Civil Aviation Discharging of State responsibilities to: Meet the provisions of Annex 6 and 8 with regards to the airworthiness of aircraft Meet the provisions of Annex 6 and 8 with regards to the continuing airworthiness of aircraft Part II, 1.

Conduct both periodic and unannounced surveillance of industry activities Evaluate accidents, incidents and service difficulty reports Take kcao timely enforcement action when necessary 2 May Page 97600 Look at some key responsibilities of an Airworthiness Organization.

State dooc Registry Chapter 1: State airworthiness legislation system and organizational structure Chapter 2: Registration of aircraft Chapter 3: Aircraft noise certification Chapter 4: Certificate of airworthiness Chapter 5: Approval for special flights Chapter 6: Airworthiness approval for export Chapter 7: Aircraft maintenance Chapter 8: Aircraft maintenance modifications and repairs Chapter 9: Continuing airworthiness of aircraft Chapter Approval of the maintenance organization 2 May Page Each contracting State undertakes to keep its own regulations in these respects uniform, to the greatest extent, with those established from time to time under this Convention.

Registration of aircraft Airworthiness and continuing airworthiness of aircraft Noise certification Issuance,validation or acceptance of type certificates Part III, May Page Nationality or common mark and registration mark Manufacture and manufacture s designation of aircraft Aircraft serial number Name and address of owner Date of issue 2 May Page The information in a maintenance programme should contain at least the following: Maintenance tasks and the intervals at which these icai to be performed When applicable, a continuing structural integrity programme Procedures for changing and deviating from the above When applicable, conditioning monitoring and reliability programme descriptions of aircraft systems, components and engines.

Maintenance tasks and that have been specified as mandatory in the approval of the type design should be identified as such in the maintenance programme.

Ensure that it informs the State of Design when it first enters on ifao register an aircraft of a particular type e. Ensure the transmission to the State of Design all MCAI issued by the State of Registry in respect of a product or modification originated from that aircraft. Determine the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft docc relation to the appropriate airworthiness requirements c. Develop or adopt requirements to ensure the continuing airworthiness of aircraft during its service life including requirements that the aircraft: Continues to comply with the appropriate airworthiness requirements after a modification, repair or installation of a replacement part.

Is maintained in an airworthy condition and in compliance with maintenance requirements of Annex 6. Upon receipt of MCAI from State of Design adopt directly or assess the information received and take appropriate action. Part III, Chapter 9 f.

Ensure there exist dc system whereby information on faults, malfunctions, defects and other occurrences that might lcao adverse effects on continuing airworthiness is transmitted to the type design organization. If this is a modification, then the organization responsible for the design modification should be informed.

Dod Contracting State should establish, in respect for large aircraft, the type of service information that is to be reported to its airworthiness authority by operators, organizations responsible for type design 976 maintenance organizations.

Procedures for reporting this information should also be established. Every aircraft icaoo in international navigation shall be provided with a valid Certificate of Airworthiness issued or rendered valid by the State in which the aircraft ico registered Annex 8, Part II, Para 3. A Certificate of Airworthiness shall be issued by a Contracting State on the basis iczo satisfactory evidence that the aircraft complies with the design aspects of the appropriate airworthiness requirements 2 May Page iczo Issued or Validated States should develop regulations and procedures for: This can be done through: Review application form Duly completed and submitted with all supporting documents Identify aircraft configuration To identify which components and changes to the type design have been made – For new aircraft, manufacturer should identify any changes – For old aircraft, records from previous State that issued the C of A Review documentation AFM Maintenance programme Status of maintenance tasks with respect to the maintenance programme Certification of any major repairs or modifications Status of MCAI compliance mandated by the State of Registry Mass and balance report together with equipment list Aircraft and engine or propeller log books and maintenance records Records that demonstrate the origin of parts that were installed new or repaired Export C of A, if applicable Part III, May Page All non-conformities observed should be reported to the applicant in writing.


The C of A is only issued after all non-conformities are satisfactorily addressed. Application form completed and signed by owner or appropriately delegated person on behalf of the operator.

Particulars of all work done 960 restore the aircraft to an airworthy condition. Full particulars of work done should be entered in the appropriate log book icoa a maintenance release should be completed and the aircraft certified airworthy by an organization or suitably ico person.

An organization or suitably qualified person should certify the aircraft airworthy. All MCAI and other applicable requirements are carried out and certified. Issue C of A when all requirements are met. The aircraft does not do with the type design approved by the State of Registry. The aircraft is not maintained in an airworthy condition 2 May Page Review the procedure 2.

Provide your comments 3. Propose areas of improvement 2 May Page Demonstration and inspection 5.

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Certification 2 May Page Followed by a formal written acceptance of application. Scope of work to be included in the terms of approval Organization s procedures and quality or inspection system Organization s facilities Names and duties person or persons responsible to ensuring the organization is in compliance with the requirements for an AMO Procedures to establish the competence of maintenance personnel Part III, Method used for the completion and retention of maintenance records Procedures for preparing and signing the maintenance release Personnel authorized to sign the maintenance release Additional procedures to comply with operator s maintenance procedures Procedures for reporting service information Procedures to receive, assess, amending and distributing all necessary airworthiness data Part III, May Page What to look at?

Facilities Facilities and working environment is appropriate for the scope of work to be performed Technical data, equipment tools and material to perform the work Proper storage facilities for parts, equipment, tools and material Part III, May Page All non-conformities observed should be reported to the applicant in writing for follow-up and corrective action. The report should include: Approval is only issued after all non-conformities are satisfactorily addressed.

Other documentation to substantiate any recommendations made 2 May Page Approval is only issued after all non-conformities are satisfactorily addressed The approval document should have at least: Organization s name and location Date of issue and period of validity Terms of approval A6, May Page State of the Operator Chapter 1: Air operator certificate airworthiness aspects Chapter 3: