Inteligencia espiritual: [la inteligencia que permite ser creativo, tener valores y fe]. Front Cover. Danah Zohar, Ian Marshall. Random House Mondadori, Dec 6, INTELIGENCIA ESPIRITUAL DANAH ZOHAR PDF – QS – Inteligência Espiritual has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. Danah Zohar e Ian Marshall. Inteligencia Espiritual Danah Zohar. 3 likes. Book. Inteligencia Espiritual Danah Zohar. Privacy · Terms. About. Inteligencia Espiritual Danah Zohar. Book.

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Aprender y Ejercitar humildadrespeto ,FelicidadAmor. Humildad Jacobo Busquemos la Verdad. Spiritual intelligence is a term used to discern a suite or set of propensities comprising: It has been discredited by its detractors as pseudoscientific[citation needed][1] due to its employment in popular psychology and New Age discourse.

As the espirifual and phenomenon of spirituality and the anthropological and sociological dimension of this human endeavour is challenging to define—a persistent incorrigible intangible—it poses a significant challenge zohat scientific methodology and analyses, which for veracity, requires categorical criteria to model, chart, and compare[citation needed].

In spite of both its popular currency and its protracted retraction, spiritual intelligence as an emergent, viable construct within psychology, bolstered particularly by Transpersonal Psychology, is receiving considerable scholarship[citation needed]. Howard Gardner, the originator of the theory of multiple intelligences, chose not to include spiritual intelligence amongst his “intelligences” due to the challenge of codifying quantifiable scientific criteria[citation needed].

Instead, Gardner suggested an “existential intelligence” as viable[citation needed]. Gardner’s peers have responded with research that charts existential thinking as fundamental to spirituality. The models and definitions of spiritual intelligence identify specific propensities, qualities and capacities of human perceptions, intuitions and cognitions. Later, together with Ian Marshall she developed the concept, which was introduced in at The Masters Forum [Zohar 1].

In the authors upgraded the concept with notion of Spiritual Capital and demonstrated the crucial link between SQ, SC, inteligenia sustainability[citation needed]. By their definition Spiritual Intelligence is the intelligence with which we access our deepest meanings, purposes, and highest motivations [Zohar 2] It is the intelligence that makes us whole, that gives us our integrity.

It is the soul’s intelligence, the intelligence of the deep self. It is the intelligence with which we ask fundamental questions and with which we reframe our answers. A person may be high in SQ but have no religious faith or belief of any kind[citation needed]. Equally, a person may be very religious but low in SQ SC [citation needed].

They derive these principles from the qualities that define complex adaptive systems.

In biology, complex adaptive systems are living systems that create order out of chaos, they create order and information and defy the law of entropy. Feeling called upon to serve, to give something back references 1. The capacity to transcend the physical and material. The ability to experience heightened states of consciousness. The ability to sanctify everyday experience. The ability to utilize spiritual resources to solve problems.

The capacity to be virtuous. The fifth capacity was later removed due to its focus on human behaviour rather than ability, thereby not meeting previously established scientific criteria for intelligence. Spiritual intelligence is supposed to be one of the 10 intelligences described by Tony Buzan.


Robert Emmons defines spiritual intelligence as “the adaptive use of spiritual information to facilitate everyday problem solving and goal attainment. She agrees with Emmons’ core abilities and adds two others: The conscious recognition that physical reality is embedded within a larger, multidimensional reality with which we interact, consciously and unconsciously, on a moment to moment basis.

The conscious pursuit of psychological health, not only for ourselves but also for the sake of the global community. Spiritual intelligence implies a capacity for a deep understanding of existential questions and insight into multiple levels of consciousness.

QS – Inteligência Espiritual by Danah Zohar

Spiritual intelligence also implies awareness of spirit as the ground of being or as the creative life force of evolution. If the evolution of life from stardust to mineral, vegetable, animal, and human existence implies some form of intelligence rather than being a purely random process, it might be called spiritual. Spiritual intelligence emerges as consciousness evolves into an ever-deepening awareness of matter, life, body, mind, soul, and dana.

Spiritual intelligence, then, is more than individual mental ability. It appears to connect the personal to the transpersonal and the self to spirit. Spiritual intelligence goes beyond conventional psychological development. In addition to self-awareness, it implies awareness of our relationship to the transcendent, to each other, to the earth and all beings.

Working as a psychotherapist, my impression is that spiritual intelligence opens the heart, illuminates the mind, and inspires the soul, connecting the individual human psyche to the underlying ground of being. Spiritual intelligence can be developed with practice and can help a person distinguish reality from illusion. It may be expressed in and culture as love, wisdom, and service. King defines spiritual intelligence as a set of adaptive mental capacities based on non-material and transcendent aspects of reality, specifically those that are: When applied, these processes are adaptive in their ability to facilitate unique means of problem-solving, abstract-reasoning, and coping.

The ability to enter and exit higher states of consciousness e. For more information, visit: They defines spiritual itelligence as: Considering the classification obtained in their research, the spiritual intelligent can be seeked by the controlled fault in the human environment to measure, observe, analyse and improve its behaviour: Provoke by the human, at the human and for the human environment.

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When a great number of soft faults have been added at the environment. The final consequence of all. For more information, see the reference below. Many suggest that this ability set cannot be measured by traditional means, while others maintain that, like most psychological constructs, some dannah of measurement is possible. Many authors use the term spiritual quotient, following a trend that started with the intelligence sspiritual or IQ and later emotional intelligence or EQ.

While some measures may be founded in science, others are geared more towards popular use by the public. William Frank Diedrich offers the following definition and measurement of spiritual intelligence: This definition is dannah upon the root words: Spirit is the breath of life.


Intelligentia, meaning “to choose between”. Inteligencua are three major aspects of spiritual intelligence. Identifying with one’s Higher Self or Spirit rather than with the ego. That is, you are not your body, your problems, your past, your finances, your job, your gender, or your ethnicity. These are each roles you play. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Understanding Universal Law—Cause and Effect.

You recognize that you are the creator of your life and that your thinking, your beliefs, and your assumptions create your world.

This means no blaming! As a spiritual being you are unattached to outcomes, forms, or experiences. Your well-being comes from within you, by way of your spiritual identity.

Spiritual Intelligence is developed by practicing these three aspects.

Marshall, I. N.

The tools of Spiritual Intelligence include prayer, meditation, contemplation, conscious awareness of one’s tendencies toward fear or anger, shifting one’s emotional state away from fear, and the ongoing daily practice of staying conscious of one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This definition is based on the writings of William Frank Diedrich. For further reading see http: Acceptance of adversity rather than raging against it.

Not resorting espifitual blame, guilt, rationalising, anger, despair, denial and other typical zohzr mechanisms.

Using materials preciously and avoiding waste. Recycling, reusing things wherever possible, reducing waste and repairing things instead of replacing them.

Being grateful for everything including adversity. Having the capacity to see one’s ego Witness Consciousness and choose whether to go with the ego’s habitual tendency or do something different. Apologising for one’s mistakes and making amends wherever possible. Seeing the inherent beauty of everything and everyone. Having a positive attitude. Treating everyone and everything with compassion and gratitude including tools and machines.

Leaving every place you go better than you found it. Respect for the environment and bio-diversity as having inherent as well as practical value Dr.

Nevertheless, these schemes have been applied to translate the human expertise to machines in industrial fault tolerance schemes, novel applications have been applied in trascendental spiritual programs in puebla by a spiritual organization called Iglesia Central de Jesucristo, where the fundamental concepts are based on Colossians 1: Connecting with Our Spiritual Intelligence” London: The Spiritual Intelligence Project: Extracting Cognitive Ability from the Psychospiritual Realm.

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