When you use the IP PrintWay component of Infoprint Server to print the jobs that Infoprint XT generates, you create a second printer definition, in addition to the. The following information applies only to IP PrintWay™ basic mode. IP PrintWay extended mode does not use the same transmission queue as IP PrintWay. Before you use IP PrintWay™ to send print output to remote printers and email destinations, you must create printer definitions. Typically, you create one printer .

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Then follow these steps to complete an IP PrintWay printer definition: Position the cursor in the Custom value field, and press Enter. A print server can be running on the host system. The administrator can use IP PrintWay extended mode to define a backup printer in case the retransmissions fail because the IP PrintWay printer is broken or offline. If the Print Interface subsystem processes the data set, the class in the printer definition is used.

For example, if the file name is myfile. Selecting the LPR protocol. How each shop works depends on their needs. Typically, you create one printer definition for each printer and one for each email destination. Table 4 lists other components of Infoprint Server that you might need to customize. Puts the data set in the HELD state. IP PrintWay sends the email to any bcc recipients specified in the printer definition. If none is specified, see Table 3.

The last qualifier of the fully qualified data set name is a question mark? Even though transmission is successful, the data set might not yet be printed. You see the LPR Protocol panel.

Writing IP PrintWay exit and filter programs

The administrator must request in the printer definition that IP PrintWay extended mode record the number of pages. The fix for this is tp specify “Tranmssion Group: Otherwise, no users are notified. The email addresses specified in an email header override ipp addresses that are specified in any other location, including any email addresses specified in the Routing exit.


The printer definition name is case-sensitive. Enter the printer definition name with the same uppercase and lowercase letters that are used in the printer definition. Optional tasks are required only if the listed condition applies.

Also, depending on the IP PrintWay options the administrator selects in the printer definition, IP PrintWay basic mode might not be able to transmit data sets larger than 2 gigabytes to a remote printer that uses the IPP or direct-sockets printing protocol, or to email destinations.

Table 2 summarizes the tasks to customize IP PrintWay basic mode. Infoprint Central cannot display information about idle IP PrintWay printers when a printer definition does not exist for that printer.

Position the cursor in the Custom values column, and press Enter. The print queue name in the printer definition is used.

IP PrintWay uses the last qualifier of the data set name or file name as the name of the email attachment. If no title is specified in the Allocation section, no default value exists. For options not specified in the printer definition, IP PrintWay uses hardcoded default values.

Using the IP PrintWay transmission queue (basic mode)

The following should be considered: In addition, IP PrintWay can retain data sets on the JES spool for a specified amount of time after either successful or failed transmissions.

None of the above, continue with my search. The operator can use Infoprint Central to start and stop these job selection rules, or the administrator can automate the starting and stopping of job selection rules. IP PrintWay automatically i the transmission again one time immediately after the original transmission fails.


To transform data from one format to another basic prjntway only. Contact and feedback Need support?

Although the data sets are a single file, each data set starts io on a new page. Retry IP PrintWay can retransmit an unsuccessful transmission for a specified number of times at a specified interval. Customizing PSF for sharing network printers Optional: Specifying allocation parameters for IP PrintWay.

If the Print Interface subsystem does not process the data set, JES determines the default number of copies. If you specify only one email address, you can omit the parentheses.

JCL parameters for printing with IP PrintWay

If the Print Interface subsystem processes the data set, the default value is the title that is specified in the Allocation section of the printer definition in the Printer Inventory. YES is the default for both!! The user ID of the job submitter is userid.

If, for example, you have read-only access to the IP PrintWay transmission-queue data setyou are allowed to list and browse entries but not hold, reset, modify, or delete them. If no mode is indicated in parentheses in the title, the task applies to both modes.

JCL parameters for printing with IP PrintWay

If retry time is blank, IP PrintWay tries again approximately every second. You can specify only one filter for each data format in the printer definition. Encrypting data ensures the confidentiality of the data that you send to the printer.