The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols – Brace yourself for the battle of the exes. Hayden and Nick used to be a hot item, but their brief affair ended with a. Brace yourself for the battle of the exes. Hayden and Nick used to be a hot item, but their brief affair ended with a highly publicized breakup. Buy a cheap copy of The Ex Games book by Jennifer Echols. Brace yourself for the battle of the exes Hayden and Nick used to be a hot item, but their brief.

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Jennifer Echols was born in Atlanta and grew up in a small town on a beautiful lake in Alabama—a setting that has inspired many of her books. She lives in Birmingham with her husband and eechols son. Visit her at Jennifer-Echols. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms had transformed into gates for me to snowboard between.

My red pen had traced my path, curving back and forth, swish, swish, swishdown the page. I could almost feel the icy wind on my cheeks and smell the pine trees. Until I saw it was Nick coming out the door of Ms. At six feet tall, he filled the doorway with his thf looks and cocky attitude. He flicked his dark hair out of his eyes with his pinkie, looked down at me, and grinned brilliantly. My first thought was, Oh no: Nick and I were jennirer, right? Everybody in our class remembered that Nick and I had been a couple four years ago, in seventh grade.

They gleefully recalled our breakup and the resulting brouhaha. Unfortunately for them, they needed to stick to DVDs and Wii to fill up their spare time.

My second thought was, Ah, those deep brown eyes. Maybe snowboarding could wait a little longer, after all. He must have gotten in trouble for talking again, and Ms. Abernathy jenifer sent him out in the hall. Not exactly a lie, either. Because that would make me insane, desperate, and in unrequited love. He slapped his forehead. Sometimes new girls bought his act, at least for their first few weeks at our school.

They were taken by the idea of hooking yames with Nick Krieger, who occasionally was featured in teen heartthrob magazines as the heir to the Krieger Meats and Meat Products fortune.

And Nick obliged these girls—at least for a few dates, until he dumped them. I knew his pattern all too well. No, better—like a cool, hip teenage girl who dated! The fantasy culminated with one deep kiss shared in the back row of the movie theater with jennlfer our English class watching us.

I blinked the stars out of my eyes.

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He was not asking me out. He was asking me jemnifer opinion of my friend Liz and his friend Davis as a couple. That did not necessarily mean he was heeding public opinion that he and I were next to gaems together. Liz and Davis were a legitimate topic of gossip. He made everybody feel this good about their stupid jokes, from the most popular girl in our class down to the chick with straight hair and bottle glasses who wore long denim skirts eechols her Nikes.


I know how good you are at keeping secrets. Not that I was bitter. But instead of jabbing back at me, he slipped his arm around me, too. And I was not wearing a puffy parka, only a couple of T-shirts, both of which had ridden up a little in the back.

I knew this without looking because I felt the heat of his fingers on my bare skin, above the waistband of my jeans. My face probably turned a few shades redder gamex my hair. We should put aside our differences for the sake of the kids.

I expected him to remove his hand from my hip in revulsion at my outburst, but he kept jenniter there. I knew he was only toying with me, I knew this, but I sure did enjoy it. If the principal had walked by just then and sensed what I was thinking, I would have gotten detention.

Remember when dchols heir called a certain red-haired actress a fire-crotch on camera? Redheads across America sucked in a collective gasp, because we knew. So when I heard fire-crotch whispered in the lunchroom, I assumed it was meant for me. Nick was the first suspect I glanced at.

His mouth was closed as he listened to the conversation at the lunch table. However, when there was commentary around school about me, Nick was always in the vicinity. He might not have made the comment, but I knew in my heart he was responsible.

Now I chose not to relay jfnnifer thoughts on our four-year-long trial separation, efhols he take his warm hand off my hip. Instead, I played along. Oooh, I loved it when he did that! I had something of a Nick problem. His hair fell right back into his eyes. Sometimes when this happened, he followed up the head jerk with the pinkie flick, but not this time.

He watched me, waiting for me to say something. Probably he was just teasing me, as usual. But what if this ecjols his veiled way of asking me on a date? What if he was feeling me out to see whether I wanted to go with him before he asked me directly? This was how Nick worked.

Review: The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols

He had to win. He was between girlfriends not that I kept up with his dating status and therefore free to get together with me. Everett Walsh, my boyfriend of two months, had broken up with me last week because his mama thought I was brazen no! Therefore I was free to get together with Nick. I was no deer in the headlights. He eyed me uneasily, like I was a chemistry lab experiment gone awry and foaming over.


But Nick was never truly uneasy. We lived in a ski resort town. It seemed cruel to lock us up in school the entire winter. They let us out for a week every February, since the base might or might not start to melt by spring break in April.

Was he just making convo, whiling away our last few minutes of incarceration at school, or did he really want to know what I was doing during our days off? Again I got the distinct and astonishing impression that he wanted to ask me out. Perhaps I should notify Ms. Abernathy of a safety hazard in her chemistry classroom. Obviously I had inhaled hallucinatory gas just before she kicked me out. Actually, Liz skis rather than boards, but she keeps up with me pretty well.

Most people get tired of boarding after a while, which I do not understand at all. He slid his hand, and my hand with it, from his lap and over to my thigh. Did you get over your fear of heights?

My dad was a nurse, and he got so interested in my physical rehab that he and my mom decided to open a health club. The best place for a privately owned health club specializing in physical rehab was jennifet town with a lot of rich people and broken legs. Any girl would get pretty good trying to keep up with a boy snowboarder three years younger who was half insane. Not a good combination if I wanted to compete nationally.

Growing warmer, I watched his fingers massaging the soft denim of my jeans. No big air or slopestyle or anything that would involve a jump. But Nick was only toying with me.

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Nick was only toying with me. I could repeat this mantra a million times jennifeer my head, yet no matter how strong my willpower, his fingers rubbing across my jeans threatened to turn me into a nervous gigglefest. What I meant was: I am free for the rest of the week, hint hint.

I wanted to kick myself.

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His fingers massaged my fingers ever so gently. I know I did. He watched me with dark, supposedly serious eyes while I gaped at him in shock. Was he laughing at me inside? We both started as the door burst open. Abernathy glowered down at us with her fists on her hips. When I send you into the hall for talking, you do not talk in the hall!