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That there is an eglish state of existence. You deny that there is an intermediate state between the first and second, or the second and third, of these. You affirm, indeed, that is no such thing; how then can you maintain your proposition?

Is it a fifth matrix, a sixth destiny, an eighth station for reborn consciousness, a tenth realm of beings?

Kathavatthu – Wikipedia

Is it a mode of living, a destiny, a realm of beings, a renewal of life, a matrix, a station of consciousness, an acquiring of individuality? Is there karma leading to it?


Are there beings who approach thither? Do beings get born in it, grow old, die in it, decease from it, and get reborn from it?

Do the five aggregates exist in it? Is it a five-mode existence? All this you deny.

How then can you maintain your proposition? If then there is an intermediate stage of life, you must be able to predicate some or engoish of these notions or categories of it. But you say you cannot….


But you deny also that there is an intermediate life for all beings. Hence your proposition is not universally valid.

For whom then do you deny the intermediate state? For the person whose retribution is immediate? If you assent, to that extent your proposition is for you not true. Or is it for the person whose retribution is not immediate that you affirm this state? Then you must deny it for his opposite.


Kathavatthu, Kathāvatthu: 3 definitions

You deny it also for one who is to be reborn in purgatory, in the sphere of unconscious beings, in the immaterial heavens. Therefore to that extent your proposition is not universally valid. Concerning these you have yet to state in what respect, as a plane of life, it resembles, or differs from, the three named by the Exalted One.

Granted kathavtathu there are such beings, is there a separate interval- state between any engglish recognized existences? If you deny, you must also deny your proposition since you rest it on this basis. Points of Controversy 8. Of an Intermediate State.