Kermi Decor-S Die schönste Form von Heizkörperfortschritt: Kermi Decor-S – Wärme in neuer Dimension. Decor-S Design pur. Geformt nach dem Vorbild der . Radiator Decor-S 21 – Radiator Decor-S – Radiators – Heating Technology – Kermi – Manufacturers. Kermi Decor-S Typ10 BHx32xmm QN, weiß, 10bar, Anschl. seitl, DXXK. Order Number: KIDXXK. Supplier Number.

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With a kv value factory preset to suit the heat output. For effective energy saving control through a precisely dosed quantity of water suitable for the heat output. The centre connection guarantees the flow and return kdrmi always remaining the same, therefore providing security and an advantage when planning.

As an option, it is also possible to have the connection at the bottom left or right. Of the types 10, 21, 31, and 32, individual versions are suitable for additional electric operation or all electric operation. Design at its best. Modelled in imitation of nature. Clear straight lines and soft curves span the arc to geometry in perfect harmony.

Kermi DECOR design and bathroom radiator – Kermi

Aesthetic, tubular radiator design. Down to the last detail. Unsurpassed high quality finish, without visible welding seams. Fantastically variable in colour and dimensions.


For totally innovative, impressive integration within the living space design. Low convection guarantees thermal comfort with less dust.

Radiator Decor-S 21 – Kermi – ARCHISPACE

Heat progress which you don’t see every day but which stands up to every day use. Easy to clean kedmi to good accessibility to gaps between round pipes. Hub distances that exactly fit those of the old DIN radiators.

Innovative optics and modern energy saving technology due to low water content and quick controllability. From one day to the next.

No need to change the existing pipe connections. Of ddecor 10, 21, 31, and 32, individual models are suitable for additional electric operation or for pure electric operation.

Documents Documents for you to download: Brochure all Radiators and panel heating. Links for specialist partners.

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