sbb / cff API. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. ABOVE: Offizielles Kursbuch / Indicateur officiel / Orario ufficiale One way is to use the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) interactive timetable on the Web. Simply. Deutsch: Piktogramm der SBB: Liegewagen. Date Zürich Hauptbahnhof · Bahnhof Basel SBB · Offizielles Kursbuch · Vorlage:Zuggattung-CH.

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S witzerland’s public transportation network is the best in the world. Trains, postal buses, funiculars, aerial cableways, and boats make it possible to kursbufh just about any town or village without an automobile.

Sandoz Claude – SBB – Kursbuch

What’s more, the schedules of Switzerland’s various transportation services are coordinated with clockwork precision. With literally thousands of trains, buses, and other departures to choose from each day, how can you figure out the best route from Point A to Point B with the least possible hassle? Simply enter your departure city, destination, route if you have preferencestravel date, and preferred departure time. Within seconds, jursbuch get lursbuch page that lists all the possible train, boat, and bus routings to your destination.


You can even obtain a fare quotation and order your ticket online. Also, if you’re planning a complicated itinerary before leaving home, it’s fun to browse through a timetable with a map spread kursbufh on the coffeetable in front of you.

When you need an encyclopedic guide to Switzerland’s transportation services, there’s no substitute for the Swiss Official Timetable –also known as the Offizielles KursbuchIndicateur officielor Orario ufficiale. This remarkable work consists of three volumes: The two-volume set is published in May and covers summer and winter schedules for a one-year period.

In a nation where a cup of coffee may cost more than a McDonald’s Happy Meal back home, the three-volume Official Timetable is an amazing bargain: To buy your kkursbuch, go to the ticket counter in any Swiss railway station and ask for the Offizielles KursbuchIndicateur officielor Orario ufficiale.

You can also order it online, but the cost of shipping may be prohibitive. At the Official Timetable Web site, you can download printable timetables in PDF format for routes throughout Switzerland free of charge.


Simply enter the name of a city or town in the search box–or enter kursbjch route number if you know it–and choose a timetable from the search results. Instructions are in English, and the timetables mostly don’t need translation. The Swiss Federal Railways offer free mobile apps that let you check timetables and order tickets from your phone or tablet.

About Europe for Visitors. Contact information, disclosures, audience. Kutsbuch Durant Imboden S witzerland’s public transportation network is the best in the world. Meet the Offizielles Kursbuch: The best bargain in Switzerland: An even better bargain when you download timetables one at a time: Got a smartphone or tablet?