KX-TGFX Cordless Telephone pdf manual download. Programming PIN to language changes as follows (KX-TG series: page 3). Download or view product documentation, drivers or software by selecting product category and model number below or alternatively enter the model (a. On this page you can get: Mobile phone PANASONIC KX-TG manual – is available for free download. All information such as file size, preview picture.

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Model shown is KX-TG Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic product.

Please read these operating instructions before using the unit and save them for future reference. Please access our online customer survey: Intercom calls and the internal baby monitor feature are only available between handsets by purchasing and registering one or more optional handsets page 4.

R The suffix E in the following model numbers will be omitted in these instructions: R Or go on line through our Internet Accessory ordering application at www. R All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities are provided directly by Panasonic U. R Also available through our Internet is direct shopping for a wide range of finished products. R In the event of problems, you should contact your equipment supplier in the first instance.

R Panasonic System Networks Co. Important Information R Do not allow the AC adaptor or telephone line cord to be excessively pulled, bent or For your safety placed under heavy objects. R Do not mix old and new batteries.

The base unit and other compatible Panasonic Released electrolyte from the batteries is units use radio waves to communicate with corrosive and may cause burns or injury to each other. Important Information R When you leave the product unused for a Information for Users on Collection long period of time, unplug the product from and Disposal of Old Equipment and the power outlet. Important Information Note for the battery symbol This symbol B might be used in combination with a chemical symbol C.


In this case it complies with the requirement set kx-tg8561rb the Directive for the chemical involved. Hook n Base unit To power outlet Press plug firmly. Your Panasonic sales usage and ambient environment. Getting Started unit or charger and let it charge for at least Receiver 7 hours.

By pressing a soft key, you can select the feature shown directly above it on the display. Answering Message indicator system is on. Speaker New messages have been MnN Stop recorded. In this case, handsets.

Getting Started Date and time Screen saver mode Important: The backlight goes dark when on a call or R When you install the batteries for the first turns off completely after 1 minute of time, the handset may prompt you to set inactivity if the handset is not on the base unit date and time. R When there is another cordless phone R When in multiple items display mode, you nearby and it is in use, the base unit can switch the screen to confirm the transmission power may not be reduced.


R To correct a digit, press MbN: Select the desired phone number. You do other party, but the other party cannot hear not need to press M N. Select the desired setting. Incoming calls can be Press to exit. Phonebook To add entries to the personal Phonebook phonebook: You can add MbN: Phonebook Press the dial key 0 to 9, or which Changing category names contains the character you are searching To change the category names in the for page R Press the same dial key repeatedly to display the first entry corresponding to left soft key each character located on that dial key.

Select the desired category. Scroll through the phonebook if Phonebook To copy to the personal phonebook: To copy from the shared phonebook MbN: Select the desired handset. Select the shared phonebook. Speed Dial Editing an entry Speed dial Press and hold the desired speed dial key You can assign 1 phone number to each of 1 to 9. Programming Programmable settings You can customise the unit by programming the following features using the handset.

To access the features, there are 2 methods.

PANASONIC KX-TG8561E Operating Instructions Manual

Colour2 Display Mode 1: Single Item Key Backlight 1: Off — 1: Select the desired alarm tone. An alarm sounds at the set time for 1 minute MbN: Select the desired snooze setting. This is useful Enter the desired hour and minute you when you make intercom calls between wish to start this feature.

Select the entry to be barred. R To cancel a selected handset, press MbN: Select a memory location by pressing 1 middle soft key a Programming Edit the text memo if necessary 30 Adding a new entry characters max. Select the desired date. To select the shared phonebook item: R Both the monitored and monitoring handsets must select the same base unit in order to use the baby monitor feature To select the personal phonebook page R If the unit is connected to a PBX system, you cannot set the baby monitor.

Select the outside line.

If you want to respond from the monitoring a MbN: R The registration tone stops. Contact your Panasonic dealer for details. R Before registering the repeater to this base unit, you must turn the repeater mode on.


R This unit is Caller ID compatible.

Caller ID Service R When you receive a call while on the Press MCN to search from the most recent phone, the 2nd caller information is not call, or press MDN to search from the announced even if you subscribe to both oldest call. Select the desired entry.

R To use SMS features, you must: SMS message centre numbers must be — R This unit supports SMS messages of up to middle soft key a characters, however, the maximum To access the public mailbox To access the public mailbox: Select the desired mailbox. While reading a received message, press MbN: You can also record phone conversations page Base unit You can also set the unit to play a greeting Press M Answering System Recording your greeting message Listening to messages middle soft key using the base unit MbN: Answering System Operation Listening to messages from the Erase currently playing message list message You can select the item to play back.

Erase all messages middle soft key Reset to a pre-recorded MbN: Select the desired item from the greeting message message list. Answering System answering system settings. Remote access code Remote commands A 3-digit remote access code must be entered Press M Intercom calls can be made between handsets in the same radio cell.

PANASONIC KX-TG8551FX Operating Instructions Manual Page 36

Transferring calls, R When paging the handset, the paged handset beeps for 1 minute. Useful Information Character entry The dial keys are used to enter characters and numbers. Each dial key has multiple characters assigned to it. The characters that can be entered depend on the character entry mode page Useful Information Greek character table Extended 1 character table R The following are used for both uppercase and lowercase: Useful Information Helpline Tel.

Move closer to the base unit and try again.

Panasonic Manuals and Driver Software

No link to base. Reconnect Reconnect main base the adaptor and try again. Cancel unused base unit registrations from the handset page R The maximum number of handsets 6 is already registered to the base unit. Adjust ringer volume page R Night mode is turned on. Turn it off page The base unit does not R The ringer volume is turned off. I cannot send or receive R You have not subscribed to the appropriate service.