In The Flatbed Picture Plane, Leo Steinberg writes: “I tend to regard the tilt of the picture plane from vertical to horizontal as expressive of the. 4 – Leo Steinberg: Pop, “Post-Modernist” Painting and the Flatbed Picture Plane. from PART TWO – “SOCIAL” CRITICS. Sylvia Harrison, La Trobe University. The critic and art historian Leo Steinberg (Photo by Mark Feldstein) on formalist grounds and precisely in terms of the picture plane.”.

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I have missed too many painting shows already this year.

Nature to Culture

Lisa Denyer, Cube,acrylic on found plywood, 28 x 31 cm. Image by courtesy of the artist. In fact, working against the visual modality, or opticality, is a clear interest in surface texture, which provokes at least an imagined crossover from visual to kinaesthetic perception.

Lisa Denyer, Moon,acrylic and emulsion on found plywood, 28 x 30cm. The two dimensional paintings, usually on plywood, look like they were factured on the flaatbed, either on the floor or on a table, and the images, in so far as they are images at all, look less composed than arrived at through operational processes.


And it seems a natural step from these works to the three dimensional paintings on stone, which I do think of much more as paintings than as sculptures.

Lisa Denyer, Painted Stone,23 x 17 x 13 cm.

Posted in Abstract Painting. By the way, this exhibition can take many visits and still have lots more to give.

Robert Rauschenberg and “The Flatbed Picture Plane” | Art History Unstuffed

If you just cannot get there at all then the catalogue is excellent. Alex Hubbard is possibly known more for video and performance than for painting? Hubbard has said elsewhere that. Flathed mechanics of me pushing resin into the fiberglass before it dries becomes the gesture, one that looks painterly but is borrowed from the labor of making the thing.

Posted in ArtArt exhibitions. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Like the works on plywood, these paintings also explore surface texture, both affirming and denying it, attempting perhaps to bring out the hidden qualities of the stone, as if the crevices, geode like, are lined with minerals or crystals.


Written by Andy Parkinson March 13, at Alex Hubbard, Horse Camp No. Written by Andy Parkinson February 14, at 8: Abstract flatbrd Abstract Painting Aesthetics architecture Art art criticism Art exhibitions art in the workplace blogging Books Contemporary art dance Music Philosophy Sculpture systems systems thinking Uncategorized visual perception.

Nature to Culture

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