Hi here is your manual any more help required please let me know. Take care. Download LG TU SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Cellphone manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your cellphone and other products at ManualsOnline.

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The keys are not easy to read.

The ringtones are rubbish as is the software that come with manuwl phone – I’m yet to get mine to work. The Speaker Phone is adequate, if in a quiet room. A pain when contemplating the contents of a screen of l. The ring tone seems to be a failure, from my point of view.

It begins as a very soft tone, gradually increasing in volume. Unfortunately, by the time I have heard it, have only a few seconds to answer the call before it becomes a “missed call”.

This results in me having to call the sender. Good for Telstra revenue.

Manual for LG TU550

This could be a problem when connected to a computer for an extended time then finding that the battery is in need of a charge. Too bad if the battery gives-up during a file transfer. Apart from the audio jack, all other connections have to be made via the socket at the bottom of the phone.

Trying to connect to Phone Manager results in an error message asking me to select a com port. I’m using USB, not a serial connection! Problem yet to be resolved. The does not seem to be able to display the location of the tower with which it is communicating. Or is this the janual of NextG? I feel that a manual should be educational for users such as I as I’m still on a steep learning curve. Ascending ringtone is absolute rubbish, this is not a feature, it is hu550 bug.

Cannot load MP3’s larger than x size as ring tones. Cannot change the incoming SMS alert tone. Software supplied with phone is complete rubbish, only USB works, forget trying to synchronise with bluetooth.

No reminder tones if you have a missed call, you need to look at the screen. Cannot load my own Java games, stuck buying them from our Telco at stupid prices. Then I contacted Telstra wireless internet section after the usual waiting and a person called Scott agreed they had the same info,but he installed it manually with me over the phone and now it works ok.


Vibration mnaual calls really vibrates! They seem to be withstanding use by field staff who tend to kill phones regulary. It was a wory that the flip phone might not last. Seeing characters on the TU Silver handset can be hard in bright light. It’s great no drop outs. Hey Massig, We’re directing this question to our customer service team. Hold tight and we’ll be back with an answer soon.

LG replied on Oct 24, msnual Hi there, the TU is not a touch phone, however it does have an external antenna jack. Please let us know if you would like further information about mxnual model.

Thank you for your inquiry. LG tu55 on Oct 26, Michelle Pelizzari asked on Manuual 31, LG TU page 2 of 2. Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

Iv tried help centre and basically got none. Wasnt advised of this problem when i purchased it and had to tell the dealers as they didnt know themselves. Some1 please help before i smash this phone. Write a review on ProductReview. I find that I am constantly opening the screen to check if I have missed a call or message as there is no reminder. This alone is exctremely frustrating.

The 3G service is near nothing in the area I am in and this was supposed to be the best phone available. It is a total load of rubbish and I am looking for a way out of this phone.

LG TU SM Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

I have had the for a week only so maybe some of the perceived problems are my fault or maybe due to a problem with my computer. Why was the selected? Noah may have used it on The Ark, but it served me well, despite not being able to send an SMS, though could receive same. Hence LG was a good choice, I thought.

The W did not even require a back-light during daytime! I have been nothing but disapointed with this phone since day 1. I can’t wait until the contract is up or the phone dies so that I can try to get hold of a decent phone.

We left Nokia to come to these and wish we had held out until something better came along or at least Nokia hit the market. It might not be perfect but I bet its a long way bettern than this rubbish from LG.

Not enough use to say yet, but agree that it seems to have far to many functions for me as I will only use it as a modem for my computer. Useless do not make a purchase of this product the ring tones included are rank, l believed l have been ripped off. We are replacing 50 handset in total with the LG TU We have b een quite impressed and werent keen on the Nokia which manyal evaluated for 7 days with the LG.


LG Electronics 550 Cell Phone User Manual

The LG strangley enough beat the Nokia in most aspects. People find it easy to operate. It was a wory that the flip phone might not last – Deleting numbers from missed call list a bit of a chore. Very lf with these two phones. Neither have dropped out and have great reception. We are wrapped – Silly phone rings.

Very disapointed with the phone. As mmanual phone it is ok, but when you look at the functions of this device it is a dog. It clogs quickly and slows. I hate that, it really cheeses me off. Anybody know how get into the internals of the phone and delete that carrier garbage please post it on the net.

I really hate how the carriers be it OPTUS or anyone else stick their stuff inside the memory and all over it. I do not need to see the carrier logo and the videos etc. I just want the phone to be a phone, and not a god damn walking advertising bill board. I’m very angry with that. Manuaal, anybody know how to remove this senseless carrier advertising Movies and pictures and MP3’s and ring tones please post it on the web.

I know that there has to be a th550 to remove this garbage of the phone. I really hate how the LG people and the carriers tell me what is going to be on my phone. T5u50 really has put a downer on the overall phone experience. Every time I turn it on I get remided of how much I hate it and how much I want to delete the carrier advertising garbage off it.

Did you know hat more than half of your memory is taken up with internal pictures and carrier. Is it amnual touch phone? Does it have an external manuxl jack? I would like to purchase this phone asap as my old phone has died.

I love this one. Please tell me where I can purchase it? Listing monitored by LG representatives.