ments included: “Liber B vel Magi” (The Book of the Magus), which describes the (“Liber Turris vel Domus Dei”), devotion (“Liber Astarte vel Liber Berylli”), and. The Libri of Aleister Crowley is a list of texts mostly written or adapted by Aleister Crowley. XVI, 16, B, Liber Turris vel Domus Dei — Crowley: called ‘The Tower; or the House of God.’ ‘An instruction for attainment by the direct destruction of. TUNE dotHEr – Liber XVI TURRIS vel Domus Dei (Windom of Earle). dotHEr – Liber XVI TURRIS vel Domus Dei (Windom of Earle). Share.

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Some are attributed to other authors. Some publications are composite, and pertain to more than one class. Many of the books and articles are major works of Aleister Crowley. This is a listing with liber number, Roman number, class, full title, and a short description.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Class A domuz of books of which may be changed not so much as the style of a letter; that is, they represent the utterance of an Adept entirely beyond the criticism of even the Visible Head of the Organization; Class B consists of books or dfi which are the result of ordinary scholarship, enlightened and earnest; Class C consists of matter which is to be regarded rather as suggestive than anything else; Class D consists of the Official Rituals and Instructions; Class E consists of public announcements and broadsheets.

The Equinox of the Gods. Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis http: Retrieved from ” https: EngvarB from September Use dmy dates from September Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Liber B vel Magi — Crowley: Or so it is said by the Masters of the Temple. Book 4 — Crowley: Liber V vel Reguli — Crowley: Instructions given for rurris study of the Qabalah, Assumption of God turtis, Vibration of Divine Names, the Rituals of Pentagram and Hexagram, and their uses in protection and invocation, a method of attaining astral visions so-called, and an instruction in the practice called Rising on the Planes.


These are the Birth Words of the Master of the Temple. The nature of this book is sufficiently explained by its title.

Its seven chapters are dmous to the seven planets in the following order: Given in magical language an account of the Initiation of a Master of the Temple.

Liber E vel Exercitiorum — Crowley: Suggests methods of testing physical clairvoyance. Liber Porta Lucis — Crowley: Graduum Montis Abiegni — Crowley: It represents the original and true pre-Christian Christianity.

Liber Turris vel Domus Dei — Crowley: This book has not been published. It is the active form of Liber H.

The article Energized Enthusiasm is an adumbration of this book. The Classic of Purity, — by Ko Yuen. The Ritual of the Star Ruby — Crowley: Liber Septem Regum Sanctorum. Liber Librae — Crowley: Facsimile pages of the actual manuscript of The Book of the Law. This book is the foundation of the New Aeon, and thus of the whole of our Work. The Mass of the Phoenix — Crowley: The Key of the Mysteries. The Lost Continent — Crowley: At times it is a fantastic rhapsody describing my ideals of Utopian society; but some passages are a satire on the conditions of our existing civilisation, while others convey hints of certain profound magical secrets, or anticipations of discoveries in science.

Manifesto of the O. Across the Gulf — Crowley: The Preliminary Lection, including the History Lection.

Works of Aleister Crowley (Libers)

Its statements are accurate in the ordinary sense of the word. This history contains no mythology; it is a statement of facts susceptible of rational proof. Liber Israfel — formally called Anubis. Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente — Crowley: This magical treatise describes particularly the relation of the Aspirant with his Higher Self. It is, alike in conception and execution, a masterpiece of exaltation of thought, carved in Pure Beauty.

Liber Turris vel Domus Dei by Aleister Crowley

This book is sufficiently described by its title. The Sword of Song. Called by Christians The Book of the Beast. An account of Buddhism. John the Divine from a frog or toad.

Blavatskywith an elaborate commentary by Frater O. The Urn — Crowley: This book contains a detailed account of all the experiences passed through by The Master Therion in His attainment of this grade of Initiation, the highest possible to any manifested Man. The Butterfly Net — Crowley: Vel Chanokh — Crowley: The Symbolic Representation of The Universe. The Forty-Eight Calls or Keys. A Tale for Turtis and Sucklings.


Listen to Liber XVI TURRIS vel Domus Dei (Windom of Earle) by dotHEr on

A Handbook of Geomancy — Crowley: Soror Achitha’s Vision — Unpublished; possibly not extant. Soror Achitha is the magical motto of Roddie Minor. The Book of Wisdom or Folly — Crowley: This Book contains some of the deepest secrets of initiation, with a clear solution to many cosmic and ethical problems. Initiate of the Sanctuary of the Gnosis, on the mystery of incarnation. Birth of an Idea. Dead Reckoning, and the Fort.

Libri of Aleister Crowley

The Captain’s Ship’s Discipline: The Soldier and the Hunchback — Crowley: De Lege Libellum — Crowley: The Tao Te Ching — Crowley: This is the most exalted and yet practical of the Chinese classics.

The Yi King —A translation with commentary by Crowley. Liber Arcanorum — This is an account of the cosmic process so far as it is indicated by the Tarot Trumps. The Structure of the Mind —A treatise of psychology from the mystic and magical standpoint. Liber A’ash turgis Capricorni Pneumatici —Analyzes the nature of the creative magical force in man veiled sex magick. Eroto-comatose lucidity — Also known as Liber Siloam.

A direct method of inducing trance. Sepher Sephiroth —A dictionary of Hebrew words arranged according to their numerical value. Liber Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia —Instruction in the expansion of the field of the mind. Serpentis Nehushtan -No copy exists, Gerald Yorke considers this ms. Ararita —An account of the Hexagram and the method of reducing it to the Unity and Beyond. The Greek Vfl — Crowley: